Best Color for Golf Discs

The first time you buy golf discs, you may be tempted to pick your favorite color. After playing a few rounds on courses with thick vegetation, your disc color preferences just might change. When it comes to playing satisfaction, brightly colored discs are best.

We asked our Facebook fans what color discs they’d choose, if they could only choose one color. Here is a summary of the responses:

Best Colors for Frisbee Golf Discs

Disc Golfers Want Them Bright

Nearly 68% of the responders specifically included terms like “bright, day glow, neon, or hot” in their color description.

Although it may not be the manliest color in a sport played predominately by men, pink was by far the favorite color as selected by 28% of respondents. More specifically, 15% prefer “neon or hot pink” 11% said “pink”, and 2% specified “bubble gum” pink. According to Joe White, “real men throw pink.”

Orange was the next most common color selected. 13% of respondents prefer bright orange discs that stick out in any disc golf terrain. Blue, Green, and Yellow round up the remaining popular colors; each with 12% of the total votes. Once again, it was the “bright” variations of these colors that were specified. Aqua, teel, baby, and metallic blue were specified among the different blue variations. From those that selected yellow, 75% specified either bright, day glow, or chartreuse. Similar responses resulted from those who selected green.

Other colors selected that weren’t as popular include red, purple, white, black, and tye dyed. While there are some disc golfers that prefer these color for their discs, they are in the minority. In the end, when it comes to disc golf discs, bright colors win out.

White is a good color if you like dying or adding your own custom artwork to a disc. You can find blank top discs here. 


  • tie dyes are difficult for me to find some times and translucent discs are hard to find too.

  • I believe I responded on FB with yellow or orange but I do have one hot pink disc and i have NEVER failed to find it, yellow and orange are good too unless the course is not well maintained and/or its the heart of fall and there are lots of hardwood trees.

    I love black discs and I would like to see some black discs with either bright white or bright pink stripes, either straight lines or bullseye pattern.

    I also agree that true tie dye discs sometimes disappear even in fairways.

    The only reason why white isn’t ranked above pink is because A) they get dirty and B) if you play at the beach (I do, southeast NC) then they disappear in the sand.

  • the safety orange color used in hunting clothing is by far the most visible color on any given day, that is why hunters wear it. however with the colors of fall i prefer white disc, it stands out good against just about anything. pink is also a very good color as long as it is a very “hot” vivid pink. very light pastel pinks and blues can blend in more than you might think. i shy away from any dark green or dark blue disc and red would also be one of my last choices.

    for the most part i would agree that lighter, brighter colors are the way to go, the exception being translucent plastics like mvp proton, those are much easier to see when the color is darker. never use a clear disc. for me a disc must be – bright orange – day glow yellow – pure white or hot pink or i won’t throw it. nothing sucks worse than losing one of your disc! another thing i do is wash my disc with soap and water every few rounds, clean disc are easier to see and fly better.

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