Best Disc Golf Baskets of 2024

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It is not uncommon as a disc golf retailer to get asked for basket recommendations. Having ready access to a basket (and using it) is one of the best possible ways for any disc golfer to improve their disc golf skills. So, which basket would be the best for you? Well, that depends on a few factors. Having owned a number of different baskets, I can safely say that there are certain baskets that are better for certain situations. In this blog we’ll look at those factors and determine the best baskets, which will help you narrow down your choices. We also want to hear from you at the end, and will be giving out gift cards to random commenters.

Best Basket For You

One of the first questions that I ask someone who is looking for a recommendation for a basket is how the basket will mainly be used. If you are going to be setting up the basket in your backyard and at most moving around your yard, your basket needs will be different than if you will be hauling it to the course and using it for a temp hole from time to time.

I’ll group the baskets according their general type. The baskets will be sorted by Economy Baskets, Cloth Baskets, High-end Home Baskets, Narrow Baskets and Course Baskets. Then I will list the best for each type.

Best Economy Baskets

This is an entry level type of basket that is great for a first basket, a basket on a budget, or if you just want a basket but don’t want to spend much money. This level of basket does not have the quality nor disc catching ability that a more expensive basket. However, you can still develop your putting skills as much on an economy basket as a more expensive basket.

1 – Divergent Discs Portable Basket

The Divergent Discs Portable Basket is a nice, inexpensive basket that is easy to set up. It comes in several vibrant colors so you can choose your favorite. The basket has two rows of 12 zinc-coated chains for durability and function. Check out this popular basket today!

Green Streamline Lite Basket 2 – Axiom Lite/Streamline Lite/Black Hole Lite

The Lite baskets from MVP/Streamline/Axiom are similar in design and function. The Black Hole Lite is available in black, while the Streamline and Axiom versions come in several different colors. All three brands have 26 chains for improved stopping power. They are lighter, less expensive versions of the Pro series. They all set up easily without tools.

3 – Black Hole Pro/Axiom Pro

The Pro Basket is a step up from the Lite in both cost and quality. MVP Black Hole Pro BasketThe quality of the welds, electroplating, and design combine to give you a upper-level quality at an entry-level price. The Pro basket has 24 chains in a pattern to help minimize chain outs and run throughs, to improve your confidence.

Check out all of Infinite Discs’ portable baskets HERE

Best Cloth Baskets

Since portability is a major reason to purchase a basket, making the basket out of cloth will help make moving it around even easier. Cloth baskets fold up and are easy to carry. I’ve had my Mach Lite for nearly a decade and it still works fine.

1 – DGA Mach Lite

DGA Mach Lite Baskets

The design of the Mach Lite is impressive. It sets up in about a minute, and takes down in about the same. The included cloth bag makes it easy to transport. With the cloth basket you will make putts that you wouldn’t make on a metal basket, and run through the chains more, but if you’re looking for ease of transport, it’s worth it.


Innova Traveler Basket 2- Innova Traveler

If you like to practice putting and you have a bunch of putters, this is a basket to consider. It’s deep basket let’s you putt a dozen discs and they will sit deep enough that they won’t interfere with your putts. It is similar to the Mach Lite in its ability to catch discs, which isn’t the best. But since it is easy to haul around, that is a good trade off.

3 – Dynamic Discs Scout

Dynamic Discs Scout Basket

The chains on the Scout feel a little stiffer than the Mach Lite or the Traveler. If you have a fast putt, the chains will help stop your discs. If not, you may end up with more bounce outs than you would like. You definitely won’t have discs run through the chains. Like the other cloth baskets, the Scout sets up easily and at 24 pounds is easy to transport.

Best High-end Home Baskets

If you want to duplicate the performance of a course basket but don’t want to fork out the big bucks for one, these are some good baskets to consider. They are more durable and stop discs better than economy baskets. If you will be moving baskets around a lot these will hold up better. They usually still as easy to disassemble. If you are okay with the extra cost, these will last longer than cheaper baskets.

Black hole pro HD basket1- Axiom Pro HD/Black Hole Pro HD

Another step up from the Pro baskets, the Pro HD has additional features that bump it out of the economy range. It features thicker wire and heavier chains than the Pro. Naturally this makes it a little more difficult to carry around. Yet, it still disassembles in under a minute. Considering the quality improvements, this basket is not much more than the HD.

2- Innova Discatcher EZ

Innova DisCatcher EZ Basket

This high-end home basket features 24 hot-dip galvanized chains to catch your putts. It comes in three powder-coated colors to give you a little variety. It is designed to replicate the performance of a course basket, but at a much lower cost.



Innova Discatcher Sport 243- DisCatcher Sport 24

The DisCatcher Sport 24 is a high-quality basket that you can use at home for putting practice, and also as a temp basket on a course. It is easy to move around and set up. It features 18 chains in the outer row, and six on the inner. This is a good combination of disc stopping and run-through prevention. Requires a screwdriver for assembly/disassembly.


Check out all of Infinite Discs’ portable baskets HERE

Best Narrow Baskets

This genre of basket is designed to help you focus on a smaller target, then when you are playing on a regulation basket, it will seem bigger. I’ve had one in the past and I liked putting on it. I wouldn’t recommend one as a first basket. If you already have a regular basket, this would make a good second basket.

1- Dynamic Discs Marksman Lite

Dynamic Discs Marksman Lite Basket

This is a lighter and much less expensive basket than the Marksman. It has fewer chains and is lighter. It is still difficult to actually make it int the basket when putting. That’s kind of the point of this type of basket. Still, even fewer putts will stick in this basket vs the Marksman. If you’re okay with that then you’ll save quite a bit by going with this version of the Marksman.


MVP Black Hole Precision Basket2- Black Hole Precision

Like the other Black Hole baskets, the Precision is also easy to set up or take down – without tools. It has a single row of 12 chains in a narrow ring. The chains are course-weighted for more stopping power and fewer bounce outs.


3- ProBasket Skill

Latitude 64 ProBasket Skill Disc Golf Basket

The ProBasket Skill is a higher quality target basket at a higher price. It has 15 chains and will grab a few more putts than the other narrow baskets. If you are going to be moving the baskets around a lot, it would be worth it to have the more sturdy ProBasket. If not, save a few bucks and get one of the cheaper baskets.

Honorable Mention

Mach Shift 3-in-1 Basket 

The Mach Shift 3-in-1 basket

The Mach Shift is a hybrid basket that converts from a regular sized basket to a narrow basket. And if you really want to hone your focus, it drops down to become a shorter narrow basket! It has pretty good disc stopping ability as a full-sized basket and should be considered as an option if you’re thinking about getting a narrow basket.

Best Course Baskets

These baskets are professional level portable baskets. They are heavy-duty, and heavy. If you want to mimic all of the benefits of a course basket at home, these are the baskets for you. You’ll get durability and disc-grabbing power. Plus, if you need to add a hole to an existing course, these baskets will fill in nicely.

1- Dynamic Discs Recruit

Dynamic Discs Recruit Basket

Weighing in at 60 pounds, you’ll be glad that the Dynamic Discs Recruit comes with a wheel on the base. It has 26 heavy-duty chains to grab your discs. With tools you can break down the basket for transport, and it will fit nicely in your trunk. This basket is great for putting practice because it performs just like a professional course basket.


Latitude 64 ProBasket Trainer Basket2- ProBasket Trainer

Approved for sanctioned tournaments up to B-Tier. The ProBasket Trainer has two rows of 13 chains each to catch and hold your putts. It is a top-tier basket that is similar to the best course baskets. The ProBasket comes apart for easier transport.


Check out all of Infinite Discs’ portable baskets HERE

This blog gives you some ideas about the options available for you. By considering what you will be using the basket for, and how much you want to spend, you can pick a basket that will work for you. Keep in mind, if you are practicing your putts on even the cheapest basket, you will still be improving!

