Best Gifts for Disc Golfers

Gift-giving to the disc golfer in your life is something that can happen year-round. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and even weddings are life events that can be celebrated with gifts. What better gift to give a disc golfer than something that they will LOVE and actually use. We’ve put together this guide to give you some ideas for the best disc golf gifts for any event throughout the year.

Essential Gifts

Glow Accessories – It may come as a surprise that people actually play disc golf at night. ‘Glow rounds’ are a fun and popular activity for individuals and clubs. There are a couple different ways people can light up their discs for night play. If you have glow-in-the-dark discs, all you have to do is charge them up with a light, then let them fly. The best lights do accomplish that are UV flashlights. This type of flashlight not only charges a glow disc faster and brighter, but it’s easier on your eyes while charging the disc.

If you want to throw non-glow discs, you still have an options. Disc lights can be taped to the top or bottom of a disc and help you locate the disc after your drive. They also look pretty cool in flight! For discs that are opaque, you might want to put a light on the top AND bottom. Otherwise, if the disc lands light-side down, you might not be able to see the light through the plastic.             Flightowel disc fob and towel

Flightowel – The Flightowel is an ingenious device that helps you keep your disc and hands dry, and also helps you warm up or keep warm during a backup. The towel part of the Flightowel is an absorbent honeycomb towel that is attached to a small portion of a disc called a fob. You can hold the fob and warm up using the same motion as when throwing a disc. The fob comes in a variety of colors and disc models.

Grip Enhancer – When disc golfers are out playing, they experience a variety of situations that might mean their hands are either too wet or too dry, and need a little help getting the proper feel and friction with their discs. That’s where grip enhancers come into play. There are different types of grip enhancers to ensure you get the grip you need.

If you have problems with wet hands due to sweating, morning dew, or rain, check out the Whale Sac. It fits easily in your hand and wicks away any moisture you are experiencing. Looking for a grip enhancer that can also double as a mini? You’ll want the Infinite Discs Grip Bag Mini. It is the exact size of a PDGA-approved mini. Mark you lie and get perfect grip with one product.

Chain Suppressor – If your disc golfer likes to practice but has neighbors or house mates that don’t want to hear the rattle of chains, the Chain Suppressor is the perfect gift. This neoprene sleeve wraps around the pole and helps keep your putting practice quiet. It is reversible so you can choose to have targets, or all black.


Alpaca Hat

Alpaca Hat – If you’re looking for a stylish gift that is sure to please then check out the Alpaca hat. This hat features a colorful version of the famous Alpaca mascot, decked out in a frilly, logo-emblazoned blanket. Keep the sun out of your eyes while playing, and show the world that you like the amazing Infinite putter! (or at least the awesome logo!)

James Proctor Signature Hat– The James Proctor signature hat is a bright pink dad hat that features the Infinite logo and an embroidered Proctor signature. Made of Dri-Fit material, the James Proctor hat will keep you cool and protect your eyes.

Hoodie A hoodie is the perfect apparel for a chilly round of disc golf. It will keep you warm and the hood will keep your head and neck out of the wind. You can where a hoodie for function or style. Check out one of the many Infinite logo hoodies or support the brand you love. Look good and stay warm.

Polo Shirt – Infinite Discs makes looking good on the course a breeze with our selection of polo shirts. Check out the cotton polo or the performance materials. With a variety of colors and designs, you’ll be sure to find a polo for the disc golfer in your life.

Umbrella – An umbrella is a gift that is a great blend of function and form. Infinite offers some good-looking designs whose function will be appreciated during a wet round. Don’t forget how useful an umbrella can be on a hot, sunny round. Help the disc golfer in your life tame the elements with an umbrella from Infinite Discs. Pick an umbrella from MVP, Axiom, Trilogy, or Innova.

Jerky – A bag of jerky from Double- G Jerky is a great snack to carry on the course for a quick and convenient protein boost. Choose from a variety of flavors, some of which are supported by various touring pros. Are you a PaulMcBeth fan? Check out Paul’s Max Weight Original or McBeast BBQ Style jerky. Better yet, grab a bag of each flavor for the variety.

Premium Gifts

Apex Rangefinder

Apex NP600 Help your disc golfers choose the correct disc to throw by knowing exactly how far it is to the basket. The Apex NP600 give the distance in feet for more accurate shots. The Apex rangefinder has many other features that are useful for disc golfers, including distance compensation (how far the shot will be when taking into effect the elevation change) and height measurement (measure the height of obstacles that you need to throw over).

