2019 Disc Golf Pro Tour Trading Cards Now Available!

Disc Golf Professional Player Trading Cards

The 2019 Disc Golf Pro Tour Trading Cards are now available. Owning professional disc golfer trading cards is a great way to follow your favorite disc golf pros, track their stats, and learn more about them. Like with other sports trading cards, some are more sought after and will become more valuable than others.

There are two ways to purchase trading cards:

  1. Complete Deck – The complete deck guarantees that you will receive all 65 2019 cards. There is a limited number of complete decks available, and we sold out of all the ones we had last year very quickly. Purchase your complete deck here.
  2. Pro Tour 9 Packs A Pro Tour Pack gives you a random selection of nine different cards. The cost is much more affordable in the 9 packs, but you don’t know which cards you will actually get which provides a of fun element of surprise and mystery each time you open a pack. Purchase a 9 Pack here.

What do the 2019 packs include?

Player Cards

There are a total of 65 different disc golf professionals that have trading cards. 50 Males and 15 Females.

Team Innova:

  • Paul McBeth
  • James Conrad
  • Nate Sexton
  • Garrett Gurthie
  • Jeremy Koling
  • Drew Gibson
  • Gregg Barsby
  • Calvin Heimburg
  • Joel Freeman
  • Anthony Barela
  • Philo Brathwaite
  • Bradley Williams
  • Jessica Weese
  • Lisa Fajkus
  • Madison Walker
  • Ellen Widboom
  • Kona Panis
  • Holly Finley
  • Jennifer Allen

Team Latitude 64:

  • Ricky Wysocki
  • JohnE McCray
  • Emerson Keith
  • Bobby Musick
  • David Feldberg
  • James Proctor
  • Devan Owens
  • Reid Frescura
  • Alex Russell
  • Zakeriath Johnson
  • Willie Prince
  • Rebecca Cox

Team Prodigy

  • Paul Ulibarri
  • Chris Dickerson
  • Seppo Paju
  • Cameron Colglazier
  • Dutch Napier
  • Will Schusterick

Team Discmania

Team Dynamic Discs

  • Eric Oakley
  • Zach Melton
  • AJ Risley
  • Chris Clemons
  • Paige Pierce
  • Paige Bjerkaas
  • Tina Oakley

Team Discraft

  • Michael Johansen
  • Tim Barham
  • Austin Turner
  • Brian Earhart
  • Courtney Cannon

Team Prodiscus

  • Kevin Jones
  • Austin Hannum

Team Legacy

  • Charlie Goodpasture
  • Sarah Hokom

Team Fly Life – Nikko Locastro

Team Full Turn Discs – Andrew Presnell

Team Infinite – Nicole Dionisio

Venue Cards

In addition to player cards, 1 in 5 packs also include venue cards that feature information about each of the different events of the 2018 Disc Golf Pro Tour.

Award Cards

1 in every 8 packs contains an “Award Card” which features awards such as Golden Putter, Sniper, Best Scrambler, Hail Mary, Rookie of the Year, Player of the Year, TD of the Year, and Staff of the Year.

TV Cards

1 in 12 Packs may also include a TV Card which features information about Ace’s that occurred during the Pro Tour, as well as Paul McBeth’s Historic 18 under par round.

Champion Cards

1 in 20 packs contain one of four different rare Champion Cards. The four pro tour champions for 2018 were Paul McBeth (Points Champion), Sarah Hokom (Points Champion), Chris Dickerson (Tour Champion), and Sarah Hokum (Tour Champion).

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