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Best Disc Golf Retrievers

Best Disc Golf Retrievers

One of the irritating aspects of disc golf is searching for lost discs. When a disc lands in thick grass, bushes, trees, reeds, water, or some unknown landing place, it can appear that discs sometimes disappear off the face of the earth. Even more frustrating is when we can see a disc, but can’t reach it. Whether it is in a pond, up a tree, over a fence, or in a thorny bush, the idea of leaving a disc behind is very difficult.

Enter the retriever. Disc golf retrievers can make the task of getting our wayward discs back into our bags much easier – and in some cases they are the only way to get a disc back. In this blog post we will compare the different types and brands of retrievers, and recommend the best ones for you.

For the sake of this blog, we will categorize retrievers into two categories: retrievers that use a pole or extension device, and retrievers that use a rope or cord. We can then break down those two categories and talk about the variations of those categories. Then we’ll see which retriever is the best in each category.

Max Distance suction cup pole disc golf retriever

Pole or extension devices

An obvious benefit to having an extension devices is that you can reach discs that you wouldn’t normally be able to reach. The poles come in a variety of sizes, from compact 6-foot poles to massive 20-foot poles. The smaller ones are lighter and take up less room, but limit the distance you can reach. Poles have different tips that can be used for different purposes. These retrievers can reach and retrieve discs that would be impossible for rope-type retrievers.

Pole retriever dragging a disc golf disc out of the water.One of the drawbacks of having a telescopic pole is their use in water. Although they can successfully be used to retrieve a disc in a river or pond, they are sometimes difficult to control and can only serve to dislodge the disc, but not bring it to shore. The success of the retrieval depends on the body of water and the tip of the retriever. They can’t reach a disc that lies beyond their max extension. Plus, they can end up with water inside them, which might leak out into your bag or cause corrosion. It is also possible to break a pole if too much force is exerted.

The device on the end of the pole affect the success of the retrieval.

  • The suction cup works amazing in water. Preferably standing water, but it can also be used in rivers with a varying degree of success.

Max Stick w/suction tip

  • Hooks are useful in trees and can also be used to scoot your disc toward the shore when retrieving in water. They are a good universal tip.

Dynamic Discs Retriever

  • Metal loops are great for securing the disc to the retriever, but they can be cumbersome in trees. In moving water it might be difficult to ‘catch’ the disc.

Bird Dog Retriever

Rope Retriever Devices

One of the best reasons to have a rope device is because you can reach a lot further with them than a Rope retreiver getting a disc out of the waterpole. If your disc is in water beyond the reach of your pole, you would be out of luck unless you had a rope retriever such as a Disc Claw or Golden Retriever.

This would be a good time for some pro tips that I’ve learned by having a rope-type retriever. The two issues that I recommend that owners correct are considered cons, but can easily be remedied.

First, get an additional length of paracord to attach to the end of the rope that comes with the retriever. It will greatly extend the distance that you can reach your disc. The length of rope that comes with the retriever device is not as long as you might need. Just make sure you tie a good knot so the retriever doesn’t end up permanently in the water.

Second tip, get a separate object to wrap the rope around besides the retriever itself, so you can just unwind the amount of rope that you need to reach the disc, instead of keeping the rope around the retriever and having to unwind the entire length of rope. I use a landscape string reel to hold my excess retriever cord. Take care of those two issues and you’ll eliminate some of the cons of the device.

There are a couple of other areas where the rope-retrievers fall short. First, it is mainly just used for water retrievals. You could use it on grass or ice, but it is designed for water use. Is your disc in a tree? This type of disc will likely not be the one you’ll need.

The second issue you might have is that the retriever isn’t as effective if the disc is on rocks. You need to be able to slide over the disc and ‘catch’ it in the retriever. If there are rocks in the way, you might be out of luck.

Best Disc Retriever Winners

With those pros and cons for each retriever in mind, let’s look at your retriever options.

Best Pole Extension Disc Retriever

In addition to deciding between rope and pole retrievers, with the pole retrievers you need to decide which attachment you would like on the end of the pole. The suction cup types are excellent for water, but not so good in trees. The hook ends are pretty good in water and trees. And the loop ends are better in water, but work decent in trees.

The winner? With its multiple head attachments, the Bird Dog retriever takes the win. The metal pole isn’t as long as some of the Max Stick poles, but its attachments are good for trees, rivers, and ponds. It even comes with a bag to store all the parts. It’s a universal-use solution that can be used in a variety of situations. Check out the Bird Dog here:

Best Rope Retriever Winner



The Disc Claw and the Golden Retriever are both excellent choices for ponds that don’t have large rocks or branches. The enemies of either of those retrievers are rocks and branches, which can make a disc irretrievable and could possibly snag the retriever. If the pond has silt, sand, mud, or moss and you stand a good chance of getting your disc back. As mentioned above, extra rope and a something besides the retriever itself to wrap the rope around will make owning either of these a better option.

Winner? I’m going to call this a tie. The Claw had a few more snags on rocks that the Golden Retriever. However, as the Claw advertises, it kicks up less silt than the Golden Retriever. That keeps your disc visible for more attempts at retrieving it, should that be necessary. Plus, the Claw is a couple bucks cheaper.

Honorable Mentions

Wrist Rocket – Best Retriever for High Trees

I had heard that people have used wrist rockets to retrieve discs from trees, so I finally bought one to carry around. The first time I had a disc that was beyond the reach of my retriever, I broke out the sling shot and knocked it down after just a few tries. Just last weekend a group of us were able to get four discs out of a tree at a local tournament (although it did take quite a while and numerous attempts). They don’t take up much space and can be another option when the pole retriever can’t reach.

Driver Diver

This little piece of plastic is a handy device that doesn’t take up much space. You attach the gadget to a stick with reusable zip ties and the stick becomes your retriever. Perfect for courses with a few smaller bodies of water and trees. Hang it from your bag until needed. Make sure you don’t leave it in a hot car, because it can warp. Mine did, so I took a heat gun to it and that fixed the warp.

Disc retriever attachment on an ordinary stick


There isn’t one retriever that is best for every situation. But you can still minimize the chances of not being able to retrieve your disc by getting a couple different types. Although I carry an extendable retriever with me at all times, I also usually have a wrist rocket with me. If I’m using a cart and there are water hazards, I’ll also take along a Golden Retriever. If I’m not using a cart, I’ll leave the Golden in my car and get the disc later if needed. It’s worth the effort and increases my chances of going home with all my discs.

Check out our entire retriever inventory here.

The Best Disc Golf Baskets – Top 5 Portable Practice Baskets

I’ve discovered that the times in my life that I’ve hit the most putts in games and leagues have been when I am practicing putting regularly. Not surprising. However, sometimes it is tough to carve out enough time to drive to a course to get in the putting reps. Owning a basket gives you a convenient way to get in scores of putts every day.  Do that on a regular basis and over time you will see more and more putts starting to drop during leagues, tournaments, and casual rounds. Enter: the practice basket! We’ll look at the best disc golf baskets and determine which will be best for you.

Best Disc Golf Baskets

Today we will look at the top disc golf baskets by sales, features, popularity, and cost.  We’ll examine the qualities of each basket and rank them accordingly. This guide will help you weigh the pros and cons of each basket so you can decide which will work best for you and your particular situation and needs.

Having the best professional-grade basket still won’t help you improve if you don’t use it regularly. Having a nice basket that you can practice with definitely makes it easier and gives you a little more motivation to putt than using a basket that rarely holds a putt. With that in mind, let’s look at the best baskets for practicing at home.

5- Dynamic Discs Recruit

Okay, let me just say flat out that I’ve spent a lot of time putting on this basket and I love it! I consider it to be about the best made, closest to a course quality basket that you can buy in a portable. It catches a disc well, is solidly built, looks great, and even has a wheel on the base to help you move it around. I’ll talk about some of the things to consider which might steer you away from this basket in a minute, but if those aren’t an issue then this is the basket for you.

