Course Design Connections

Disc Golf course design seems like an easy feat until you get started. There is quite a bit of planning involved. However, as the sport of disc golf continues to grow, so does the demand for more courses. If you need help in course design and don’t know where to turn, Team Infinite has you covered. Our team has several members across the US with experience in designing disc golf courses.


Here is a list of contacts and how far they’re willing to travel to help design your course:

Jordan Infield
text/call at 865-323-2053
Jinfield Disc Golf Design
Located in Kentucky but willing to travel anywhere

Chad Eads
Arkansas, Eastern Oklahoma or Southern Missouri

Tricia Lafferty
State College, PA
~150 Miles

Bobcat Buckley
2-3 hours of Charlotte

Ryan Flahive
Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah

 These are some extra disc golf course design resources provided by the Professional Disc Golf Association.

Additional Resources

Benefits of Disc Golf

Course Installation


Alex is the Infinite Discs Team Manager and Wholesale Warehouse manager at Infinite Discs. He is also a professional disc golfer and world champion guts player.

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