Best Disc Golf Driving Putter Disc–Winner

Okay everyone! It is now time to announce our winner of theĀ Infinite Discs Best Disc Golf Disc: Driving Putter Disc! This is a category that has lots of great nominees, and making the final choice was difficult. But we tried to stay true to our criteria of our two key words: Popularity and Utility. And I think we made the correct choice. Before we reveal the winner, here are the nominees once again:

And here is our selection for the winner:



To be honest, this one came down to two options. It was either the Innova Nova or the Discmania P2. The P2 is a very popular disc that makes a great driving putter, but what tipped the scales in favor of the Innova Nova is the fact that it is a pure driving putter. It is rare to find someone who putts with the Nova. So the fact that it continues to finish as a top 10 selling disc in the putt and approach category is very impressive. It also offers a very unique flight pattern that is so straight for so long with minimal fade. When all is said and done, the Innova Nova is a truly versatile disc that is used by disc golfers at every skill level.


  • I like that choice. I throw almost exclusively discraft, but I always keep a few novas around because they are so much fun to throw. They really are just super straight.

  • As I am learning my game and my discs.. recently I’ve started to be able to appreciate the overstable disc category in a lot of shots at the course I play.

    There’s this part of me that also wants to see a disc fly on the angle I throw it on, so on my Wish List right now are the Nova and Mako so that I can explore that category of discs.