Pros: Excellent quality, 26 disc-grabbing chains, attached wheel for ease of movement, will last you a long time, even with heavy use.

Cons: Price, weight, tools needed for disassembly/assembly.



Although I’m listing the cost in the ‘con’ section, I do so only because it is more than the other baskets on our list. You could get two of some baskets for the price of this one basket. If you want the best quality basket on the market and either won’t be transporting it much, or are willing to deal with the extra size and weight, then look into the Recruit. It will last a lifetime. If you are looking for a basket that will get transported a lot, you might want to look at some of the other baskets on the list. They would be easier to tear down and haul to and from the park or course.

4- Axiom Lite

(Streamline Lite, Black Hole Lite) Although this is an entry-level class of basket, it still has a lot of chains and some good disc-grabbing power. It is easy to assemble/disassemble and its light weight makes it easy to transport. It still takes up a decent amount of room, but I can fit one in the back seat of my Accord or in the trunk. The Lite baskets are great if you regularly move them around your yard or basement. At that price point you can get two baskets for the price of one Recruit!

Pros: Weight, portability, cost, tool-less assembly/disassembly.

Cons: Chains and cage are lighter weight than other baskets, you will have spit outs, run throughs, and bounce backs on this basket, although not all the time.

The Axiom Lite, Streamline Lite, and Black Hole Lite baskets are perfect for a first basket, people on a budget or who don’t want to spend a lot for a practice basket, and for people who will be using the basket at home and don’t need course-quality baskets. If you will be using the baskets on a temp course on a regular basis, I would step up to a heavier basket. Even with the lighter chains and metal, the Lite baskets are great for at-home use.

3 – Mach Lite

I’m always happy to talk about the Mach Lite because I’ve owned one for many years and have recommended the basket to many customers. The Mach Lite is a well-designed portable basket that sets up easily, folds up quickly and is easy to transport, and comes with a travel bag. If you will be transporting a basket on a regular basis, this is a good one to consider. It is not the best at grabbing discs, and you will have bounce backs, but it is not terrible for a practice round. After years of use, the basket still holds up well, even though has been used regularly.

Pros: Portability, good quality, reasonably grabby, ease to open and close

Cons: Needs to be set up on level ground, doesn’t hold discs like course baskets, the fabric basket makes discs react different than metal

Whether or not you add the Mach Lite to your list of baskets when you are shopping for one depends on how you will use the basket. If you will be transporting it to the park to putt on a regular basis, I would add this basket to the top of your list. If you are looking for something you will set up at home and only transport a couple times per year, I would go with a different choice. Then, maybe consider the Mach Lite as a second basket.

2- Black Hole Pro HD

The Black Hole Pro HD is another example of a great basket that is easy to disassemble and transport, but still offers amazing quality and durability. It is priced slightly higher than many of the less expensive baskets, but offers impressive quality and nearly course basket performance. Its heavier weight is due to thicker gauge metal used on the basket. The extra weight makes the Pro HD slightly more difficult to haul lift and transport. However, the extra weight means it is more durable than thinner gauge baskets.

Pros: Quality, ease of disassembly, catches discs very well

Cons: Extra cost, heavier weight



Since the Pro HD is not significantly more expensive than the Pro, it may be worth the extra few dollars to have a more heavy-duty basket. If you won’t be transporting it a lot, or are willing to lug around some extra pounds, the Black Hole Pro HD is a great choice for a practice basket.

1- Black Hole Pro

The best way to sum up the performance, cost, and ease of transport of the MVP Black Hole Pro is ‘balance’. The Pro is not so inexpensive that it suffers poor quality, but also won’t gouge its buyers. It is easy to move around your yard and to transport, but heavy-duty enough to last a long, long time.  You will get some bounce outs and occasional run-throughs, but those will be rare. The Pro is in the sweet spot of most of the things people are considering when shopping for a practice basket.

Pros: Cost, ease of transport, performance

Cons: Not as heavy-duty as high-end portables, weighs more than some



The Black Hole Pro performs great, is reasonably priced, is easy to disassemble and transport, and will last a long time with regular use. With its high quality at its amazing price point, it’s easy to see why the Pro is so popular.

Which basket is right for you?

Your choice of baskets will come down to a few factors that work for you: How much will you be transporting the basket, and how much room do you have to transport it? What is your budget for a basket? Will you be using the basket as a temp at tournaments and leagues? Will the weight of the basket be a factor in your purchase?

Once you determine the basket that suits your needs, stop by Infinite Discs to check out our supply of disc golf baskets, HERE

Note about basket inventory: Since our supplier’s inventories vary frequently, we can always list the baskets that we can drop-ship. If you are interested in one of the baskets that is not in our inventory, send us an email to see if we can have it drop-shipped directly to you.

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Let us know what basket you practice with, and how you like it.

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Best Disc Golf Carts

One of the disc golf accessories that has become more popular in the last decade is the disc golf cart. With more and more cart companies trying to carve out a slice of the accessory pie, disc golfers have a variety of brands and models to choose from. Disc golfers of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned pros, have gladly converted to using a cart whenever possible. The help us save energy and avoid repetitive motion, and give us the ability to bring extra discs, snacks, water, or additional accessories. Carts make a round of disc golf even more relaxed and enjoyable.

As a devoted cart user I’m actually surprised more people don’t join those of us who have discovered their benefits. Maybe this blog will help! You can also click here to check out the top selling carts.


In this blog I will talk about the different types of carts available and break down the pros and cons for each one. That will help you find the cart that will fill your particular needs and wants, since we all have different tastes and approaches to disc golf.

Best Cart Types

I like to sort carts according to whether or not they need an additional bag to hold discs. Some carts are made to hold your bag in or on them, while others have built in shelves to hold your discs.

For the ones that require an additional bag, all you have to do when using the cart is to attach your current bag. It’s pretty fast and usually effortless. For some of those carts you can leave the bag in the cart while transporting. Others are separate and would take additional space in your vehicle for the cart and the bag.

With the carts that hold discs on their own, you would need to transfer discs from your bag to the cart. If you frequently play courses that are not cart friendly, you would have to move discs from your cart to your bag and back quite regularly.


Here are the carts, starting with the ones that require an additional bag:


ZUCA Trekker and Trekker LG cart

The ZUCA Trekker and Trekker LG cart is based on the ZUCA Backpack and Backpack LG. The ‘LG’ stands for Large and that model is slightly larger than the regular Trekker/Backpack cart. The Trekker has a 22” axel (which means the cart is 22” wide) and carries 20-25 discs, while the LG has a 24” axel and holds up to 30 discs. They both have a telescoping handle and a built-in seat that supports up to 300 lbs.


  • Built-in Seat
  • No additional bag needed


  • An additional bag would be needed for non-cart courses
  • Takes a lot of space to transport

ZUCA Compact cart


The Compact is for people who don’t carry as many discs, and who don’t need as much space. It sits a little lower, but still has the 22” axel for stability. It also has a built-in seat, which sits a little lower than other carts.


  • Smaller, lighter cart is easier to move and transport
  • Built-in seat
  • Low center of gravity


  • An additional bag would be needed for non-cart courses
  • Limited space for extra discs and accessories

ZUCA All-Terrain

The All-Terrain Cart is a larger version of the Compact cart. It carries up to 32 discs, with side pockets and interior storage. It has a built-in seat and a 22” axel.


  • Built-in seat
  • Lots of storage space for discs and accessories


  • An additional bag would be needed for non-cart courses

ZUCA Transit Cart

The Transit Cart has a built-in bag for discs, and also has storage space below the bag. It has a 24” axel and a built-in seat. The Transit Cart holds up to 25 discs.


