Black Friday WEEK – 7 Days of Disc Golf Discounts

Infinite Discs has prepared a long time for a great week of special sales, special discs, and fun features that will last from Wednesday, November 22nd through Tuesday, November 28th.  Each day will spotlight a different disc brand (or several brands), plus some deals will last the entire week! To take advantage of each daily deal, you must add items to your cart AND check out on that brands sale day. Each sale begins and ends at midnight Eastern time.

Let’s take a look at a break-down of those deals. Click on the disc names or brand names to jump to their location on the Infinite Disc website. Scroll down to see the full ad with the disc photos.  NOTE: Links will be updated as items are added to our inventory.


Thursday, Nov. 23rd (Thanksgiving)


All MVP, Axiom, and Streamline discs are discounted automatically to a lower price for Thursday! Just add them to your cart and checkout as usual for great prices on these fun discs.

Limited Edition INFINITE ILLUSION Stamp is available starting on Thursday on all the most popular MVP, Axiom, and Streamline molds!

Limited Edition INFINITE AIRBORNE Stamp is available starting on Thursday, only on Plasma Catalyst and Plasma Octane discs!

Note: We will receive the Electron Envy and Electron Soft Envy with the Infinite Discs Illusion stamp later in the week, due to shipping delays. The other editions are already available!

Friday, Nov. 24th (Black Friday)


All discs from Innova, as well as Millennium and Hyzerbomb will be discounted all day. Simply add them to your cart and checkout as usual.

Limited Edition Black-and-White NOVA putt-and-approach discs are released on Friday! We’ve got a limited supply of black-on-black, black-on-white, white-on-white, and white-on-black Nova’s with a blank top and a mini-bomber bottom stamp. These are unique, collectible discs, so get them while you can!

We also have a supply of Infinite Discs Bomber Ring stamped discs, including all the most popular models and plastics from Innova, released on Black Friday!

Saturday, Nov. 25th


All discs from Discraft, as well as DGA will be discounted all day. Simply add them to your cart and checkout as usual!

The first 50 orders on Saturday will receive a FREE Jawbreaker Mini Buzzz in their shipment!

The new Discraft Tournament Backpack is on sale for SATURDAY ONLY! It is discounted from $79.99 to only $54.99 if you order on Saturday, so don’t delay!  That’s $54.99 for an affordable, yet high quality backpack bag!

Limited Edition Infinite Discs “Time Flies” stamped Jawbreaker Buzzz and Black Jawbreaker Challenger putters are released today in very limited quantity! Check out the cool stamp by browsing the selection of those two great discs. They look beautiful!

Also watch for the release of the DGA “Midnight Flyer” #5 on Saturday. It’s a limited edition Glow-in-the-Dark Tsunami.

Sunday, Nov. 26th



We’re focusing on four great brands on Sunday. All of them will have discounts prices automatically applied during regular checkout. This is your chance to stock up on Prodigy, Legacy, Gateway, and Kastaplast. We’ll include a new, FREE MINI DISC in each order placed on Sunday.

We have some fun Infinite Discs Bomber and Aztec stamped discs from Prodigy in stock and this is a great time to pick them up at a discounted price.

Also check out our new shipment of Gateway Wizard 6-Packs in stock now. You can get a package of six putters in your favorite plastic blend at one low price.

Monday, Nov. 27th


When it comes to sales at Infinite Discs, one of the fastest growing brands of 2017 has been Discmania. All of their discs will be automatically discounted during your regular checkout on Monday.

Limited Edition P-Line P2’s and D-Line P2’s will be released on Monday. These cool P2 putters are stamped with an Dark vs. Light / Angel vs. Demon theme. They are available in black and white, including some with white stamps on white discs, or black stamps on black discs for a unique and collectible look. Get them while you can!

Also look for the Infinite Discs Mandala stamp on popular Discmania models like the S-Line DDX, C-Line Glow MD3, Swirly S-Line MD2, and more!

Tuesday, Nov. 28th


On Tuesday, something amazing will happen for Vibram disc fans. Suddenly Infinite Discs will have the largest collection of individually photographed Vibram discs in stock for you to order at a discount. Just add them to your cart and checkout normally for great price on a HUGE selection of really unique discs!

We arranged with Vibram to have a special run of uniquely crafted discs with a great variety of red, green, and white designs for the holidays. We’ve got this cool holiday blend available in Lace, Unlace, Onyx, and Ridge discs.

Limited edition Mandala Stamped Vibram discs are also hidden throughout many different popular molds. These are truly beautiful discs with a great design to add to the vibrant colors.

Wednesday, Nov. 29th


Use the following discount code to get a 10% discount on any of the Trilogy brands in your shopping cart during checkout, including Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, and Westside:


The discount code entry box is below your shopping cart BEFORE you click to complete checkout and make your payment.

Also check out these limited edition new releases:

Gold Line Burst RIVER PRO
Gold Line Burst Trident
Retro Burst Trident

Plus, Infinite Discs has a supply of cool Infinite Bomber Ring stamped Classic Super Soft Judge putters, and Zero Megasoft Pure putters. There are some other Infinite Bomber ring stamped Trilogy discs hidden on the website as “Easter eggs” if you want to hunt them down.


