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Cole Redalen throwing a roller

Well, the holidays are over, and it is the dreaded disc golf off season! But we at Infinite Discs are doing our best to make the snow and cold more bearable! It is time for the next article in our best discs series. Today, we are announcing the nominees for The Infinite Discs Best Disc Golf Discs: Roller Disc. It has been a couple weeks, so just to review, the two key words we always use when choosing our best discs are popularity and utility. The utility part of this equation is a little tougher when it comes to roller discs, because a roller shot is generally a skill shot that is executed by more experienced disc golfers. However, we will try to include popular discs and ones that are good for learning how to throw the roller. This is a difficult category, because the roller can be executed in a variety of ways with a variety of discs. All that being said, here are our nominees!

Prodigy F7

The Prodigy F7 is considered THE roller disc in the Prodigy lineup. It is their most understable fairway driver, and it is available in lots of weights and plastic blends. Prodigy is sometimes considered not beginner friendly because their discs tend to be less understable, but the F7 is a great choice for learning the roller, and continuing to use as your game improves.

Discmania FD

The Discmania FD was nominated in our best beginner discs, and in that post I mentioned how the D-Line FD is noticeably more understable than the other plastic types. A lighter weight might be too understable for roller shots, but a heavier D-Line FD is a great choice for learning the roller shot and executing it with consistency.

Latitude 64 Fury

The Latitude 64 Fury has become somewhat of a forgotten disc in the Trilogy lineup of discs with all the new releases they have come out with in recent years. But the Fury remains as one of the great understable fairway drivers in their lineup that is great for air shots and rollers. It is a great roller disc for golfers of all skill levels.

Westside Hatchet

Similar to the Fury, the Westside Hatchet feels like a somewhat forgotten disc in the Trilogy lineup of discs. But for those who have been using both of these discs, many would find it hard to replace them. The Westside Hatchet performs a bit more understable than it’s flight ratings indicate. It is a fantastic fairway driver that disc golfers of all skill levels use not just for rollers, but also long turning air shots.

Innova Leopard

This is the third nomination for the Innova Leopard. This is one of the most popular fairway drivers for beginners and experienced disc golfers, and it can be used in a variety of ways. The Leopard is a great choice for learning and executing the roller shot that is available in a variety of plastic blends.

MVP Orbital

The MVP Orbital is an extremely understable distance driver that works well as a distance roller disc. This disc is a great first distance driver for newer golfers. Then as those beginners’ arm speeds improve, the Orbital can then be used by those same players as a roller disc.

Westside Queen

The Westside Queen is by far the highest speed disc on this list. Generally Fairway drivers are chosen for roller discs, but the Westside Queen is very understable for how fast it is, and it allows for a lot of air time before it makes contact with the ground and begins its roll, which makes it a good choice for longer distance rollers and ones in a more open fairway.

Innova Sidewinder

This disc was also nominated in our beginner discs post, and in that blurb I mentioned that it has grown in popularity as a roller disc. The Innova Sidewinder has been a popular choice for players of all skill levels for a long time. Newer players may have a hard time rolling a max weight Sidewinder, but they should be able to work with the lighter weights. Part of what makes the Sidewinder so popular is its use for hyzer-flip air shots and roller shots.



This is the Innova Sidewinder‘s second nomination and first win. Like was mentioned above, this category is especially subjective, but for disc golfers of any skill level who want to learn how to throw a roller, the Sidewinder is a great choice. The Sidewinder is an understable driver that offers a nice smooth turning flight pattern that can easily be manipulated for rollers. So whether you are new to the roller or a roller veteran, the Innova Sidewinder is a fantastic disc to throw. 

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  • MVP orbital for crazy easy rollers

  • I used to use an Innova Viper. Now I use either an Innova TL or Krait depending on if it’s an uphill or downhill shot.

  • I want to throw a rhb straight and turn to the left at the end of the shot. What disc is recommended. I’m a better than average older guy.

    • If you’re throwing right hand, backhand, then most discs should fade to the left at the end naturally. You can exaggerate that left fade by getting more “overstable” discs. I don’t know how far you want it to go before fading. For example, if you’re thinking of a slower speed, mid-range distance than something like a Buzzz OS has a nice end fade. If you want to get a little more distance, then you can go for a fairway driver like an Eagle (speed 7) or a Thunderbird (speed 9). Basically, look at the last two numbers on the 4-digit flight rating and add them together. The more positive the number is, the more it will finish to the left. If they add up to zero, then it should finish straight. If you want less side-to-side movement and more straight with a fade, then that third digit should be 0 and the fade something like 2.

      I hope that helps.

  • So many good rollers… for backhand I currently like a G-line FD and for forehand a Star Whippet.

  • Typically I don’t throw rollers, but when the situation calls, I reach for a midrange: The DD Lucid Warrant. Being very under stable, the warrant gets to the ground quickly and travels straight the whole way on the ground. It doesn’t get the biggest distance, being a midrange. That’s not what it’s about for me. It’s a helpful tool to get out of trouble or easily bite off a good chunk of fairway when I know that placement should be my top priority rather than distance.

  • The Discraft Heat is a fantastic roller. It’s high glide helps it carry a lot of speed into the roll, and it’s fast enough to carry forward a long way. That roller McBeth threw with a Heat in his recent video was pretty solid proof…

    Also, FH rollers are underrated, for which a Champ Thunderbird is probably the best.

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