  • Built-in seat
  • Extra space for storage or a cooler bag


  • An additional bag would be needed for non-cart courses
  • Limited space for extra discs

Frame Carts – Bring Your Own Bag

The other kind of cart is one you use to transport an existing bag. The bag will go on or in the cart. The nice thing about these disc golf carts is that your discs are always in the same place (your disc golf bag) so when playing courses that are not cart friendly, you don’t have to shuffle your discs around.

These kinds of carts vary in size and style. Some have seats, while others don’t. Some have two wheels, and one model has three. Here are some of these carts where you need to provide a bag:

ZUCA Backpack and Backpack LG


Zuca Backpack and Backpack LG are carts that have a seat, telescoping handle, water bottle holders, but no extra storage space. All of the storage must come from the bag used in the cart. The Backpack cart has a 22” axel, the LG’s is 24”.

Dynamic Discs offers a version of this cart that is the same as the Zuca, except the front plate says, “Dynamic Discs”.


  • Easy to remove your bag for non-cart courses
  • Built-in seat


  • Larger cart to transport
  • Additional cost of buying a bag
  • Storage space is limited to the size of the bag


MVP Rover Cart

The Rover Cart is a small cart and the most compact of any cart. It does have water bottle holders and a telescopic handle, but no built-in seat. It has a low center of gravity, making it easy to move and maneuver.


  • Easy to remove your bag for non-cart courses
  • Low center of gravity for ease of moving
  • Small cart to transport
  • Easy to get in and out of car trunk


  • Additional cost of buying a bag
  • Storage space is limited to the size of the bag
  • There is no seat.



The EZ Cart has a shelf for your bag to sit on, and a little storage area under that shelf. Like the Rover Cart, it doesn’t have a seat, so you would need to carry one. It has a 24” axel.


  • Easy to remove your bag for non-cart courses
  • Low center of gravity for ease of moving
  • Small cart to transport
  • Extra storage space for accessories or a cooler bag


  • Additional cost of buying a bag

Rovic RV1D

The Rovic RV1D is a foldable cart from ball-golf cart maker, Clikgear. It will hold any bag. The Rovic has a locking brake to prevent the cart from rolling away on an incline. There is a small storage area for snacks, keys, etc. It comes with drink holders, an umbrella storage loop, and a place to hold your umbrella when it’s up. There are many accessories available, including a seat with cushion, insulated storage bag, and mitts for cooler weather. The cart doesn’t push well on bumpy, uneven ground, but you can simply pull the cart over those sections of the course. The large handle makes it easy to get the cart up curbs and over ditches. I was concerned that the cart has plastic pieces, but I’ve been using one year ‘round for three years (including in the winter) and it has held up perfectly.


  • Easy to push: I never thought tipping back a two-wheeled cart to get it to roll was a big deal. But, when I didn’t have to do it, it was really nice!
  • Accessories available to increase storage space, give you a place to sit, and make your life a little easier on the course.
  • Very Compact. Folds up into an impressively small space.
  • Holds your bag higher, so you barely have to bend over at all to retrieve a disc.


  • Since the front wheel doesn’t pivot, you have to tip the cart back to turn the cart. By mounting your bag a little higher, it makes the tip-to-turn a little easier.
  • The accessories are an added expense.
  • The cart fold up very small, but if you add the dimensions of your bag and accessories, the total space is comparable to a large cart.
  • The included water bottle holders are too small for larger water bottles to fit.

Bagboy Disc Golf Quad XL Push Cart

BagBoy Quad XL Disc Golf Cart

The Bagboy Quad XL is a four-wheel push cart that boasts more stability and two- and three-wheel carts. It is easy to set up and once you hang your bag on the cart, you’ll be ready to roll. It comes with a drink holder, umbrella holder, and built-in storage for snacks, phones, or accessories. The BagBoy has a handle-mounted brake for parking on an incline.


  • Stable and easy to push
  • The bag sits higher than most carts, making it easily accessible without bending over.
  • Has built-in accessory holders


  • Has an optional seat, but it is very expensive
  • Other accessories are expensive
  • The front wheels don’t pivot
  • Built-in water bottle holder won’t accommodate larger bottles

The BEST Disc Golf Cart

Now that you know the pros, cons, and features of these disc golf carts, you can narrow down your selection by considering your disc golf needs.

Do you play most of your rounds at courses that are cart-friendly?

Do you enough room in your vehicle to transport a cart?

How much extra space will you need for accessories, food/water, and extra discs?

How often will I be using the cart at tournaments? (Tournament needs are different than casual-round needs. You’ll want to make sure you can take food, water, chair, repellant, sun screen, umbrella, raingear, etc.)

How much can you spend for the cart and all the accessories you’ll need?

Do you want to be able to sit during rounds?

Once you answer these questions, you’ll start to see which cart makes the most sense for you. Then you can further refine your choices by looking at available colors and styles.

Carts FTW!

I’ve heard many times how glad people are that they bought a cart! With all of the benefits a cart provides, it really is a game changer for many of us. Use this guide to help you decide which cart will be best for you, then check out the selection at Infinite Discs HERE.

What features do you like or wish you had in a disc golf cart?

We want to hear from YOU about your thought on carts. Do you have a cart? Let us know which one (or, which one is your favorite if you have more than one). Don’t have a cart? Tell us which one would best suit your needs. Won’t ever get one? Tell us why.


Best Disc Golf Grip Enhancers

How a disc feels in our hand is an important part of our game. Plastic type, rim width and depth, and whether or not it is beaded can affect our decision about which discs we throw. However, even when we are throwing discs that we love and feel great in our hand, our grip can be negatively affected by the amount of moisture on our hands.

Playing disc golf on a hot day or in a humid environment can make our hands wet with sweat. Playing in the rain can be a non-stop effort to keep our hands dry. Enter the grip enhancer.

Get a Grip

Grip enhancers are products which help us alleviate the problem of moist hands. They come in a few types. There are some who which absorb the moisture to keep our hands dry. There are some that have a powder to dry our hands. A final category is solids, which give our hands a little extra grip. Let’s look at some of the grip enhancers available.

Moisture wicking bags:

Osmosis Sport Bag and Sport Ball

Filled with moisture absorbing beads, the Osmosis Sport Bag will dry your wet hands. The Sport Ball is a round version of the bag and fits nicely in your hand.

Discmania, Trilogy, and Innova Sportsack

The Sportsack is also filled with moisture absorbing beads to keep your hands dry.

Powder or chalk bags:

Option Bag

The Option Bag is a grip enhancement tool that is filled with a blend of chalk and ceramsite with a subtle minty scent. It is also designed as a footbag, or a Hacky Sack.

This will help you to have better grip on your discs. Or, it can keep you entertained while you’re waiting for the card in front of you to finish.


DryV Bagz

The Dryv Bags are made of a proprietary blend of three all-natural ingredients that will help you achieve the perfect amount of hand drying and “tack”, optimizing your grip on every drive. They come in three different sizes to fit any hand.

Mitten Bags

Mitten Bags help to remove moisture from your hands when you’re playing in hot, sweaty conditions or otherwise wet conditions. This will help to enhance your grip on the disc. Plus they come in a great selection of fabric designs and have a nice little loop that can be used to hang the bag on a bag or cart.


The DrySack is an excellent grip enhancement bag for disc golfers. It is uniquely crafted with long-lasting denim material and moisture absorbent filler. You can clap the DrySack to dust it up for better grip on your disc, or use it to wipe moisture off your discs. It comes with a handy carabiner to clip to your bag or cart.

Prodigy Chalk Bag

The Prodigy Chalk Bag has a similar to design to the rock climber’s chalk bag. This will hold a lot of the chalk, ensuring that you have sufficient for your needs. There are some additional small zipper pockets for small items. You can purchase the bag, or the bag with chalk.

