Disc Golf X-Outs, Misprints and Factory Seconds

Misprint and X Out Golf Discs on a Shelf

In this post we will cover what these terms mean, when you should use them, and how to find them. In disc golf, factory seconds, x-outs, and misprints are basically discs that didn’t make the cut for regular retail sales. These discs are typically of good quality but may have small defects that make them unacceptable for “normal” sale.

X-Out Discs

X-out disc golf discs (also known as factory seconds) have slight factory defects that don’t meet manufacturer standards. Because the quality of these discs is not good enough to be sold at full price, you can save some money by purchasing factory second discs.

Reasons Discs Get Classified as X-Out Factory Seconds

There are several reasons why certain discs get classified as factory seconds. The most common defects come from unwanted air bubbles in the rim, black specs that somehow end up in the disc, small bumps, gouges in the rim, and errors in color configuration.

  • Air Bubbles
  • Poor Flashing Removal
  • Unusual indentations in rim
  • Overly Domey
  • Puddle Top
  • Wavey Flight Plate
  • Foreign Particles in the Plastic

With certain factory seconds, it’s baffling why they didn’t meet manufacturer standards because they appear identical to their full-price counterparts. Manufacturers sometimes detect minor imperfections in a batch, leading them to classify the entire lot as X-Outs, even though many discs within it are perfectly sound. It’s a bit of a mystery sometimes, but it means snagging a great deal on discs that might be virtually indistinguishable from the regular ones.

Downside of Factory Second Discs

While factory second defects are primarily cosmetic and are not supposed to have a significant effect on flight characteristics or durability.

With that said, some factory second defects do substantially alter the flight of the discs. If you notice a visual bulge, extra dome, or indention in your factory second disc, this disc will fly a little bit differently than the unblemished variety. For this reason, buying factory seconds is not always the best way to try new discs if you’re looking to replace a disc with a specific flight path.

To make things slightly more confusing… When golf discs have serious defects that will alter flight, manufacturers like Innova and Latitude 64 recycle and regrind the plastic rather than try to resell blemished discs. Discs made from this “recycled plastic” are sold as a unique plastic blend called “echo star” or ” recycled.” These discs aren’t actually factory seconds, they are simply a different plastic blend made from recycled materials — and usually priced less.

We do carry several recycled discs available for sale. This plastic is an option for many of the common Trilogy Discs. These plastic types are known respectably as “recycled”, “reprocessed” and “Bio Fuzion” and are found under the individual disc pages. Infinite Discs I-Blend plastic is made partially of recycled plastic parts.

Click this link to search from our assortment of X-Out Factory Second Discs

Factory Second Disc with extra dome

Misprint Golf Discs

Misprint discs meet manufacturer standards during production, but the flaws occur during the hot stamping process. In many cases these discs were stamped multiple times. This Dynamic Discs Trespass was stamped twice in slightly different places.

In other instances, the foil didn’t set properly and created a flaw in the print.  Sometimes these print blemishes are very minor. In this Misprint Latitude 64 Halo, you can see how the O is slightly faded, and how part of the Gold Line emblem is blank.

Once in a while, discs are simply given the wrong stamp. While it may have the Ape stamp, it’s actually a Valkyrie. Always look at the handwritten or engraved disc name on the bottom of the disc to determine the actual mold.

The reality is, after a few throws disc stamps are going to get scratched anyways. Discs that are double stamped are unique, and sometimes create even more impressive artwork. The double stamp of this Westside Stag gives it a unique 3D effect.

If you’re the type of person that likes high quality discs, but not high prices, misprint and factory seconds are your best bet for low-cost discs.Disc with stamping error and foil on the rim

Best Way to Find Misprints and X-Outs for Sale

When adding products to InfiniteDiscs.com our employees have a field called “additional input” where they label additional information about each specific disc they manually add to inventory.

If the factory second disc also has a special “Factory Second” stamp, it will also be found under our Factory Second Stamp type page here.

We have a large team and because it is humans who do our inventory adding errors do occur. It is not uncommon for you to find misprints or x-outs that were not labeled and are found in other locations on our website. In general the “plastic type” (and lower price) will help you to determine if the disc is indeed an X-Out.

For consistency and ease of entering the data, we enter all misprints or factory second discs into our system with the term “x-out” listed after the plastic name in the plastic type field. If you see the plastic type is “Star x-out”, then the price has been discounted and the disc you will receive is a misprinted or factory second version of Star plastic.

To view the misprint and factory second golf discs we have on our “additional input” and stamp type pages, the links below will take you directly to all the search results.

Another way to find  X-Outs on InfiniteDiscs.com is by using our “Advanced Discs Search

Under “Stamp” you can select “X-Out Factory Second” and then narrow down your factory second search by disc brand, type, color, or flight ratings.  (Note: We don’t always enter in the stamp type properly, so while this search can pull up some specific misprint discs, not all factory seconds will necessarily show up under this search.)

Tournament Sponsor disc with a double stamp

Why Should You Buy X-Outs and Misprints?


There are a number of different reasons to buy Factory Second, X-Out, and Misprint Discs. The primary reason is price. Because of the manufacturing or stamping errors, you get a price break.

Losable Discs – That aren’t heart breaking to replace

Factory Second discs are your go-to when you’re not a stickler for a specific flight path. They’re perfect for those days when you just want to hit the course without worrying too much about precision. These discs shine as “losable discs,” especially if your regular disc golf playground is adorned with water hazards or dense vegetation. Losing one won’t break the bank, and you won’t lose sleep over it either.

