Disc Golf Manufacturers of 2013 – Largest Impact

We asked our audience, “2013 is almost over. What disc golf manufacturer has made the biggest impact on disc golf this year? Why?” and the answers came rolling in. After 184 responses, here is the breakdown:


Prodigy headed the remarkable class of 2013 manufacturers, with a narrow lead over Dynamic Discs in direct voting. Although, with the votes that came in with Trilogy (which Dynamic Discs is a part of), Dynamic Discs could arguably be number one.

What’s more telling is the latter part of our question, “Why?”

#1 – Prodigy Disc

[one_half]Prodigy released 17 new molds this year at least one dozen more than any other manufacturer. Several of these molds are available in multiple plastics as well.

Prodigy also launched a team of both men and women which quickly claimed the top spots in many premier tournaments. They instantly created a brand to be reckoned with in the disc golf world, and found their way into the bags of countless players faster than anybody has done previously.[/one_half][one_half_last]Tricia Lafferty said:Like them or not, Prodigy killed it this year. They cranked out 17 different molds in 3 different plastics. For their first year of production, that is a pretty amazing feat.[/one_half_last]

However, not all is roses for Prodigy. This comment was very telling: “Prodigy has made the biggest impact. Me personally can’t stand the company. And the way their doing business… Just my thoughts.”

What can be said of Prodigy is that while the impact made by Prodigy has been larger than any other, their reputation is lackluster. Certainly, part of the difficulties from critics comes with the territory of being in the spotlight, but also undoubtedly, there is some damage control which Prodigy can look forward to in 2014.

#2 – Dynamic Discs

[one_half]Forging a new relationship with Latitude 64 at the end of 2012, and catapulting the awareness and new product lineup into the spotlight in 2013 has transformed the image of Dynamic Discs into a premier disc golf brand.

When reading why Dynamic Discs has made such a large impact, the emphasis on community is ever-present. [/one_half][one_half_last]Billy Koch said:Dynamic Discs – they have been really out there promoting disc golf. Sure Prodigy changes the way team sponsorship is done but those are a small micro group of people. DD has been traveling in their RV promoting disc golf and their discs. I am a big Trilogy fan but my hats off goes to DD![/one_half_last]

The line of discs also released under the Dynamic Discs name has been of extremely high quality. One comment read that Dynamic Discs deserved the top spot because “with the disc of the year. the judge, great new mid-ranges with the suspect and truth”

#3 – Trilogy

To the faithful followers of the Scandinavian plastic, there’s nothing better than Westside, DD, and Latitude 64. These fans have found their favorite plastic in 2013, and are proud of it. With comments such as “Trilogy all day long!” and “TRILOGY! – BOOM!!” you can see that these fans are here to stay and are going to stay loud. Collectively, the Trilogy released nearly a dozen new discs this year, each of which have been wildly selling here at Infinite.

#4 – MVP

[one_half]The crew at Maple Valley Plastics have enchanted their audience with each new release. These fans beg MVP to release more on a constant basis. With each of MVP’s new product teasers, loyal fans insist “Take My Money!!” In short, MVP has solidified a following just as faithful and fierce as those who swear by the Trilogy, however this following is much smaller in numbers at this point.
[/one_half][one_half_last]James King said:Building on the foundation of the Ion, which many have come to love, and continuing to fill their arsenal (Still awaiting their Long distance drivers). Even Innova is trying some overmolded plastic now![/one_half_last]

It’s also noteworthy that the manufacturing practices of MVP have turned the heads of the largest manufacturer, Innova. Read the comment on the right to see what we mean. It’s also of note that our review king (Andrew Belet) here at Infinite also voted MVP. The man owns and thoroughly reviews every disc which is released – his vote should almost count for five because of his credibility.

For MVP fans, the big questions right now are: What is the the Alias, and when will they release a Distance Driver.

#5 – Innova

While Innova does not tout the numbers of new releases, they still garnered a solid number of votes. Why? A few reasons were echoed in the comments. First, it appears that Innova is still what gets people started in the sport – availability, overall selection, and ease of use. Our favorite reason, “Whatever disc golf company Paul McBeth is slingin'”.

Being the largest manufacturer for years running, Innova has also gained a fierce following, and a fierce despise among players. Love ’em or hate ’em. This comment is very telling of the a current feeling towards Innova “still Innova …They still set the standards somehow..even tho their plastic has somehow gone downhill”,

Aside from the votes, Innova sales numbers are far more dominant at Infinite Discs than any other manufacturer. We can safely say that Innova is has made the largest impact in the largest amount of players bags this year.