Infinite Discs Chalk Ball

The Infinite Discs Chalk Ball is a unique grip enhancement tool for disc golfers. Rather than being a bag of beads, dirt, sawdust, or other filler, it features magnesium carbonate grip chalk. The chalk ball comes inside a pouch which keeps the chalk from getting all over your bag and clothes while you carry it around. The pouch has pull-strings to keep it closed tightly and includes a carabiner which you can use to clip the pouch to your backpack, disc bag, belt buckle, etc. When needed, simply remove the chalk ball from the pouch to apply a solid dusting of grip-enhancing chalk to your hands. This is similar to the stuff you see rock climbers using to keep from losing a grip on their handholds, and many serious disc golfers have been looking for a similar product to help them handle their plastic in all weather conditions.

Legacy Discs Confidence Bag

Play with confidence in your grip when you use a Legacy Discs Confidence Bag. Much like the Dynamic Discs Dirt Bag, use these chalk filled bags to keep your hands grippy and your throws consistent!

Whale Sacs

A Whale Sac is a whale shaped grip bag, that you can tie onto anything! It will keep your hands dry in the heat of the competition. The Whale tail ties onto your disc golf bag, or belt. The bag is filled with clay based stone/powder to knead into your hands or rub onto a disc!



Dryv Bagz The Marker

The Marker, by Dryv Bagz is a unique hand grip product for disc golf. It’s a 2oz solid grip bar, taking the Dryv Bagz technology to a solid form.

Just gently drag the tips of your throwing fingers across the surface and you will notice increased grip immediately! The added grip will replace the need to lick or dust your fingers, and the grip will last the entire hole.

Max Wax Windsurfer Mini and Snap Stick

The Max Wax Windsurfer Mini is about to bring new grip to your game! This is the Original Disc Golf Grip Wax – a specially formulated grip wax used to apply to your hands for superior grip, control, and distance out on the course.

It’s a tournament legal mini marker, made out of 100% natural product. The specific grip formula was worked on for over a year to achieve the perfect, consistent disc golf grip. The Windsurfer Mini has a “citra-delic” scent, made from a blend of essential oils. Take the grip variable out of your game by using the Max Wax Windsurfer Mini.

Which one is the best grip enhancer?

Do your hands get a little sweaty? The SportSack will treat you just right. Its size and shape fits naturally in your hand and will keep your hand dry and ready to rip! Plus, it comes with the names or logos of some of the best brands on it, so you can always be reppin’ your favorite.

If you need a little more drying power for your hands or prefer the feel of powder for your grip, the Whale Sac is the way to go. Toss it in the air a couple times and let it smack down on your hand to get some moisture-wicking powder on your throwing hand, and you’ll get the grip you’re looking for. Whale Sacs come in a variety of colors and patterns.

Looking for a little extra grip on your throws? The Max Wax Windsurfer Mini is what you need. It will give you extra grip in any condition. Wet hands? Dry hands? Cold hands? The Max Wax will give you a consistent grip and confidence in your throws.





2020 Christmas Gift Ideas for Disc Golfers

This holiday shopping guide was written for 2020. Check out our most recent article for current disc golf gift ideas.

Every year at Infinite Discs we put together a unique, fun list of gift ideas for disc golfers. Let’s take a look at the 2020 holiday ideas that we feel would please any disc golfer. This is your 2020 Disc Golf Gift guide!

Disc Golf Discs!

Of course, no disc golf will turn down more discs for the holidays. But where do you start if you don’t know which specific discs they need in their bag? You might as well get something that is fun to throw and collectible, or that shares a little holiday spirit. That way, whether they throw it, or keep it as a memento, they’ll be happy. Here are a few holiday discs you might consider:

SPECIAL EDITION DISCS — One of the fun gift ideas for any disc collector or player is a limited edition disc, or a signature edition supporting a professional player. In 2020, signature editions became something of a rarity and sold out quickly whenever they became available. But you might be able to snag a good one if you hurry. Plus there are other limited editions and special editions, including fun tournament stamp discs.  Infinite Discs has a great selection of Pro Tour Championship Discs and Matt Bell discs that make great mementos and throwers!

Browse Limited Edition Discs Here
Browse Special Edition Discs Here
Browse Signature Series Discs Here
Browse Pro Tour Tournament Discs Here
Browse United States Disc Golf Championship Discs Here

HOLIDAY EDITION DISCS — Several different disc manufactures make holiday edition discs. If your disc golfer prefers more of a spooky edge, we have a lot of discs that were released as Halloween discs. Or, if you want a more traditional “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings” style, we usually have a few of those as well.

You can BROWSE THE HOLIDAY SELECTION HERE and filter by brand or disc type to find exactly what you like among the holiday editions.



DISC DEALS BOXES — Every year, without fail, one of the most popular gift purchases from Infinite Discs the Infinite Deals Box. These are 7-disc package sets with a variety of different disc models from different brands, including stock stamps, tournament stamps, misprints, and more. The downside in 2020 is that the disc supply ran so low with the top manufacturers that there were simply not many discs to use for Deals Boxes. So, our supply of Deals Boxes has been extremely limited. The most popular two packages are the following, and you can check back from time to time and see if you’re lucky enough to snag one:

MISPRINT DISCS and X-OUT DISCS – Sometimes you can find some real treasures at a discounted price by browsing the Misprint and X-Out discs that Infinite Discs keeps in stock. “Misprints” are discs that have stamp flaws, double stamps, or some kind of messed up artwork on them. “X-Outs” are factory seconds that have minor flaws in the plastic that shouldn’t effect the flight of the disc. You can even grab a bunch of these misprints and factory seconds as white elephants for disc golfers.


If you want to impress your disc golfer for the holidays, hit them with a big ticket item that they will love but might not have felt ready to purchase on their own.  Here are a few ideas:

ZUCA ALL TERRAIN CART — One of the most popular disc golf carts for the frequent disc golfer is the Zuca cart which is built to carry a maximum quantity of discs, provides a place to sit during long rounds, and carries a variety of accessories. There are also many other features which can be added to the Zuca cart, like padded seat cushions, more drink holders, putter pouches, and more. There are color combinations available for any taste.



MVP ROVER CART — Maybe you don’t want to spend two or three hundred dollars and your disc golfer already has a backpack that he or she likes. You can simply grab them the new MVP ROVER CART to essentially give their backpack a set of wheels so it can be pushed or pulled around the course with ease. There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles with this option, but it gets the job done.


CART ACCESSORIES – If the disc golfer on your list already has a disc golf cart, there are many accessories that can be added.  One of the newest and most exciting add-ons for a player who wants to carry more discs around than anybody else is the POWER POCKET POUCH which can be added to the handle of existing carts to carry more putters or disc favorites. It’s super handy, and yes, excessive!


PORTABLE PRACTICE BASKETS — Any disc golfer would be utterly impressed with a new portable disc golf practice basket. There are a wide variety of baskets available on the market by a lot of different manufacturers, all with the intent to provide an easy way for players to practice in their yard, set up small courses, or take with them on camping trips, etc. Here are some of the newest and most popular options:

Black Hole Pro with Transit Bag — The Black Hole Pro is a very popular practice basket by MVP and this year they’ve added a Transit Bag as an easy way to carry the broken-down basket from place to place.

Viking Discs Royal Basket – The Royal Basket by Viking Discs is one of the newest additions to the family of portable baskets. It is a heavy duty basket that is built to last, but not too heavy to move around. It’s a great option for a basket that will catch discs as well as many course baskets.

Dynamic Discs Scout Basket — This is the latest folding, portable basket option and was released in 2020 by Dynamic Discs. It is collapsible and easy to carry around in the bag which is included with your purchase.

DGA Mach Lite — This is our favorite and by far the best-selling collapsible basket. It is easily folded and transported inside a shoulder carry case, yet is very sturdy and well constructed. The color availability tends to change from year to year, so you may find it in green, blue, orange, or other colors that DGA introduces from time to time.