Retriever – If you’re looking for a gift that will be used a lot, consider giving a retriever. An errant shot in a river, lake, tree, or over a fence are often reachable and retrievable with the proper device. The Max Stick Carbon Fiber retriever can help you reach far out into a body of water or high into a tree. The suction cup head sticks to the disc to aid in returning it to your bag. The Max Stick comes in a variety of lengths, from the 16-foot models to the gargantuan 29.5-foot retriever. Infinite has other retriever options for you to choose from. Check them out HERE.

A Rack disc holder


Disc Storage – For people who have a few discs that they would like to keep organized and easy to sort through, a disc golf storage solution is just the ticket. The A Rack is a beautiful wood rack that holds a bunch of discs and looks good doing it. It comes in several different sizes to accommodate any size disc golf collection. Get a gift that looks amazing and helps keep your disc golfers stash of discs organized.

Divergent Discs Lite Basket – The Divergent basket is a lightweight basket that is easy to assemble/disassemble and a piece of cake to move around. There is no better way to improve your short game than to have a basket around for regular practice sessions. Divergent baskets come in a choice of colors. They make a great gift that will help your disc golfer level up their game.

Elite Gifts 

Training Net – It is always fun to head to a field to practice some drives and upshots. However, that is not always practical. Having a Visionary Practice Net around ensures you can get some reps in without having to leave your yard. Simply set up the net and fire away. The net is portable and can be used to warm up before a round. Or keep it set up at home for regular practice sessions. The Visionary Net was designed for disc golf and makes retrieving your practice throws more convenient.

DGA Mach Lite – The Mach Lite is a portable disc golf basket that is a step above regular portable baskets. Its clever design makes it easy to collapse, transport, and set up again to make sure you can take the basket anywhere you need to be. It comes with a storage bag to make transport even easier, and to protect the cloth basket. The Mach Lite is relatively quiet, making it a good choice for the backyard or for use as a temp basket on a course.

Cart – Carts make for a much more enjoyable round of disc golf because they make hauling a bag around a breeze. Plus, carts allow you to bring extra discs, apparel, and accessories without expending any more energy. Infinite has some great cart options for your disc golfer.

Rovic RV1C Disc Golf Cart

Rovic – The RV1D is a three-wheel cart that holds any bag for ease of transport around a course. Your bag sits high on the cart for easy access to discs, water bottles, or storage pockets. The Rovic has optional accessories such as an insulated bag for cold drinks, or attached mittens for use in cold weather. When not in use, the Rovic is compact and folds up to fit in any trunk.

Zuca – With a choice of car models, Zuca is the big name in golf carts. They offer models that hold bags, so you can easily remove your bag and discs from the cart when playing a course that is not cart-friendly. Other models hold discs inside the frame for ease in moving around a course. Some have a built-in seat for relaxing while waiting to tee. All of their models are easy to move around and make toting your discs and equipment easier.

Disc Storage – Most disc golfers have a lot of discs that they aren’t throwing at the moment, but they still want to keep. Although most won’t buy their own storage racks, most disc golfers would love to have one. There are storage solutions for people with just a few discs, to large numbers of discs that need a home. Check out the storage capacity of the MVP Disc Station VI for the ultimate high-capacity storage solution and help your disc golfer organize their collection.

VIP Club Logo

VIP Club – A unique disc golf gift is a membership in the Infinite Discs VIP Club. With this gift your disc golfer will receive a new disc EACH MONTH! The discs are a surprise, but they all have unique stamps and colors, plus they are numbered so you can see how many were made world-wide. In addition to the fun surprise of a new disc, VIP members get access to the VIP store, where they get the first shot of some discs, pro merchandise, apparel, free shipping from the VIP store, and more. If you want a gift that truly keeps on giving, check out the VIP store and select the gift option HERE.

What Gifts Do YOU Recommend?

Let us know what disc golf gifts you suggest for another disc golfer. We’re curious what you would pick. Comment and we’ll pick a few responses and send out an Infinite gift card!

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  • Golf umbrella is something I’ll likely never buy for myself, but I would love to have one. Same with a Rangefinder.

  • A range finder would be a great addition: There are a lot of holes at different courses with distances posted that seem really questionable to me, and I’d love to verify/correct them.

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