These items will be discounted all week for your convenience:

Infinite Discs Stealth Bag – The newest economy backpack design from Infinite Discs is made for fast, on-the-go play and also works great for those rugged courses when you don’t want to haul around a heavy pack and when you need to stay hydrated.

Only $29.99 with bladder included (normally $37.99)
Only $23.99 without bladder (normally 29.99)

Also on sale:

Infinite Discs Large Bag with Backpack Straps only $34.99
Infinite Discs Large Bag without Straps only $24.99
Infinite Discs Starter Bag only $12.99
Infinite Discs DEALS Box (includes 7 mystery discs) only $62.88
Infinite Discs Starter Set (includes 4 discs, bag, and towel) only $42.99

Also receive gift cards with the purchase of any large disc golf backpack or cart:

Disc Golf Backpack (excluding “Economy Backpacks”) get a $20 Gift Card with your purchase!
Disc Golf Cart (includes full cart or backpack cart) get a $30 Gift Card with your purchase!

Introducing the Infinite Discs Illusion T-Shirt (design based on the MVP / Axiom edition stamp) only $8.99 while supplies last!

Introducing the Infinite Discs Illusion Small Microfiber Towel (design based on the MVP / Axiom edition stamp) only $2.49 while supplies last!

Infinite Discs Pom Beanies are on sale for only $9.99

Also be sure to pre-order your DGA MACH SHIFT 3-In-One Practice Basket while it is available at the low pre-order price of only $169.99.
NOTE: These Mach Shift baskets will ship after December 1st and the price will go up once they are no longer pre-orders. 



  • Will you have glow magic in organic plastic ? Thanks 🙂

  • So, I was wanting to purchase a few discs from multiple companies. So, can I add discs each day to my cart and make one purchase on Monday to get the special prices? Or do I have to make a purchase each day?

    • Sorry, but you would have to check out each day because the discounts for the different brands will only apply during that day (they would not apply the next day).

      • that’s kinda ridiculous, people won’t want to pay shipping multiple times. thus they buy less stuff… might want to rethink this.

        • It’s a logistical problem. We can see your orders if they are in the cue at the same time that we’re pulling the discs. For example, if you order on Thursday when we’re not here, and then order on Friday and we get there to pull on Friday, we’ll see both the orders in the cue and combine them. But we can’t know who is planning on ordering later to hold onto their discs. It would be a big challenge to try to figure out who is planning later orders, shipping some, holding onto others, not knowing when they’re finished ordering, etc. If we were tracking a couple dozen orders, it wouldn’t be a problem, but that will not be the case during these sales. If we bog down an employee trying to track emails from people requesting holds while other employees are pulling and shipping as fast as possible, it becomes (again) a logistical nightmare. We try to be fast and efficient, especially on these huge order days.

        • If you read the shopping costs you would see its actually very inexpensive so getting a good deal (every day) and paying shipping each day that you get a discount on discs is very reasonable & still at a discount!
          Just based on the professional response (which in my opinion wasn’t warranted to someone who is being ridiculous) I would buy from this site anytime!!
          Happy holidays all!! 😉

        • Blair, your comment was ridiculously unthought out.

  • What time do the sales go live?

  • Travis Bevilacqua

    What time does the sales start each day?

  • So when does the discount show up exactly? I went almost all the way through on a purchase and didn’t see it. How will I know how much off I am going to get? can you give me an example at least?

  • Innova GStar discs are discounted from 13.99 to 13.95. Great deal!

    • We apologize for that. Within the last year Innova reduced their price on GSTar plastic and we apparently never updated the sales price in our system. In the future the sales price for GStar will be updated.

  • If you order a bag, does the gift card get wired to your account or does it come with the bag in the mail? Because I planned on using the gift card on one of the deals this week

    • For bags we ship directly, physical gift cards will ship with the Bag. If we drop ship the bag from the manufacturer then we will email the gift cards when we catch up on orders. You will likely not receive the gift card until after deals week is over.

  • So i just went through the checkout process and never saw a discount. It is innova day and I picked two innova discs and they were still at full price at the last stage of the checkout process. Am I missing something???

    • Your products must have been added to the cart before the sale started. The products will list the sale price when you add them.

  • Does the Trilogy deal on Wednesday apply to bags?

  • When will the electron soft envys with the infinite illusion stamp be in?

  • Everyone needs to relax, by hell these guys are slaving away all Thanksgiving week and weekend and people are whining about discounts and having to pay a couple extra bucks for shipping. Get over it and cough up the extra dollars for shipping. Keep up the awesome work Infinite Team!

  • Why not just run the deals all 7 days? I found about this too late for the MVP and Axiom sale. I just found great deals on Eclipse Anodes elsewhere but I’d have preferred to shop through you guys.

    • A number of reasons… The primary reason is because if we ran all the deals on the same day, most of the orders would come on the first day, and it would take days for us to recover. If we don’t get orders processed within a day, we are inundated with calls, emails, and facebook messages of customers demanding to know “where there order is.” We just do not have the manpower or resources to process thousands of orders a day. By spreading the deals out throughout the week, yes we still have to work extra long days to keep up, but we are able to keep up on orders which is far better for our sanity and overall customer satisfaction.

      • Well I really like ordering from you guys so you guys got my order anyway. When MVP and Axiom go on sale again, I will order again.


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