Focus Friday – The Berg on Discount


Welcome back to another Focus Friday, where we look at a certain mold or brand, and give you a discount so you can try it out for yourself. This weekend we look at a popular discs made by Kastaplast… The Berg

Did you know that Berg is Swedish for mountain? Now you do.

This disc is known for its lack of glide yet it’s efficiency and high-speed stability. This slow and straight flighter is an incredible disc for off-the-tee or approach shots. It can be very effective during windy conditions as well.

Here is what Kastaplast has to say about the Berg – “this mold is designed for distinct shots, where you don’t need to worry about the disc gliding far passed the basket. The disc features an ergonomic thumb track that is prominent on the top side while not noticeable at the bottom. This makes it feel very different from any other putter.”

DISCOUNT -> This weekend, you can get any Berg for 20% off when you use this discount code – FOCUSBERG

This deal will end Monday night, so get yourself this mold while you can!
Check out this page to see all the items that are on sale this week.

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