Great for Practice

Now, let’s talk practice. Picture this: you’ve found your favorite molds, and you’re itching to hone your skills on the field. Enter Factory Seconds. Why buy one when you can grab a bunch? Load up with 10 Factory Seconds, and you’ve got yourself the perfect arsenal for field work and practice sessions. It’s cost-effective, efficient, and lets you focus on perfecting your game.

Character and Collectability?

On the other hand, Misprint discs offer a different kind of charm. The visual quirks and unique misprints give these discs character. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a disc with a story to tell? Misprints are the way to go when you’re more about saving money than obsessing over the visual aesthetics of your disc. Misprints, being one-of-a-kind, frequently command high prices in the secondary collectors’ market.

The best part? Misprints maintain the same flight characteristics as their full-priced counterparts. So, when you’re tackling courses where disc loss is practically inevitable, these are your saving grace. You get to keep your “go-to” without breaking the bank or your heart when it takes an unexpected detour into the unknown.

In a nutshell, Factory Second and Misprint discs are the savvy disc golfer’s secret weapons. They’re practical, economical, and add a dash of personality to your game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Infinite Discs with double stamps x-outs or misprints?

They could be both, but most of the times a double stamp will be a misprint. If there is a stamping error where there was dropout or the disc wasn’t wasn’t aligned properly, to ensure that our inventory team knows it’s a misprint, the stamp team simply stamps the disc again a second time. Other brands like Dynamic Discs seem to do the same thing to signify a misprint.

What does X Out mean in disc golf?

X-Out is simply a term used for a factory second. There is no universal term used among the different disc golf brands so in some cases the terminology will vary. When Innova manufactures a disc that doesn’t meet their quality guidelines, they manually mark it with an X on the top of the flight plate. An X-Out is a disc that meets the criteria for sale but falls short of the full retail standard, resulting in a discounted price and designation as an X-Out.

How can I tell if an X-out Infinite Disc is actually just a Misprint?

When we get factory second discs from Innova, they are always marked with a small X on the top of the flight plate. While we often stamp these F2’s with fun stamps, the X marked  underneath the stamp indicates that the disc didn’t pass the manufacturing guidelines.

The nice thing is that whether it’s a factory second or a misprint, it’s always going to be less expensive than the blemished version. 

Are MVP “Factory Misprints” factory seconds or Misprints?

MVP has two different blemished discs stamps that they use. When the discs has the “lab seconds” stamp, it is a manufacturing error.

When the discs have the “Factory Misprint” stamp, from what I can tell, these are misprint errors rather than manufacturing. MVP’s 3 foil machine has a very high dropout rate and so the rate of misprint MVP discs seems to be higher than with other brands.

Because MVP does the second “factory misprint” stamp on top of the original fallout stamp, it’s sometimes hard to see the original stamp blemish. This is the case for MVP, Axiom, and Streamline discs I’ve viewed wit

Are Factory Seconds as durable as other discs?

Yes. At least usually. Factory second discs share the same plastic variations as their standard counterparts. However, there are instances where manufacturers may switch between plastic varieties, resulting in occasional differences. These unique blends might not match the durability of pure polymers.

Are Factory Seconds PDGA Approved?

Yes. Factory Second discs are PDGA approved, meaning they meet the standards set by the Professional Disc Golf Association for disc golf size, weight, dimensions, and flexibility. While factory seconds may have minor cosmetic blemishes or variations, their approval shape aligns with the regulations, allowing disc golfers to confidently use them in PDGA-sanctioned events without any concerns about compliance. If a disc a manufacturer makes will not align with PDGA standards, then they should not release them to the public.

What is an Innova F2?

Innova often uses a F2 stamp on their factory second discs. The Innova F2 is not actually a disc but can be any number of Innova discs that are signified as factory seconds. We often get confused customers who receive a disc with an Innova factory second stamp and wonder what disc the Innova F2 is.

Why are there so many Misprints?

The hot stamping technique employed in disc golf is grounded in rather dated technology, with few companies producing hot stamp machines today. At Infinite Discs, both machines in use are actually refurbished units from the past. This method relies on a marriage of temperature and pressure to bond foil to plastics.

Aligning the stamping process is no small feat due to the diverse shapes, dome varieties, and plastic options of each disc mold. The intricacies don’t stop there—different foil types react distinctively to various plastic compositions, and variations in flight plate thickness demand constant adjustments. Setting up our hot stamp can be quite a process, often taking up to half an hour, involving ample trial and error and lots of painters tape to find that sweet spot where the disc stamps just right, applying the correct pressure without any dropout. It’s a meticulous process to achieve disc stamping perfection. This is the reason there are so many misprints in disc golf.

Why do some discs have double or even multiple stamps?

Stamping discs is a bit of an art. When our creative team at Infinite Discs set up the stamp machines, they often use a factory second disc for practice runs. It ensures the settings are spot-on and that each stamp plate hits just right before pulling out the full price discs. This is why you might spot certain stamps on factory seconds that don’t match the actual disc. It’s also another reason you can get some unique collectable discs by shopping through X-Outs.

Finish Line Disc with Double Stamp

What Brands Does Infinite Discs Stamp?

We hot stamp a number of different disc golf brands in house which may result in misprint discs. We stamp all or almost all the discs for the following brands:

  • Infinite Discs
  • Finish Line Discs
  • Dino Discs
  • Wing-It Disc Golf

In addition to stock stamps, we also have many of these discs available as blanks for event and tournament sponsorship. Because we do all the stamping for these brands, there is a good chance that we have actual misprint discs for them.

In addition, we do special runs or stamping for some molds for the following brands. When we do custom stamping “in house” we will likely have at least a few hot stamping errors where these products will be listed as misprints. If you find a three foil stamp version of any of these brands, we likely did the hot stamping.

