3-Color Aztec Stamp from MVP Axiom

Infinite Discs continues the popular run of our Aztec stamp with a wonderful 3-color rendition on MVP / Axiom discs. We’re really excited about how beautiful these discs turned out, and the artwork seems to stare into your soul. The stamp is limited to a run of 300 discs on mixed models.

This is a comprehensive list of the molds and plastics that feature the 3-color Infinite Discs Aztec stamp. Click on the disc name to jump directly to the listing on the Infinite Discs website, then click “Select Your Disc” to browse what is available:

Neutron Catalyst
Proton Catalyst
Neutron Nitro
Neutron Octane
Proton Octane
Proton Matrix
Neutron Orbital
Proton Wave
Plasma Wave
Neutron (Axiom) Vanish
Proton (Axiom) Vanish
Fission Photon
Proton Photon
Plasma Photon
Neutron Photon
Plasma Anode
Electron Anode
Electron Soft Anode
Proton Soft Anode
Electron Soft Ion
Proton Soft Ion
Neutron Relay
Neutron Phase

We hope that players enjoy these special, limited runs of quality discs with the Infinite Discs Aztec stamp!

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