Viking Discs Battle Basket Pro – For a lighter weight basket that is very easy to move around and set up for casual backyard play, the new Battle Basket Pro is extremely affordable. The chains are thinner, allowing for more “splash-out” putts, but it is a fun target at a low cost for casual play and practice. It’s also a great option for young players who are just picking up the basics of the game of disc golf.


HYZER DISC RACK — Maybe you’re looking for a way for your disc addict to store their copious amounts of discs. You can help them keep their extra discs or collection organized with the new Hyzer Disc Rack. Think about it… you’ll be helping your disc golfer stay organized while also keeping your own domain a little less cluttered with discs. It’s a win win!

There are a couple of different designs available, including one with the Hyzer Disc Rack branding and another with Infinite Discs logos and branding. The shelf is very easy to build without tools and is designed especially for discs while also including extra hooks on the front for hanging towels and bag tags. The top shelf holds a bag or trophies for display.  While this is an item that might be a little bit outside of the casual disc golf budget, it definitely stands out as an impressive gift for the holiday season.



One of the most exciting things you can give to any hard-core disc golfer or disc collector is a one-year membership in the Infinite Discs VIP Club.  That way, the disc golfer you love will receive a unique, collectible disc every month, automatically, as well as discounts on the Infinite Discs website and access to exclusive releases in the VIP Club Store.

SIGN UP FOR THE MEMBERSHIP HERE (select the pre-paid annual option, or pay month-to-month for as long as you want)


Maybe you don’t have a huge budget, but you want to get your favorite disc golfer something nice that is under $100. Here are a few fun ideas that will fit the bill…

INFINITE DISC SLINGER BAG — The Infinite Disc Slinger is designed for affordability, ease, and comfort for quick disc golf rounds. It is one of the best disc golf bag option for beginners as well as experienced players who simply want to grab a dozen discs and hit the course. This is the perfect crossover between traditional shoulder bags and backpacks. You can throw it over your shoulder (the strap can be adjusted for whichever shoulder you prefer), carried in your hand, or slung across your body like popular sling bags.  It is available in a variety of different colors. See the Disc Slinger Bag HERE

INFINITE DISCS DELUXE SLINGER BAG — The popular Disc Slinger bag now has a deluxe option. With longer-lasting materials, embroidered logos, and increased disc capacity, the deluxe model makes an even nicer gift!  See the Deluxe Disc Slinger Bag HERE

LARGE SELECTION OF APPAREL — Whether you’re looking for t-shirts, or sweatshirts, or jackets, or hats, there is a huge selection of apparel options from many brands on the Infinite Discs website. These choices fit any taste of budget. Check out those apparel options HERE

1000 Piece Frisbee Golf Disc puzzleDISC GOLF PUZZLES AND BOARD GAMES — Maybe you’re stuck inside for the winter months. Or maybe you just like disc golf enough to watch to play it on the table top. There are actually some fun board games now which are built around the disc golf experience. Plus there are 500 and 1000 piece puzzles that are a real challenge to put together, featuring every disc golfer’s obsessions…piles of colorful discs!  Check out Disc Golf Board Games and Puzzles HERE

THE KWIK-STIK RETRIEVER — Disc Retrievers have always been a good gift idea because pretty much every serious disc golf plays near water or trees and needs a way to get back the discs that have flown astray. The Kwik-Stik is one of the most popular options on the market with a telescopic pole that can extend to an impressive reach and a couple of different ways to trap and pull in the hard-to-reach disc. Some players are hesitant to spring the cash for a retriever even though it will save money time and time again when counting the number of discs saved. That’s where you come in– give one as a gift and that player will find endless occasions to use it!

Check out other Disc Retrievers HERE

INFINITE DISCS HUCK PACK — A great choice as an entry-level backpack for new players, or for experienced players who want an affordable option to carry more discs, the Huck Pack just came out in 2020. It features great disc storage capacity and two water bottle holders to keep you hydrated. Though it is affordable, it still manages to be a rather comfortable choice. But if the Huck Pack isn’t for you, there are other very good, affordable backpack options as well, like the Dynamic Discs Trooper, the Prodigy BP-3, The MVP Shuttle Bag, Latitude 64 Core bag, and more!




ProPull DISC GOLF TRAINER — The ProPull resistance band training kit has become a popular item for serious disc golfers who want to improve their throwing speed and strength. It can be used anywhere that the bands can be secured to a pole or tree. Check out the demo video HERE and see if this is the perfect gift for your disc golfer.

THE POWER POCKET POUCH — If you need a great gift idea for somebody who uses a disc golf cart, then the Power Pocket Pouch should do the trick. This handy cart accessory attaches to the cart handle and carries and additional 4-8 “go-to” discs as well as other items, like a cellphone, scorecard, mini marker, and more. See the Power Pocket Pouch HERE


These small items would be fun for little gifts to any disc golfer. They don’t take a lot of space, they aren’t expensive, and they can add a little fun to your Christmas morning…

Flight Towel — The Flight Towel is one of the latest trends in disc golf. These towels come with a fob attached, and each fob is made out of the rim of a popular disc. That way, the towel isn’t only good for drying discs, but it can be used as a warm-up tool where the player whips the towel through the air in a throwing motion. That helps warm-up the throwing arm with the player gripping the disc that rim that they love. It’s an interesting and fun accessory that should make any player pleased.

Other Disc Golf Towels — Towels are frequently needed by disc golfers to keep their discs dry, and we’ve got a variety of different towels, from lightweight to thick and absorbent. They can easily be stuffed into any stocking. Plus, there are towels that are branded for just about any manufacturer, so no matter which brand the player likes, there should be a towel just for them.


Pyrohyzer Glass Mini Discs — Another fun product that Infinite Discs started carrying this year is the unique glass mini discs by Pyrohyzer. Each mini is handmade and entirely unique. The prices vary depending on the amount of extra features, like “shatter” patterns, swirls, glow-in-the-dark, and etching. Though these glass minis are nice enough to display, they can be used as mini markers during disc golf rounds. They’re definitely a top-notch gift idea that fits into the stocking.  Also available in MICRO MINI sizes.

UV Flashlight for Glow-In-The-Dark Disc Charging

Many Disc Golfers like to play in the dark, and to do that, they often prefer to throw glow-in-the-dark discs. The easiest and fastest way to charge up a glow disc is with a UV Flashlight. We have a simple, affordable UV flashlight in stock that is just the right size to carry in a pocket or in a bag. Plus, we have other tools for night disc golf, like LED lights that can be taped to the bottom of discs, or glow-in-the-dark tape rings to stick on non-glowing discs.

Infinite Discs Chalk Ball – The Infinite Discs Chalk Ball is one of the newest grip enhancers on the market in 2020. Other grip bags have filling like beads, sawdust, or dirt, etc. However, this one features the equivalent of climbers chalk which enhances the player’s hold on the disc in all kinds of weather. Plus it can easily be clipped onto any backpack or cart with the carabiner that is included.



Friction Gloves — While these might appear to be somewhat expensive gloves at first glance, they are actually worth every dollar for disc golfers who want to play when it is cold outside. They take the bite out of the cold air, but more importantly, they provide extra grip on the disc, even when the plastic is wet. That way, disc golfers can play in the gold without taking gloves off to throw and putting them back on again to warm up. If you don’t want to buy a pair of the Friction Gloves, they are also sold separately for single hands, so that the throwing hand can have the enhanced grip.

We also have the newest line of WARM FRICTION GLOVES which are thicker to keep hands and fingers warm in even lower temperatures which still providing the grip to play the game.


Disc Dots for Putting Practice – The DiscDot is a new product that is focused on helping players to focus. These little plastic balls attach to the chains of a basket– the player picks the chain. Then when practicing putting, the player can focus on the little colored balls to hit exactly where they’d like. The 2-packs come with bright, neon colors that are easy to see when focusing on the chains.