  • Birdie Disc Golf
  • Clash Discs
  • Discmania
  • Discraft
  • Doomsday Discs
  • Dynamic Discs
  • Divergent Discs
  • Kastaplast
  • Latitude 64
  • Legacy
  • Lone Star Disc
  • MVP
  • Prodigy
  • Prodiscus
  • RPM Discs
  • UPlay
  • Viking
  • Wild Discs
  • Yikun


In conclusion, factory seconds or x-outs, with their slight defects, offer an affordable alternative for disc purchases. Misprints add character with flaws arising during the stamping process. Our guide has not only explained the nature of these discs but also provided practical insights into finding and purchasing them. From economic advantages to suitability for practice and the allure of collectability, factory seconds and misprints emerge as valuable choices for players, practitioners, and collectors alike. Delve into the world of disc golf X-Outs and misprints with our easy to search pages on InfiniteDiscs.com.

Will My Package Arrive By Christmas?

With Christmas drawing near, we have a lot of customers who want to know if their package will arrive by Christmas.

Our staff at Infinite Discs is doing all we can to ensure that your package will arrive by December 25th. All orders received by 4:30 PM MST, are shipped out the same day. With that said, we have to rely on the different parcel carriers for the actual delivery. We cannot guarantee any delivery by a certain date. Here are some guidelines for the last days you will want to order different items, if you want to make sure* they arrive before Christmas. Read this article if you’re looking for good Christmas Gift Ideas.

Small_PackageSmall Packages:

Safe Order Deadline to arrive by Christmas: Friday, December 16th.

Small packages (2 Christmas Discs or less discs), towels, small accessories, mini’s, physical gift cards, etc. weighing less than 16oz will ship by USPS first class mail with a 2-5 day delivery.

Because we are located in Utah, areas in the Western United States are likely to receive packages in less transit time than those in the Eastern US. For those in the West there’s a good chance that you still might receive your package by Christmas if you order it before Dec 21st.

Assuming the worst with a 5 day delivery (in most instances it will be less), unless you make a Priority mail upgrade you will want to make sure your order is in by 4:30 on Friday, December 16th, 2022.

With Priority Mail Upgrade

If you pay extra for the “Shipping Upgrade” (2-5 day delivery), your likely safe date to receive by Christmas is extended two additional days to Monday, December 19th. The package will most likely arrive in time if the order is placed early in the day by Friday as well, but if your order is made after 4:30 PM on the 20th, and you NEED it by Christmas, contact support@infinitediscs.com and we can give you a quote of what the cost will be for expedited shipping.

MediamPackage_5890Medium Sized Packages:

Safe Order Deadline without Priority Upgrade: Monday, December 16th

For medium sized packages 5-11 discs and economy bags, we usually ship UPS Ground to Easern states and USPS Priority mail to Western States. Depending on your proximity to Utah, and the size of your package, these packages may also go USPS Priority Mail.  Orders received by 4:30 on Friday, December 16th, should arrive by Christmas.

UPS offers a service to estimate your approximate shipping time. Use this tool to see what they estimate for a shipment from Logan, Utah 84321 to your address with this tool.

If your order is made after December 16th, and you NEED it by Christmas, contact support@infinitediscs.com and we can give you a quote of what the cost will be for express delivery.

Large Packages

Safe Order Deadline: Friday, December 13th

IMG_5887Large packages including baskets, large backpacks, and 11+ discs are typically shipped by UPS ground, which can take up to a week to arrive depending on your location and proximity to Utah. It’s also important to know that many of these products are drop shipped directly from the manufacturer, who may not process your order as quickly as we do in house. If you want a large package to arrive by Christmas, you’ll likely be fine if your order is in by December 16th, but to be safe, you’ll want them in by 2:00 on Wednesday the 14th.

Unless you want to specifically arrange to pay a small fortune for expedited shipping, make sure you have them in early. Large packages are not eligible for USPS priority upgrade shipping. When shipping upgrades are made on our website, you receive expedited processing, but there are often no 3 day shipping options. Shipping large packages overnight or priority mail can literally cost you hundreds of dollars. If you need an expedited order for a large package, contact support@infinitediscs.com for a quote on your different shipping options.

International Orders

Safe Order Deadline: It Might Be Too Late

If you want something internationally, it might already be too late to get to you by Christmas. For international shipping we use UPS Mail Innovations which usually arrives to Canada and Europe within two weeks, but not always. So if you order before December 9th there is a good chance you will receive it by Christmas, but there is no guarantee.

There are expedited international shipping options, but they are very costly. Contact our support team if you would like a quote for expedited International delivery.

If you’re too late for a disc golf Christmas gift, There is always next year right? Or, consider a Happy New Year gift… But you don’t really need a reason to give somebody a great disc golf gift do you?

Gift Cards

Deadline to Arrive By Christmas: December 25th

The safest bet (and arguably the best Christmas gift for an avid disc golfer) is an E-Gift card. An email gift card code will be sent to you (or directly to the recipient) within seconds. The other nice thing about an electronic gift card is that you can personalize it any way you want. Print it up and put it in a card or a picture with an original poem you wrote, or a picture of yourself. Who doesn’t like a personalized gift? Or to make things super simple, just email the code directly to the recipient.

Overnight Shipping?

Safe Order Deadline: Nonexistent

What if I wait until the week of Christmas to make my order? Overnight and rushed 2 day shipping options are available, but these can get pricey and there are no promises on delivery time. This is not a safe option, however, if you would like to give it a try, email or call us before you make the order. The shipping price on these are determined case by case. Again, at this point, the best ordering option may be a gift card.