#6 – Latitude 64

Latitude 64 falls into a tie for the #6 position, when not including votes of “Trilogy.” Those who voted Latitude 64 were concise, simply stating that they’re the best.

We have found that while the Dynamic Discs line has quickly gained a fierce following, Latitude 64 has gradually gained respect among a more broad audience. The sentiment of buying strictly American is not ringing as loudly while the quality Scandinavian product makes its mark in the disc golf world.

#7 – Discraft

The Ace Race, the Mantis, & the Crank. Discraft may have pushed the 10th Anniversary Buzzz for a bit too long, but there’s no arguing with the success of the Crank. One comment read: “I am going to say discraft due to the overwhelming popularity of the crank, and desirability of the blue glo crank. I have just heard more aboit these two discs than any other.”

Discraft’s annual Ace Race generates more visibility to sport than nearly any other event, as it takes the organized sport to the grass roots level.

#7 – Legacy

Legacy stands in a class of its own. The brand is not commonly known, the fans aren’t loud, but they’re confident, and they’re passionate. This comment sums the general feeling of Legacy in 2013 up: “Legacy because of the gauge which I really like the feel of and the other players that throw legacy around me. No drama, no pressure, and no thick headed obsessive fan people to bug me about my disc choices. Just makes a bigger impact on me then someone yelling in my face about how great they are; just my opinion”

That’s Legacy.

#7 – Vibram

Vibram released complimentary discs to the Lace, with the unLace and oLace, both of which are gone nearly as fast as we can order them. Earlier in 2013, they also released the Lace in Firm rubber.

These ultra long range drivers, as well as the unique blend of rubber which Vibram uses to make discs is one of the reasons that Vibram was mentioned nearly a dozen times.

We expect next year to be even bigger, as Vibram’s Birdie Bash gains steam as one of the best mini-format tournaments that players can enjoy. It was no surprise that many players who chose MVP, also had Vibram as a close second, of vice-versa. Both companies are small, offer a unique line, and are offering a meaningful contribution to the sport.

#10 – Westside

To round out the rest of the Trilogy, Westside. Westside makes an annual new release in March, and lies low the rest of the year. Not a lot of hype, just product. For that reason, in 2013 Westside has made a steady impact throughout the year. The March release was well received, but after that their growth (which has been steady month after month here at Infinite) is completely based on brand reputation.

One individual said “Westside. the keep making discs that replace something in my bag.”

#10 – Lightning

Judging by the comment, and the impact that Lightning has actually made, this was a joke. Sorry Lightning.

Thank you for reading! If you want to continue making a case for why any manufacturer made the largest impact, feel free to say so below!


  • Was there any reason Vibram didn’t get a mention despite being ranked with Discraft and Legacy?

    • Yes, author error. There will be a fixed version to this coming soon, with Vibram and the amazing things they do included.

  • It seems to me that trilogy shouldn’t be included as a separate entity on here as the components are listed individually. If the statistics were done correctly then it would have shown that “Trilogy” was the total of votes for DD, Latitude, and Westside put together.
    Regardless of how it’s put together though, Prodigy killed it this year. Latitude and Westside have been around for a while, but it took Dynammic joining the manufacturing to really spread their names around. Good on them. Prodigy all the way though.

    • My thoughts exactly on the trilogy. How could the combined effort of the three be less than DD alone? Maybe Lat and Westside are bringing down DD? haha

      Conversely, if the trilogy was named separately then wouldn’t that put DD up higher in the ranks overall?

    • Ya, I don’t get the Trilogy separation either. But I also hate that it’s called Trilogy, should we start calling Discraft and DGA the Duo, and Innova, Millennium, and Discmania the American Trilogy…sigh….

  • //However, not all is roses for Prodigy. This comment was very telling: “Prodigy has made the biggest impact. Me personally can’t stand the company. And the way their doing business… Just my thoughts.”//

    A brand new company, breaks ground in amazing time with an amazing product, and someone personally can’t stand the company? Wow! Seems the way ‘they are’ not ‘their’ doing business is working well, from the quality discs to the quality players. Companies just beginning make mistakes? Wow! Who knew? Your personal thoughts and opinions are just that. Stick to the facts, being subjective appears petty and is irrelevant!
    Go Prodigy!!!