Kneepad Stress Minis – Another easy, useful stocking stuff is a Kneepad Mini marker made out of stress foam. These multipurpose minis come in handy in several ways. First of all, they can mark your lie just like other minis, but they also provide a soft pad for when the player needs to take a knee to throw from under a low-hanging branch. In addition, since they’re made out of stress foam, they can be squeezed to release tension before or after putting. Plus, they are fun to throw and won’t cause damage when they hit something (or someone) because they’re light and soft. Put them on the ground, kneel on them, throw them, or squeeze them– these are fun little mini discs!


Of course, if you’re out of ideas, or you simply prefer to let your disc golfer pick their own discs or accessories, you can count on gift cards. Infinite Discs has two options for gift cards:

E-GIFT CARD — Delivers a code to the specified email address which can be used to purchase product on the website.

PHYSICAL GIFT CARD — We ship a plastic gift card to you so that you can wrap it, put it in a stocking, or hand it to the recipient.


Please post in the comments below about your ideas as ideal gifts for disc golfers. We’d love to know, and there are other shoppers out there who are looking for great ideas. 


Best Disc Golf Drivers of 2020

Bag of Disc drivers

In this unprecedented year of pandemic, unrest, and shutdowns, we’ve seen people buying discs faster than suppliers can get them made and shipped. People are still playing disc golf.  What better activity for either staying home, with putting and upshot practice, or maintaining social distancing out on the course. Since people are still playing, and buying discs, we wanted to see what kind of impact the world situation might have had on our disc selections. For the next few weeks, we will look at the best discs of 2020, broken down by disc type. This week, we will look at the best disc golf drivers of 2020.

2020: What An Interesting Year

Since a bulk of the year was during the pandemic, we will see if our disc selections have been different than in years past. There would likely have to be something bigger than a global pandemic to get us to change our favorite discs. But, there are factors that do get us to change.

For example, if our favorite disc golf pro, who happens to be a world champion, puts out a new disc. Or puts out a new version of an old disc. Those kinds of things affect disc golf sales, as we’ve seen in the past. Let’s start by jumping right in and see who is the King (no pun intended) of drivers for 2020.

Best Disc Golf Drivers

Rank Disc Mold Sales Rank Star Rating Fan Vote Average
1 Innova Destroyer 1 1 1 1.0
2 Innova Wraith 2 2 2 2.0
3 Innova Teebird 4 3 7 4.7
4 Innova Thunderbird 9 5 3 5.7
5 Discraft Hades 7 9 3 6.3


How We Chose the Best Disc Golf Driver For 2020?

There are several different components to our rating system that we used to determine the best disc golf distance drivers for 2020:

  • First, we counted the sales volume. That makes sense. The mold that sells the most is certainly a contender for the number one disc.
  • Second we look at both how you have rated the discs, and how many reviews you have made for the top drivers to date on Infinite Discs website. A high rating and a lot of reviews translates into a desirable disc.
  • And finally, we will considered what you our blog readers and social media followers say when asked the question: What do you think is the best disc golf driver?

Best Disc Golf Drivers by Sales

According to online disc sales at, the following are the top drivers in disc golf for 2020:

2020 Sales Rank Disc Mold
1 Innova Destroyer
2 Innova Wraith
3 Innova Firebird
4 Innova Teebird
5 Innova Valkyrie
6 Innova Leopard
7 Discraft Hades
8 Discraft Undertaker
9 Innova Thunderbird
10 Discraft Zeus
11 Discraft Heat
12 Innova Beast
13 Discraft Force
14 Innova Shryke
15 Infinite Discs Pharaoh
16 Discraft Avenger SS
17 Discraft Anax
18 Innova Leopard3
19 Infinite Discs Emperor
20 Discraft Thrasher

Innova Wraith - #2 Rated Distance Driver

Best Discs According to Star Ratings

Based on user submitted reviews and star ratings, these are the top 10 rated drivers of 2020:

Rank Disc Star Rating # Of 2020 Reviews Weighted Score
1 Innova Destroyer 4.8 70 5.44
2 Innova Wraith 4.61 53 5.01
3 Innova Teebird 4.77 41 5.00
4 Innova Firebird 4.57 49 4.91
5 Innova Thunderbird 4.67 35 4.81
6 Discraft Undertaker 4.78 23 4.75
7 Discraft Zeus 4.69 22 4.65
8 Infinite Discs Pharaoh 4.72 18 4.62
9 Discraft Hades 4.77 14 4.61
10 Infinite Discs Emperor 4.7 16 4.57

While most of the top discs appear in both lists, two understable Innova fairway drivers — the Valkyrie and Leopard made the top 10 sales list but not the top rated discs list. Interestingly, the two discs that replaced them — the Pharaoh and Emperor are high speed distance drivers. It appears that website visitors are more likely to buy easy to throw fairway drivers, but more excited to review discs that provide maximum distance.

So, here we go with the breakdown of some of the top contenders for best disc golf driver of 2020 based on sales, reviews, and ratings. After we hear back from you in the comment section at the bottom of the page, we will update the blog to declare an ultimate winner of the best disc golf driver of 2020.

Infinite Discs Pharaoh - Best Infinite Driver

Top Drivers of 2020: Fan Choice!

For our third and final criteria we reached out to our fans in this post and on social media to let them have their say on what they think the best disc golf driver truly is. The results of the fan vote are as follows:

Fan Vote

Rank Disc Model Percent of Vote
1 Innova Destroyer 20.0%
2 Innova Wraith 19.0%
3 Innova Thunderbird 6.3%
4 Discraft Hades 6.3%
5 Discraft Zeus 5.3%
6 Discraft Undertaker 3.0%
7 Innova Teebird 3.0%
8 Streamline Trace 2.4%
9 Innova Katana 2.4%
10 Innova Valkyrie 2.4%

We’ve tallied your votes to determine the fan winner. We counted 127 votes on the blog and on Facebook. Garnering just over 20% of the votes is the Innova Destroyer. In a very close second place is the popular, and similarly flying Innova Wraith. The Wraith got just under 19% of the votes. In a tie for second place, with 6.3% of the votes is the Innova Thunderbird and the Discraft Hades. Just one percentage point behind those two molds is the Discraft Zeus.

The next few spots are occupied by the Undertaker and TeeBird at 3%, and coming in a 2.4% is the Trace, Katana and Valkyrie. Although the Streamline Trace is the only non-Innova or Discraft mold up to this point in the tally, there were 29 different molds that only received one or two votes. Those include molds from Discmania, Prodigy, Westside, Latitude 64, Dynamic Discs, MVP, Infinite Discs, Axiom, and Vibram.

Discraft Zeus Disc Golf Driver

A Summary of some of the Top Drivers

The Innova Destroyer

This perennial powerhouse made a splash when it was released over a decade ago, and has pretty much dominated the category ever since. Its popular flight numbers, giving a little turn with a reliable fade, has made this disc a winner from the beginning. The Destroyer’s availability in lighter plastics makes it a hit with people of all skill levels.

Innova Teebird

The only thin rim control driver in the top five of the best disc golf drivers of 2020 category, this reliable workhorse has a spot in the bag of many pro and amateur alike. It has been around for two decades, and clearly has a popular flight number. It has become a signature disc for a couple of pros, which might contribute to its popularity.

Innova Firebird and Thunderbird, Discraft Undertaker

These three molds are ‘tweener’ drivers, with thicker rims than traditional fairway drivers but not thick enough to be considered distance drivers. Whatever you call them, all of these molds are popular with people of all skill levels, helping them make the list of best drivers for the year.

The Thunderbird is a straight-flying disc that still has a decent fade at the end. It is the definition of ‘control driver’.

The Firebird could be called a more stable Thunderbird. Its ability to fight headwinds and deliver a solid fade has made the Firebird one of the most in-demand drivers for many years. Certain Firebirds, such as the Sexton Glow Firebirds, are popular for their added overstability, making them even more in demand.