*In rare instances (less than 1% of all orders), packages get misplaced or lost by the individual carriers, or bad weather slows pickup or delivery, and packages do not arrive by the estimated time frame. We cannot guarantee that any package will actually arrive by Christmas.

Black Friday Sales Week 2022 – BIGGEST Disc Golf Sale Ever

Our biggest sale ever is here!

This year we have planned our biggest Black Friday sale ever Like always, our disc golf sale won’t be a one day event, but will encompass Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and more! This mega sale includes “doorbuster” deals, exclusive limited edition drops, mystery boxes, and discounts on every brand from small to large.

This is THE time to stock up on your favorite disc golf products, get something new, or do some Christmas shopping for your friends and family. Check out our sales guide below to ensure you don’t miss out on any of the hottest drops or doorbuster prices.

Black Friday Week Sales – Thursday, November 24 – Thursday, December 1 2022

The pandemic lead to severe supply shortages and we had to limit our black Friday sales the last two years. This is no longer the case. Manufacturers have increased production and we currently have more inventory than ever before. InfiniteDiscs.com has more disc golf discs, more disc golf brands, and more special Black Friday stamps than we’ve ever had. By the time the sale week begins, we anticipate having more than 120,000 discs online for you to choose from!

Because there will be so much traffic on our website during the week, especially immediately following new drops, our website may experience slowdowns or could even freeze up completely. Please be patient with us, we don’t like it when this happens any more than you do. The best thing to do is close down the website, come back in 20 minutes and then try again. The worst thing you can do is attempt to keep reloading the website over and over.

Our super sale begins on Thursday, November 24th.

Doorbuster Deals and Discounted Accessories

We will have a large selection of disc golf bags, baskets, and accessories on sale all week long.

This week we have a number of incredible doorbuster deals that are available while supplies last! Plus we have a huge selection of disc golf accessories that will be automatically discounted all week long!

Black Friday disc golf bag doorbuster deals

Disc Golf Bags on Sale

All Infinite Discs bags will be discounted, including the Slinger Bag, Huck Pack, Easy Bag, XL Disc Holster, and Power Pockets. Popular Prodigy Disc bags including the BP2-V2 and Dynamic Discs Paratrooper bags will also be on sale.

Here is a complete list of discounted bags:

Black friday disc golf bags and cart pouches on sale

Infinite Slinger bag cyber sales prices

Dynamic Discs and Prodigy disc golf backpack sales ad.

Starter disc golf black friday sales

Disc Golf Starter Set Deals

If you’re new to the sport or just looking to get a great disc golf set as a gift, we will have many disc golf sets on sale including sets from Axiom, Divergent Discs, Discraft, X-Com, Innova, Viking Discs, Yikun Discs and more.

Black Friday Disc Golf Set Sales Ad


Cheap Mystery Boxes

Not sure what to buy, but know you want to get it for cheap? A Mystery box is for you. During Black Friday week, all of our most popular deals boxes will be in stock and on sale. Plus, we’ve build a special edition Black Friday 7-disc box that includes 7 of the special stamped discs from the Black Friday week– limited quantity available!

Black Friday Mystery Box Sales

Limited Edition Set Box Sale Black Friday release box stamps

Other Accessories On Sale

Here is a list of all the other products you can find on AMAZING sales this week:

On sale accessories and disc golf baskets

Cyber deals for disc golf rangefinder, waterbottle and UV glow light

Infinite Discs apparel hats and sweatshirt sale

Disc golf mini disc Black Friday deals

Disc golf water saving devices, disc retriever, towels, and grip pads.

Disc Golf Brands on Sale All Week

As for individual disc golf discs, the brands below will be on sale from Thanksgiving all the way through the week to the following Thursday. That way you can add some good deals to your shopping cart on any day while you’re shopping for some of the special drops!

Disc golf brands on sale all week include RPM, Divergent, Yikun, Alfa, Wing It, Clash, Crosslap, Daredevil, DGA, Disc Golf UK, Goliath Discs, Kestrel, Uplay, XCom, Launch, Lonestar, Skyquest, Infinite Discs, Viking Discs, Finish Line, Dino, Guro, EV7, Momentum, and Wild Discs.

In addition to discs in the Infinite Line, the following links will take you to disc golf brands will be on sale all week long.

Alfa Discs Finish Line Thought Space Athletics
Clash Discs Goliath Discs Skyquest
Crosslap Guru Discs UPlay
Daredevil Kestrel Viking
DGA Launch Wild Discs
Dino Lone Star Wing It
Disc Golf UK Momentum XCom
Divergent Obsidian Yikun

Daily Drop and Sales Calendar

Thankful Thursday

Our Cyber Savings week begins on Thanksgiving with the following disc golf brands on sale. To keep you from having to wait out in the cold on Thanksgiving, these products will also be on sale on Black Friday, so enjoy your turkey without feeling rushed.  Brands on sale and with special releases beginning on Thanksgiving include:

Here are some of the special edition stamps:

Finish Line Discs Black Friday deals and releases.

Divergent and Doomsday Discs exclusive Black Friday releases including triple foil dumpster fire stamp.

Lone Star and Clash Discs Black Friday releases.

Black Friday – Infinite Discs Day

We expect this to be our biggest online shopping day ever with so many new and exciting releases in the Infinite Discs line. All Infinite Discs including a huge selection of misprint and X-outs will be on sale on Black Friday November, 25th. New releases include:

Some unique and new stamps for this sale are as follows:

Infinite Discs Black Friday exclusive stamp releases, samurai, phoenix, and steampunk bomber.

Infinite Discs Halo Tomb and Halo Pharaoh Black Friday releases.