    • My beef with Prodigy – they assemble a team full of pros (with a stake in the company or so I have read) who endorse a product before the product even exists. And they expect me to care about these endorsements? Its an insult to my intelligence. We all know why these pros are using the discs and telling me I should and it clearly has nothing to do with the quality of the product. Its no wonder their players struggled after ditching the discs they became great with to make bucks off of phony endorsements.

  • Outside of 3 or 4 team prodigy players the team is nothing but a joke. Their plastic is horrible and can only truly be thrown by 1000 rated players. On the survey they should have asked how quickly the participant took the prodigy disc back out their bag. Time will tell how good of a product they have this is just my opinion but if they are still around in 5 years I will be shocked!

    • Couldn’t disagree more John. I’m far from a 1000 rated player and I use a D1 and D2 more and more. I have, however, never thrown any other disc of theirs, so maybe I’m missing something in the mids or putters, but I see a ton of them out there so I tend to think otherwise.

      • Their own team players “except for Rickey” had issues this year. Not one them played as good as they did the year before. The majority of the team only had one or two prodigy discs in there bag.

  • Though Prodigy may have made a bigger splash this year, especially with all their drama (I’m not a hater just stating a fact). But towards the end of 2013 DD has been more and more discussed than anything imo. They’re a players company not a pros company.

    And don’t let Legacy fool you, they may be quite but every time I put a Rival in someones hand it’s end game for the Teebird or a Patriot killing a Leopard. Better plastic and so far very consistent (in their interviews the Rico’s say the latter is very important to them). And if you haven’t been paying attention they’ve added alot of team members recently. When they round out their lineup I foresee them taking over.

  • I enjoy Innova’s and Discraft’s creations, but I appreciate MVP’s and Vibram’s contributions the most. I think are bringing the best of the “new” school to the table.

    Having said that, it’s hard to get a word in here, because of the racket being caused by Prodigy and Trilogy, so I understand these are good companies and here to stay…

    • PS also a big fan of Legacy… little racket but great discs! The Ace Run is a fun event! Right behind the Ace Race and Birdie Bash, but a little ahead of tournaments sponsored by DD.

  • I would have agree that I don’t think Trilogy should have had a vote. It should have just been the 3 companies as separate entities.
    Also surprised by the lack of vote for Discmania. I have seen a lot of people talking about the PD2, and the MD3 is amazing!
    As far as Legacy goes, I personally think that if they lose the whole thug/gangster thing they will be taken more seriously. It seems like they are catering to a certain market, and that market isn’t me.
    I have always been an advocate for Innova. I’ve always just identified with there products. Its always been a no-brainer for me when selecting new discs to put it my bag. I think that their flight labeling system is something that should be used universally in discgolf.
    DD has absolutely made the biggest splash in 2013, if their was any other product that I see myself trying in the future it is no doubt DD.
    My thoughts on Prodigy are indifferent. I wanted to see them succeed but I feel like ever time I turn around there is someone else talking badly about them or trying to get rid of their plastic from their bag. No doubt discgolf needed some more competition other than Innova and Discraft but Prodigy coming on the scene and almost demanding the same treatment of the two biggest names in discgolf is to me an insult to the sport.
    All and all I love to see what is happening in discgolf, any publicity is good publicity.

    • I fail to see the thug gangster side of legacy can you please explain to me how you came up with that? I mean hell Steve’s first woman on his team was Brittany Blair it doesn’t get much further from thug or gangster than that.

      • Most of my exposure to Legacy has been from Murder Mike on facebook. Looks like he is their Graphic Designer. No disrespect to him, just not my thing.

  • I stand corrected. Visited Legacy’s website. Apologize for the snap judgement. Didn’t mean/want to offend anyone.

    • Lol no offense taken I’m just a big supporter of theirs. I think Steve has made an amazing product and once they get a full line they are going to be a force on tour! Plus Brittany is my sister lol.

  • Love the lively debate about the various disc golf manufacturers. I am a BIG fan of Westside and Legacy, but I must mention that Discraft did a very, very shrewed thing at Worlds in Emporia. They allowed all participants to throw their newly released CRANKS right next to the Long Drive Competition. And somehow they found a mini hill to launch from and a goalpost to aim at about 100-125 yards away. Made a lot of us instant fans though I wouldn’t trade my RAMPAGE for any disc…except maybe for an “Air Halo!”
    Both of those disc fly forever…

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