2020 State of Disc Golf Survey

2020 State of Disc Golf Survey

While the nation reacts to last nights State of the Union address, we are ready to start gathering data for our 2020 State of Disc Golf Survey. There has been significant change in disc golf during 2019, and your input matters. The results this survey provides are beneficial for sponsors, tournament directors, disc golf companies, and parks departments considering adding disc golf.

This survey takes about 15-30 minutes to complete and will close on February 18th.

To review topics covered in past State of Disc Golf surveys, click the “State of Disc Golf” category in the sidebar for any appropriate year, or just click this link here.


Disc golf related prizes of all types will be given to random winners who fill out the survey. Past years prizes have included discs, bags, and portable disc golf baskets. This years prizes will include a disc golf cart.

Please share the survey with your disc golf friends and disc golf social media groups. The results to this survey are valuable to disc golfers everywhere, and everyone’s input matters.

If you have trouble scrolling through the format of the survey Click this link to go directly to the survey.


  • This survey is excellent. Thank you infinite discs… You and Jomez are leaders in helping make this sport great and exciting!

  • I love this site and hope that discgolf continues to grow because of things like this where others can improve the sport together.

  • Disc golf for me is my get away from it all and just have a great time wether it’s with friends or strangers or pets love the game, and the great thing about it is you can play at any age and I’ll be playing till the day I die. PS GO TEAM DISCRAFT

  • Grow the sport!

  • My Son has severe Autism and we use disc golf as a form of therapy which has helped us create a bond stronger than any father and son I have ever met. It gets us outside and together for walks daily. He is my Designated Putter and caddy while carrying 35+ discs in his Lat64 E3 backpacks. As a putter he is deadly accurate inside circle one while wearing his bag and whipping out discs from his putter pocket so we play as a team and he carries 6 different putters to use during rounds. I also have adapted the game so he throws a three disc barrage at the basket to finish each hole. This adaptation is included to get him as many shots as I do. He has only one rule and that is to finish the hole by making the discs in the basket and he does every time.

    When we play together, we never lose.

    • Thanks so much for sharing the story! That is truly inspiring. He is lucky to have a great father that will spend the time doing something that he loves and adapts the game to give him the highlight moments that he needs.

  • Grow the sport 2020!

  • As a female, I’d like to add that I had a new baby in late 2018 so i didn’t get to play much last year. I wish something along the lines of family would have been a reason listed in why I didn’t play tournaments last year.

  • I would like to find out how to play for a team or get sponsored.

  • Haha why did you change disc brands?…. Paul McBeth. haha too funny

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