Misprint Discs on sale Black Friday through Cyber Monday


Super Saturday – Innova Day

The world’s number one disc golf manufacturer will have their big on sale day on Saturday November 26th. In addition to Innova and Millennium Discs being on sale, we will also have limited releases including:

Innova Champion Discs exclusive Black Friday releases, Color Glow Orcs, Ogres, and Solar Destroyer.

Innova Solar Wraith and limited edition Phoenix Stamp

Spectacular Sunday  – Trilogy & MVP Day

On Sunday November 27th, all Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, Westside, MVP, Axiom, and Streamline discs will be on sale. Also use the promo code BASKET10 to get a discount on MVP, Axiom, and Streamline practice baskets! Be sure to check out our special stamp drops, including:

Trilogy and MVP Discs on sale and MVP Triple Foil Megaladon exclusive stamps.

Disc Golf Basket Black Friday Discount Code


Cyber Monday – Discraft Day

On the number one online shopping day we will feature Discraft. All Discraft and DGA discs will be on sale on Cyber Monday and we’ve pulled together an extensive selection of cool Discraft misprint and factory second discs!

Discraft Cyber Monday Misprint and special edition Marauder stamp

Tuesday November 29th – Discmania, Prodigy, Legacy, Mint

While the sales end for most of the online shopping world on Cyber Monday, they keep going on at Infinite Discs for a few more days. On Tuesday we feature some of the top disc golf brands including Prodigy, Discmania, Legacy, and Mint Discs. Check out the special stamps again!

Prodigy and Discmania Black friday Shuriken stamp release sale.

Mint and Legacy Discs Black Friday sale special release stamps

Wednesday November 30th- Thought Space Athletics Day

If you subscribe to our text message alerts, look for an additional discount code to use for the Thought Space Athletic Discs on sale. Plus, we’ve got some beautiful, exclusive stamps and a brand new disc release for Wednesday! Check these out!

Thought Space Athletics release and sales day limited stamps

Thought Space Athletics Zoe Andyke Mana release and discount code.

Thursday December 1st – Final Cyber Week Sales Day

Our Cyber sales week comes to a close by featuring several international brands, including Kastaplast, Dino Discs, Viking, Yikun, Gateway, X-Com, Prodiscus, Wing-It, and RPM Discs.

This is also the final day of the all week sale items and doorbuster deals.

Here are some quick links to some of the featured discs and brands:

Gateway Discs Wizard, Yikun Dragon, and XCom Phoenix exclusive black friday stamp release discs.

Kastaplast, Dino kids discs, and Wing It discs Black Friday releases.

Viking and Prodiscus Special Edition Thursday Cyber week releases.

Eric Oakley Kotare Release

Black Friday FAQ’s

Why does your Black Friday sales week spread out among so many days?

There are a few reasons that we need to structure are sales this way. The primary reason is to keep our website functioning. By spreading out the different special drops and sales among the hottest disc golf brands, we spread out our server load. In addition to our limited website capacity, this also helps our shipping crew not get too far behind.

How long will shipping take?

We will literally be having our shipping stations working around the clock on Friday and Saturday nights and will do all we can to get your black Friday purchases shipped in a timely manner. Our shipping focus will be on expedited orders, and we will do our best to get shipping upgrades sent out the same business day. As for other orders, we will do our best to pull, pack, and ship them out as soon as possible.

The major mail carriers also anticipate high shipping volume for the weekend, but with increased demand there is also more potential for errors and delayed packages. If you are really anxious to get your new Cyber week discs, then we recommend the expedited shipping upgrade during this busy time.

What time do the new releases drop?

New releases drop at midnight Eastern each night. This means that if you live in California, the next days Black Friday releases are active at 9 PM.

Introducing Doomsday Discs

In my series focusing on the smaller brands that we sell at Infinite, I started each blog by highlighting where the company was headquartered. I’ve written blogs about disc companies from numerous US states and countries around the world. However, that tradition comes to a screeching halt with this blog, because I have no idea where Doomsday Discs is located! That specific question is on the list that I send to each company. But, they didn’t answer that question. I didn’t even get the name of the founder!

Here are the answers that I did receive. They will help you get a glimpse of this unusual company. Do yourself a favor and check out their website after you read the blog. You could even join their team and give input on future releases. For now, let me introduce Doomsday Discs!

Introducing Doomsday Discs

When did your company begin, and who started it?

The company conceptually started during the heart of the pandemic– a natural time for a brand built upon the pending apocalypse and a survivalist attitude. It was founded by a small group of anonymous disc golf enthusiasts and preppers who have come to accept the inevitable.

However, the “who runs this company” has always intended to take on a decentralized focus, where the fans of the brand become the team that ultimately runs the brand. We see it as the first brand run by the people, for the people, as least as long as there are people around to do so.


Can you give a brief history of your company?

We saw a need for new sources of essential items like food, water, fuel, and flying plastic. We began taking steps to fill that need by introducing new sources of discs to the market. Team Doomsday was initiated and is still growing daily. To join the team, interested participants simply need to visit the doomsdaydiscs.com website, enter the store, and purchase a Prepper Team Pack. They will then become a part of the brand’s early history.

Where is your headquarters located?

The founders are located in an undisclosed bunker. But since our focus is to make Team Doomsday into the driving force behind the brand, the headquarters can be anywhere, and will be everywhere.

Which were your first few molds?

We currently use five different plastics manufacturers, four of which had never made discs before. So it has been a long process to get from concept to mold to prototype and to final product. A lot of our disc concepts are still in those different stages. Some of the first prototypes to be available to our team were the Plague, Famine, Blackout, Flat Earth, and Land Mine. There’s more expected in the coming weeks and months.


