Enter the Zuca Cart Giveaway!

As sponsorship for the Ledgestone Insurance Open, Zuca is donating a disc golf cart! Fill in this form for a chance to win. The winner will be able to select a cart in the color of their choice. The winner will be selected on Tuesday August 23rd.


  • Awesome!!!
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Just want to say thank you for all you do for disc golf. I’ve never had a bad experience with infinite discs. Thank you.

  • Great live coverage today!

  • Bag another one SOCKIBOMB. Be awesome to win that cart!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks for all you do. Disc Golf is getting more noticed!

  • Jimmy kristensson

    My back would love the Zuca cart.

  • Can we enter to win the Zuca cart multiple times? I entered yesterday, but don’t want to negate that entry with another one.

    Thanks a lot for doing this!

  • Infinite has a great supply of discs..great customer service. Thanks for sponsoring DGPT.

  • Looking to get in the Zuca Cart Giveaway

  • michael ray riemer

    I think it’s awesome that they’d do this. Thanks for the opportunity to win… just another reason(among the many) that I shop at Infinite. and now, my favorite joke of all time(prepare yourself(selves) it’s a long one): Little Johnny goes to class one day and after everyone is seated and settled down the teacher says: “class, today for our lesson I’m going to call on you to tell me a story about someone in your family and then a moral to relate to that story.” The class mummers unenthusiastically. The Teacher scans the room and points at Edna,(kids got named Edna back then) and says:”Edna what is your story and the moral that goes along with it?” Edna stands up(she was always a good public speaker, so she had confidence behind her words) and says a bit too loudly:” Well, my daddy’s a chicken farmer, and somedays he’ll not want to make two trips to the coup so’s he tries and carries all the eggs at once.” The Teacher interjects a question:”…and what happens?” Edna replies: “A lot of the eggs get broken.” and then the Teacher- grinning ear to ear now, without pause asks: “And what is the moral to this story?” Edna, as sure of herself as ever recites: “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!” This throughly pleases the teacher, who is applauding Edna as she sits back down. The Teacher scans the room and sees the one everyone calls ‘Little’ Johnny way back in the back row, raising his hand like he’s about to bust. This slightly alarms the teacher as Little Johnny has never been one to draw attention to himself much less demand it. She lets her gaze slide and points at Marie sitting closest to the door, and asks: “Marie? Do you have a story?” Marie, timidly squirms and nods her head never making eye contact(with anybody…ever). “Well?” the Teacher presses Marie, still seeing Johnny convulsively jutting his hand out and up at her in her periphery. Marie, still seated starts: “My daddy is a chicken farmer too… and most months, most months he’ll go to town and get credit on how many chickens he’ll have IF all the eggs hatch.. which they all don’t, and we end up eating beans” This extorts a chuckle out of the class but Teacher is most pleased now, maybe with even a little pride showing in her posture. The Teacher beams at Marie: “Now is there a moral that you think goes along with this story?” Marie nods from practically under her desk, and nearly whispers: “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.” The Teacher’s face flays open in a smile and she claps big glorious claps above her head in exuberance. Still there’s Little Johnny bouncing now and having to hold up his waving hand with his off arm as it’s been quite some time… “He just must need to go to the bathroom.” she says to herself still grinning triumphantly. The Teacher asks offhandedly: “Do you need to go to the bathroom Little Johnny?” “No” Little Johnny says, “I have a story.” The class goes forebodingly silent, not just quiet, but silent. Goosebumps form on the teachers arms, and she crosses them for comfort. All eyes are on Little Johnny as he stands up next to his desk like a witness taking a solemn oath and starts(quietly but intensely): “My Uncle Bert was shot down over German enemy lines during the War to End All Wars with nothing but a parachute, a machine gun, a bayonet and a bottle of whiskey.” The children look around at each other quizzically and Teacher starts to open her mouth to speak but quickly closes it when Little Johnny continues on confidently: “First thing he does is slam back that whiskey…(Little Johnny thrusts his head back in mime… “No Nazi’s gonna have drink on my dime” He says to himself as he’s plummets towards the battlefield.” The Teacher is viably shaking now and the kids are staring to whimper. Marie shoots out the door without anyone noticing. Little Johnny, louder now, reenacts the incident: “Uncle Bert! Pulls the cord on his parachute! and shoots 50 Nazi’s dead as he’s a coming down!(Little Johnny sprays imaginary bullets around the classroom from his imaginary machine gun and the class erupts in reality, children scream, more than a few break into tears, the teacher is covering her ears and shaking her head violently from side to side, but she can still hear as Little Johnny is nearly yelling now: “Uncle Bert hits the ground! and Shoots another 50 Nazi’s before he runs out of bullets!”(some of the kids have passed out, and come to mention it the teacher’s legs are buckling and she’s as white as a sheet). Little Johnny at full crescendo: “He stabs 30 with his bayonet before he gets it stuck in one of them damn Nazi’s and he has to kill the remaining 25 with his bare hands!” The teacher is at her end. Her hair is frayed and disheveled her blouse untucked and had gotten torn by one of the more frightened children attempting to climb her for safety…she screams: “WHAT POSSIBLY COULD BE THE MORAL TO THIS STORY LITTLE JOHNNY?!?!” To which Little Johnny ever so routinely and matter-of-factly quips: “Well, I guess you don’t mess with Uncle Bert when he’s drunk.”

  • These carts are amazing! Would be awesome to win one!

  • Kenneth Gordon Crowell

    I’m need this in my life. Zuca, baby you will have a new home soon.

  • Absolutely love the zuca at cart

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