The Undertaker has a little more turn than the Firebird or Thunderbird, but still has a good fade at the end. With a hyzer flip, the Undertaker can be shaped for some long throws.

Discraft Zeus and Infinite Discs Emperor

While the Destroyer has been the #1 rated disc for years, it’s no surprise that similar discs by other brands are also very popular.

It wasn’t long after McBeth moved to Discraft that they announced the newest disc to the Discraft line-up, the Kong. The name was later changed to the Zeus. With a flight number similar to the popular Destroyer and the Infinite Discs Emperor, the Zeus was an immediate hit. With its desirable flight, beautiful swirly plastic, and its endorsement by a world champ, the Zeus fought for the number one spot last year. And, it remains a contender this year.

With its Destroyer-like flight and popularity among professional disc golfers like Garrett Gurthie, Dave Feldberg, and Kona Panis, it’s no surprise that the Emperor achieved top 10 status for ratings this year.

Infinite Discs Pharaoh

This high-speed driver has been one of Infinite’s most popular drivers since it was released. It has a slight turn and a reliable, but not too harsh, fade. Available in several plastic blends, the Pharaoh’s distance is its strength. Fortunately, the mold comes in lighter weights, too, giving the novice player and touring pro alike and option for long-distance throws. Making its top-ten appearance for three years in a row, the Pharaoh is here to stay!

Discraft Hades

New to the Discraft lineup this year is the understable, but controllable, speed 12 Hades. With lots of glide and flight numbers that fill the needs of a variety of skill levels, the Hades has been a hit for Discraft. Introducing a disc with the name of a repeat world champion on it surely helps with sales. Then, mix in some popular flight numbers and you have a winning combination.  The Hades has flight numbers that are similar to the widely used Innova Tern. If you want a flip-to-straight flight with a solid fade, or a big turnover shot, the Hades would fill that slot in your bag. Of all the drivers in the top 10, the Hades has the most high speed turn by far.

Innova Valkyrie and Leopard

The Valkyrie and Leopard are known as Innova’s “easy to throw” drivers. These are the very drivers that are included in most Innova three disc starter sets. In their base DX plastic, these popular beginner discs can be very understable. With the huge growth of disc golf during the pandemic it is no surprise that these popular beginner discs made the top sales list. But do the Valkyrie and Leopard have what it takes to be considered the best disc golf driver of 2020?

Innova Thunderbird Photo

What Makes a Top Ten Disc Golf Driver

So, why do we like those discs? If we break down the flight ratings of all of the top ten discs, we can come up with an average flight, and see if that helps us understand why these discs are popular. The ‘average’ flight rating of these ten discs, using the common flight rating of speed, glide, turn, and fade, is 10.6, -5, -.9, 2.6. If we round those numbers, we pretty much get the flight of the Wraith, which is the second most popular disc on the list. The Innova Wraith is one speed slower than the Destroyer, which occupies the number 1 spot. As was mentioned, the Destroyer shares the same flight rating as the Zeus and the Emperor, as well as other popular molds that didn’t make the top ten, like the Trespass, Outlaw, and DD3. Apparently, we like that general flight.

The average flight is similar to the flight of 6 out of the 10 best discs. We like discs that give us a little turn, but also give us a reliable fade. We like wide rims, but not too wide. Other than the Hades, we don’t want a lot of turn. (Discs in the 11-20 most popular range have more flip, or turn, to them, such as the Beast, Valkyrie, Shryke, Heat, and Avenger SS) We also like some of our discs to have all fade and little to no turn, for utility shots.

In With the Old, In With the New

The first four molds on the list, Destroyer, Wraith, Teebird, and Firebird, were all released prior to 2008. They’ve been around for a while and have proven their value to the disc golf community. The last four discs on the list, Zeus, Pharaoh, Hades, and Emperor, were all released in the last couple of years. Only time will tell is they remain as popular in years to come. Probably so, since three out of four of them have the popular flight characteristics mentioned above. For the record, the average PDGA approval year for the top ten drivers is 2012.

Paul McBeth 5 claws best driver

Feel Free to watch this video which summarizes the results in a minute and thirty seconds:

Your Opinion: What is the best driver for you?

We want your opinion. What do you think the best disc golf driver is and why?  What weight and plastic do you like it in. How long have you been playing disc golf, how far can you throw? Please comment below.

Top 5 Inexpensive Portable Disc Golf Baskets of 2019

In this blog I will discuss the top 5 most popular, inexpensive portable disc golf baskets for 2019. I hear a lot of people talk about the expense of getting a basket as though they are about to make a major purchase. While it is certainly possible to spend many hundreds of dollars on a new basket, it is also possible to get a quality practice basket relatively inexpensively. One of the best ways to improve in this sport is to practice putting regularly, and the best way to do that is to have a basket (or two) on hand for daily practice. So, lets jump in and look at the top five most popular baskets for 2019.

Top 5 Best Portable Disc Golf Baskets for 2019

Thinking about improving your game? Check out these top-selling portable baskets:

  1. DGA Mach Lite
  2. MVP Black Hole Pro
  3. MVP Black Hole Practice
  4. Axiom Pro
  5. Dynamic Discs Recruit

DGA Mach Lite Disc Golf Basket

The best-selling basket for 2019, and one of my personal favorites, is the DGA Mach Lite. This is a well-designed, inexpensive practice basket that is easy to set up and take down. It’s tough to beat the Mach Lite for portability and cost. No tools are necessary for set up. And the chains are  grabby for a portable. It also comes with a bag to carry the folded basket. I’ve had mine for about 5 years and it is still in good shape. The Mach Lite is a great basket if you will be transporting it from time to time.

MVP Black Hole Pro Disc Golf Basket

The next most popular portable disc golf basket is the MVP Black Hole Pro. The Black Hole Pro is a basket that is easy to set up and take down without tools. It has two rows of 12 chains to catch and hold your disc. The Black Hole Pro is a great example of getting a well-made basket at a reasonable price. The Pro is nearly the same quality level as a course basket. It is great if you want a good, grabby basket to practice with, and also want a great basket to use for temp holes during leagues or tournaments.

Black Hole Practice Disc Golf Basket

The third best selling basket is the little brother to the Black Hole Pro, and that is the Black Hole Practice basket. This basket is has lighter chains and no upper band compared to the Black Hole Pro. The Practice is lighter and easier to move around, and for a practice basket it is still grabs discs quite well. The Black Hole Practice is good for using at home, and occasionally using it as a temp basket.

Axiom Pro Disc Golf Basket

The Axiom Pro basket is a great choice, offering quality and portability at a good price. It is powder coated and comes in bright colors. The Axiom Pro easily sets up and breaks down without tools. The heavy duty chains provide good disc-grabbing power. The Axiom has 24 chains, and is another basket to consider if you want to practice at home, but still use as a quality temp basket for leagues or tournaments.

Dynamic Discs Recruit Portable Basket

Rounding out the top five portable baskets is the Dynamic Discs Recruit. This beefy basket is slightly larger than most practice baskets. Its two rows of chains will stop a speeding disc in a hurry. To aid in moving the basket around, the base has a wheel attached. While the Recruit is priced higher than the rest of the top five, it is also the sturdiest and heaviest. It does need tools to take it apart to move, and it is heavier to lift once disassembled. However, it does come apart relatively easy. The quality of the Recruit is exceptional. To be that well-built and sturdy at that price point is impressive. I’ve spent many hours putting on a Recruit, and I love the basket. It’s a great basket if you want a top-of-the-line quality at a reasonable price and you won’t be breaking it down frequently. If you are looking for something that you can transport frequently, I would consider something a little smaller/lighter.

It certainly is a good time to be in the market for a portable disc golf basket. The quality of the available baskets at the low price points means you can get a basket to improve your game without spending a ton of money. Check out our selection of baskets today and get on your way to lowering your scores.

Check out our blog about Economy Backpack Bags here:

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