How did you choose the names for your molds?

We came up with some of the initial names of our prototypes. A few of those have been kept, but others were renamed by our team. Since we want the members of Team Doomsday to make a lot of the decisions, we encourage ideas and names on the Doomsday Discs Discord server. For example, two of our discs were originally called the Can Lid and the Hubcap while in the design phases, but the team members chose to change the names to the Land Mine and the Frag, as part of the “Munitions Line” (also their idea). Mold names, plastic names, different lines, and flight path numbers…all now have the input of Team Doomsday members.

Which are your three most popular molds?

Since the Blackout is the proto that was shipped to the team members with their team shirt, it became one of the most loved. But almost every time we introduce something else, it seems to find an audience of fans. The Land Mine will probably go through a wave of popularity due to its very unique shape and dependable flight characteristics.


What plastics do you offer, and what is your most popular plastic?

Since we have several different disc lines from the different manufacturers, there will be many different plastic types in play. We have some names decided and others undecided. The Catastrophic Line has plastics like Meltdown, Uranium, Toxic Waste, and Fallout. The Munitions Line has plastics like  Weapons Grade and C-4 (soft). Prepper Line will have Ration, Survival, etc. There will be a lot of plastics to keep track of once things get rolling.

Can you tell us about some upcoming releases?

Almost everything is still upcoming. We’re excited about the Land Mine since it is so unique as far as an approach disc goes. Plus the Frag is super overstable, to a ridiculous level, which makes it fun.  But I think the real workhorse discs that are coming soon and we’re excited about are the Bleak putter and the Dystopia driver.

We’ve also started developing an oversized driver that will be epic.


Who are some pros or other players that you sponsor?

We do not currently have sponsored, touring pros, though we are excited about our entire team, from the ones that are highly rated to the ones who throw lower-speed discs and light up the course with their Doomsday swag and fun personalities. We believe everybody who wants to be on the team should be, and if they’re on the team, they are valuable and appreciated. After all, when the doomsday comes, every human relationship and interaction will be precious.


What does the future look like for you?

The future in general may be bleak…even hopeless…but we are optimistic that a lot of people will find a lot of joy throwing and storing up Doomsday Discs in the present and into the future. Whether chucking your disc across a Dystopian landscape, or using that disc to eat your cold squirrel stew, we feel like the future will be better if a lot of our discs make it into that future.


What will disc golf look like in the future?

In the near future, hyper growth. In the long term, maybe something like this (see photo below).


What is something unique about your company?


We feel like Doomsday Discs will be one of the most diversified and decentralized disc golf brands in the world. Discs will be sourced from many places, released in many forms, and we hope that many players will embrace it. We hope that many players try the brand for the love of that variety and their desire to be a contributing part of the brand image and growth. Who knows…maybe we’ll be the last brand standing after the sun goes micro-nova, the earth’s magnetic field collapses, and we no longer have the same rotational axis.

—- Dr. Death


Check out the Doomsday Discs website HERE

Check out Infinite Discs’ inventory of Doomsday molds HERE

Let us know what Doomsday molds you’ve tried


Have you tried Doomsday Discs? Post below and let us know what you think about them. Haven’t had a chance to try them? Post below and let us know which ones you would like to try.


Congrats to our random disc winners:




New Disc Golf Gear

Over these past few weeks we have been adding some new disc golf gear that you will need for your disc golf adventures. There are a good variety of new products added to our product catalog. You can check out the newest ones below. We’re always working hard to ensure that we provide all of the disc golf needs that you have.

There are some retrievers, a night round accessory, grip enhancers, and some trading cards!

Infinite Discs Holster XL

Well if you liked the original holster that we made, you’ll love this one. As this holds more discs, and has room for a mini marker. Basically, making it all that much more useful. This fits comfortably on the leg, just like the original does, but it holds 4-5 discs instead of 3-4. It also can still double as a putter pocket for your cart. Overall, this is a pretty nifty way to carry a few discs, its pretty affordable, and convenient.

The Infinite Discs Holster XL is a fun and functional disc pouch that you can strap to your waist with an adjustable belt strap and a secure leg strap to comfortably carry 4-5 discs for quick, casual disc golf rounds. You’ll be sure to turn heads as you tuck your go-to discs into the holster and strut around the fairway. It is comfortable enough to wear while you throw.

The Infinite Discs Holster XL also features a hoop on the top to work in tandem with the belt strap and leg strap to attach the pouch to backpacks. Or it can be attached to disc golf cart handles or frames to use as a spare putter pouch. Basically, you’ll have a very affordable pouch for 4-5 extra discs. Plus the XL edition features a handy pocket for your mini marker.

Whether you strap it to your body, hang it from your backpack, or affix it to your cart, you’ll have a very handy way to carry around extra discs!

Check these out here.

Option Discs Option Bag

This grip bag is a pretty cool take on a grip enhancer. I like that it is small and easy to grab, easily covering my hand in its grip enhancing powder. I additionally like that I can play hacky sack with it. I think that in so doing it makes the grippiness factor increase, as it breaks apart the pellets inside the bag allowing for more of the powder to get onto my hand. Overall, this thing is pretty great and enjoyable to have.

The Option Bag is a grip enhancement tool that is filled with a blend of chalk and ceramsite with a subtle minty scent. It is also designed as a footbag, or a Hacky Sack.

This will help you to have better grip on your discs. Or, it can keep you entertained while you’re waiting for the card in front of you to finish.

Learn more by clicking here.

Hive Talon

This Hive Talon retriever is pretty solid. It has two hooks on it, both of which make for grabbing the disc quite easy. Not as good as a single hook to poke it out of a tree though. It extends a good length, and it is reliable.

