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This post on accuracy in disc golf, is the first post in a series designed to optimize your opportunities to absorb and learn the content that will elevate your game. This series will have tips clearly laid out for you in writing which will then be reinforced with videos by professional disc golfers. Read, watch, practice, and improve! Let’s begin!

If you are reading this post, I applaud you. You are serious about taking your game to the next level! 

We all love the distance (and don’t worry, we got you there too!). 

But the last time I checked, the object of the game was to get the disc into the basket in the fewest strokes possible. 

And how much good is that 475 foot bomb going to do, if you smack a tree 50 feet in front of you and send it careening off into the bowels of the woods? Not so much help there… 

Same thing if you throw that 475’ shot out of bounds, or 150 feet off line. That’s no good either.

Throwing Disc Golf Discs AccuratelyNo, if you’re serious about low scores, then throwing your discs accurately is what’s going to get you there. Then, once we’ve got a firm handle on accuracy, we’ll add that distance in. Then, you’ll be a true force to be reckoned with!

So let’s get going and start getting you that pinpoint accuracy to drop your scores. 

This post will give you videos AND lay out the written highlights for you to review. That way you can be sure you’re downloading these lessons into your brain and carrying them with you onto the course… Let’s get started!

In our first video on accuracy, we meet one of disc golf’s rising stars in Cole Redalen.

Cole starts us off by highlighting the importance of accuracy to scoring those birdies. (Like I said, you’re in the right place!).

As you’ll see in the video he is working on a straight shot in a direct line with the basket. For this shot he is using a neutral putter. This brings him to his first tip for accuracy.

Accuracy Tip #1 – Make your walk-up be in a straight line with the direction of your release.

For a straight shot, you want to be moving your body along that  straight line to the target. That means your walk up, and X-step are all along that same straight line.

If you are throwing a hyzer line, you’ll be going diagonal from the back left of the tee box to the front right (for RHBH). And the opposite is true for an analyzer line (Back right of teebox to front left for RHBH).

But really, it all boils down to one thing: Make your walk-up be in a straight line with the direction of your release! 

Cole does a good job of demonstrating this tip before getting to his second tip on accurate shots.

Accuracy Tip #2 – On your reach back and follow through, keep your disc in a straight line with the basket.

After Cole shows you two examples of his pure form, throwing the disc straight and true, he goes on to emphasize this second tip on accuracy. He also gives a helpful visual on what not to do (note: this is a prime visual example of that dreaded term we call “rounding”) and shows how problematic it can be for accurate shots. 

Logically, it makes sense. If you want your disc to follow a straight line to the basket, you should keep it on that very same straight line the whole time. 

Otherwise, If you pull it back behind you and off that line, it is going to be far more difficult to release at the precise time that will get it heading towards your intended target.

Now that you’ve read up on these two tips, have a look at Cole’s explanations and let it crystallize in your mind!

Those two tips should help tremendously. But there’s more information to be had!

In our next video, there is a very important tip that is closely related to the previous two tips.

It has to do with foot placement so you can ensure that you won’t round and will be able to keep that disc on a straight line as you pull through towards the basket. 

In this video Eric Oakley talks about 3 things that all pros are doing on tour. The first “thing” leads us to our third accuracy tip.

Accuracy Tip #3 – Do NOT keep your feet parallel to the line to the basket.

As you watch the video (this tip starts at the 4:30 mark) it all makes sense. If your feet are in a parallel line with the basket, then when you reach back, your body will be in the way of that straight line you want to pull through on (tip #2). This leads you to twist and contort during your shot and seriously hampers the likelihood you’ll keep that disc on your intended line.

Instead, Oakley explains, put your front foot forward. This allows you to create space for your disc to go back and follow through on that line to the target. 

Watch the whole video, because it’s helpful (and funny!), but if you want get right to the spot where tip #3 resides, start watching at the 4:30 mark.

We’ve got one more tip for you on disc golf accuracy, but I don’t want you to worry about holding it all in! We’ll be sure to review all the highlights at the end of the post for you as well… For now let’s check out this last tip for you to take with you!

Another video that is going to help you with your accuracy (and distance) helps stress the importance of your follow-through. 

In this video, Infinite Discs sponsored pro, Eric Oakley, really stresses the importance of follow-through for effective backhand driving accuracy (and distance).

At the start of the video, Oakley gives a nod to pro legend JohnE McCray, whose very deliberate follow through helps demonstrate its importance to accuracy and distance. This brings us to our next tip.

Accuracy Tip #4 – Keep your follow-through continuing forward on the same line as your pull-through.

When you are practicing this tip, play around with really exaggerating the straight-line follow through. In this way you can find the amount that works best for you in your new and improved form. 

Some of you may be wondering: How does this help with power as well as accuracy?

As it turns out, this tip has multiple benefits because it adds power to your form as well. 

Eric Oakley explains how by saying, “it really takes all of my momentum and puts it into the disc…”

Now, watch Eric Oakley for yourself and see how keeping that follow-through in line with your pull-through will keep those shots accurate, with an added boost of power as well!

Disc Golf Accuracy – In Summary

As we said at the start, accuracy is an oft-overlooked, but absolutely crucial part of any complete player’s disc golf game. With so many obstacles on the course, how could it not be?

And while most players are looking to add that coveted power, you’re here and looking to drop your scores. Well played.

Thinking about it further, this is a far more logical sequence to follow. Once you have the accuracy, then you can focus on adding distance. The reverse just leads to bad form and more headaches.

So, let’s quickly review our tips on disc golf accuracy. Then, you can feel confident hitting those tight lines the next time you’re on the course.

Disc Golf Accuracy Tips:

  • Tip #1 – Make sure your walk up is in a straight line to the basket.
  • Tip #2 – On your reach back and follow through, keep your disc in a straight line with the basket.
  • Tip #3 – Do NOT keep your feet parallel to the line to the basket. (Instead, have your front foot staggered out in front or forward).
  • Tip #4 – Keep your Follow-Through continuing forward on the same line as your pull through.

There you have it folks! Combined with practice, those tips are sure to help you navigate past trees, through mandos and around any other obstacles that are constants in our beautiful game!

If you need a refresher on any of these tips, be sure to come back to this post and reread/re-watch the content any time!

Also, we want to know your thoughts, so be sure to comment on this post as well.

Were there any tips that you found helpful or new to you? Are there other tips you find helpful for your own disc golf accuracy? Did any of these tips result in some tighter lines for you on the course?

Be sure to let us know this and more in the comments!



Mister Disc is a teacher/writer as well as an avid disc golfer. He is the creator of his own newer site DiscGolfAround.com. Subscribe to it and/or follow him on his newly formed instagram account (@discgolfaround) and watch as he chases his dream of building courses in his own back yard, teaching what he learns, and traveling around the world playing the game he loves.

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  • I mean, it’s okay advice. But I think it’s fairly hurtful in the long run. Danny did a good video in his physics of flight series where he eventually recanted on the idea of reaching back and following through on a straight line. Still, it’s an okay mental model to start with.

    Most experienced throwers are going to have more out-in-out disc flows when seen from above. And they’ll walkup on a different angle than they release.

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