The Hive Disc Talon Retriever a versatile took for disc retrieval. With its twin-hook talon and a telescoping pole, this retriever makes getting hard to reach discs easy. Whether your disc is in the water, stuck in a tree, or trapped in a thorny thicket, the Hive Disc Talon Retriever is up to the task. With a Talon Retriever in-hand you’ll spend less time and effort saving your discs and more time playing!

Learn more about it here.

Pro Tour Trading Cards

I’ve been waiting for someone to do this for a while now. Trading cards are cool and fun to collect. It is also a fun little thing to purchase and be surprised by who you got within the packet.

These are 12-card packs of the Disc Golf Pro Tour (DGPT) 2022 trading cards for collectors and fans. There are 123 cards including many pros, all stars, champions, and more. Collect them all by purchasing random card packs and trading with your friends.

Check them out here.

MVP 100 LED Blacklight

I am impressed with how well this thing works. It is kind of bulky, but man, does it charge my glow discs well. Its large surface area works in its benefit to provide a lot of UV light to the disc. Proving to charge more of the disc in the same amount of time as other, smaller, UV lights. Overall, this is a pretty cool UV light.

This is a powerful UV flashlight from MVP. It has an extra large 100 LED lights, designed to charge your glow discs. It charges glow plastic in record time, allowing you to spend more time focusing on playing the night round. Powered by 6 AA batteries (which are included). This is encased in a sturdy a metal casing, to help it last.

Learn more here.

DiscreetTriever Driver Diver Disc Golf Retriever

This retriever is a surprisingly useful tool. It is quite useful, and super light! I’ve found that it works very nicely with all sorts of sticks. I am a little nervous about hitting it hard against something, as I know some 3D printed plastics aren’t the strongest. But this one does seem pretty strong. It grabs the rim of the disc pretty securely, I like it a lot. Also, I love the fact that this doesn’t take up that much room, it just clips onto one of my towel D-rings. It is pretty great.

The Driver Diver (Patent Pending) is a new disc golf retriever. This is a little different than other retrievers as it is merely the retriever head. You will use the reusable zip ties to attach it to any stick that you find around. Then when you are done, you can detach it from the stick and clip it back onto you bag. Eliminating the bulkiness of a large retriever stick.

The Driver Diver has many benefits. As it can attach to most any stick around. Additionally, it has a low profile and is extremely light. Making this an easily portable retriever that doesn’t take up much space. The low-cost and low profile make this a great retriever.

Check it out here.


Thank you for your loyalty, keep throwing what you love!

Focus Friday – Infinite Discs Alpaca

Thats right, its Friday!! gotta get down on Friday. Another Focus Friday, this weekend we’re providing a discount code on the Infinite Discs Alpaca. Use the discount code FOCUSALPACA to save 20% on all Alpacas.

The Alpaca

This putt & approach disc is one of my favorite molds from the Infinite line. Its incredibly versatile, I bag so many of these in various plastics. It works excellently as a putter, it works wonderfully as an approach disc. I’ve been able to get this disc to fly a large variety of lines. I’ve seen it fly completely dead straight, and to fly quite stable, as well as to hold a turnover line. I love this mold.

Check it out on our website to read other people’s opinions regarding this mold, here. This is described as the quintessential beadless putter. It presents a deep rim in line with a traditional putter feel. Quite capable of carrying your workload with ease.

The Discount Code

You can select your disc by clicking here. Simply add as many Alpaca discs to your shopping cart as you want, then BEFORE you click to checkout, look below the shopping cart. Right below the shopping cart is a box for Discount Codes. Click there and paste the code, FOCUSALPACA, into the box. Then proceed to checkout and you’ll get the discount.

Here is a screenshot to help you out, though it doesn’t necessarily show an Alpaca in the cart – it’s just a generic visual to help you find the discount code box:


We hope that you love throwing the Alpaca. If you’ve thrown the disc, feel free to share what you think of this putt & approach disc. And if you’re ever looking for other discs that are on sale, check out this link. Or read through this blog post to see all of the ways that you can save money here at Infinite Discs.

Have an excellent weekend all!



Newly Stocked Infinite Discs X-Outs

X-outs are pretty awesome. For those who do not know, an X-out, or Factory 2nd, is a disc that during the manufacturing process ran into some sort of imperfection. These imperfections can be large or small, the disc can have one or many. However, regardless of these imperfections, the disc will still fly just as good a “perfect” disc. What does this mean for you, you may wonder. It means that you can get X-out disc at a discounted price. Which helps you to save money, and still throw the disc that you want with just as good of a flight as the “perfect”.

We have recently added a lot of new Infinite Discs X-Outs to our disc selection. So, if you like X-Outs, check out our most recent restock of our Infinite Discs X-Outs:

Aztec in Splatter S-Blend and I-Blend

The Aztec is a speed 10 driver, flying straight with a little bit of fade at the end. Don’t let the speed 10 fool you, the Aztec will bring unexpected distance and accuracy to your game. This disc has a skinnier rim than the big distance drivers, making it more comfortable for most disc golfers. The Aztec is said to be a longer Exodus or Sphinx.

Tomb in I-Blend

The TOMB is a flat-topped, low-profile, putt-and-approach disc with a comfortably smooth, beaded rim. The Tomb has just the right amount of stability to cover ground while threading the needle on approach shots, whether thrown forehand or backhand. It can also be used as a crossover mid-range, driving putter, or to hold the line while putting for distance or in moderate winds.

Exodus in Splatter S-Blend

The Exodus by Infinite Discs is a stable, controllable fairway driver. The comfortable rim design and manageable speed are perfect for players at all experience levels. The Exodus is a trustworthy disc on the fairway and excellent for navigating wooded courses.  It has a precise, long flight pattern with a consistent fade, plus it can also handle all the power you can give it for long-distance flights. All Infinite Discs branded discs are manufactured by Innova Champion Discs.

Alpaca in Splatter S-Blend

The Alpaca is the quintessential beadless putter. While the Infinite Discs Cohort has a somewhat low profile rim, the Alpaca presents a deeper rim for more of a traditional putter feel. Whether thrown at the basket or lofted high for approaches and drives, the Alpaca will carry your workload with ease.

Pharaoh in Swirly S-Blend

The Pharaoh is the quintessential distance driver, built for a high speed release and maximum distance. The fade is not overpowering, making this a distance driver that will work wonders even for intermediate players. Throw the Pharaoh off the tee when you need to cover as much territory as possible. Rule your local disc golf course with the Pharaoh!

Centurion in D-Blend Glow

The Centurion is a workable fairway driver. It is a straight-flying, precision driver that will fit into the bags of both novice and professional players. All players can count on the Centurion to hold whichever line they put it on with only a slight end fade. It is a workhorse control driver for precise placement on the fairway.

Looking for more? Shop all our X-Out Discs here.

Divergent Discs Glow Discs

Divergent Discs is a very beginner friendly brand. They focus on making discs that are incredibly easy to throw and that will provide satisfactory distance. In addition to these molds that they make, Divergent also makes plastic selection easy. This matter helps the overall disc selection easy. As their molds only come in one plastic, rather than a multiplicity of plastics that all affect the flight of the disc in some way or another.

Divergent Discs has been around for a short amount of time, and are doing a lot to get their foot in the door of the disc golf market. Recently they’ve released a new version of their plastic. They’ve created a glow in the dark version of their plastic. Now, you’ll be able to use some of your favorite Divergent molds for your night rounds.

Molds Available for Single Purchase

At the moment, not every mold is available in the the Max Grip Glow or Stayput Glow plastic options. But a good large portion of their lineup is available. You can purchase the Narwhal, Leviathan, Kraken, and Lawin in the Max Grip Glow and the Golem in Stayput Glow right now. These molds are pretty solid molds.

The Narwhal is a really nice floaty putter. Makes it great for putting and throwing. It is an understable mold, designed to be thrown easily. Helping the disc golfer to achieve good distance, control, and easy putting.

The Leviathan is an understable midrange that is easy to throw. It offers high glide and minimal fade. Providing a solid disc that works excellently in the hands of a new player. Providing a solid flight that is quite manageable for the player, easily a go-to midrange.

The Kraken is an understable fairway driver that helps the beginner get used to high speed discs. This mold provides a good controllable flight path, and offers good distance. Helping the player achieve better distance, all because of its easy-to-throw tendencies.

The Lawin is a distance driver that offers a lot of glide a good amount of turn and a decent fade. Offering a stable flight that is manageable, and controllable. This high speed distance driver is a good introductory disc for the high speed distance drivers.

These molds are all available on Infinite’s site, and are more affordable than other glow plastic. As the Max Grip plastic is available for $13.99.

The Golem, comes in the Stayput glow. And this mold is a very overstable disc. It has little glide and a very hard fade. It makes for an excellent utility disc that can be trusted in many situations. Additionally, in the Stayput rubber blend, this absorbs impacts and limits ground play. This is available for $17.99 on our website.

Divergent Discs Glow Set

In addition to the single molds, there is a Max Grip Glow disc golf set as well. Within this box set of discs comes some other molds that are not available from single disc purchase at the moment. The disc golf set comes with a Kraken, Kapre, and Nuno; all in Max Grip Glow of course. While the Kapre and the Nuno are unavailable for purchase by themselves, you can still check them out on our site.

The Kapre is a nice stable midrange. it flies straight with a little amount of fade to finish its flight. Capable of a variety of flight paths because of its stability. This is a mold that can handle power and has the same easy-to-throw tendencies that Divergent Discs is known for.

The Nuno is a stable putter that has a straight flight with a minimal fade at the end. The Nuno is able to handle power and fly well for the beginner and the advanced player alike. This putter does well as an approach disc and as a putter.

Overall, the Divergent Discs Glow Set is a great introduction for night rounds. It provides 3 good discs to use that are in a glow plastic. This is available on our website for $24.99.

The Effectiveness of the Glow

The Max Grip Glow and the Stayput Glow are pretty solid glowing blends. They both charge pretty quickly and easily, especially with a UV light. The length of the glow is somewhat proportional to the amount spent charging the disc. If you spend a minute putting it under a UV light, longer than a minute. My definition of glow is bright enough that it is easily visible. The feel of the plastic with the glow variant is different than the original blend. To me it seems that the feel is just a slight difference, so it doesn’t seem that the glow addition ruins the benefits of the Max Grip or Stayput blends. They both still offer good grip and durability. The Stayput rubber blend still provides a flexible mold that will absorb impacts and or grip the ground; all to limit the ground play.

It seems that the Stayput Glow charges and glows better than the Max Grip. It seems that the opaqueness of the Stayput allows it to absorb the UV rays more easily. Which helps the plastic charge faster and resulting in a longer glow.

Overall the new plastic addition to the Divergent Discs lineup is a good add on. It provides a good material that will glow in the dark, and make playing those night roughs a possibility, and enjoyable. If you haven’t heard of Divergent Discs you should check them out, you can read more about them in this article. Or you can check out their site here. Especially if you find that your discs aren’t flying as far as you would like and want something that is easier to throw.

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