Father’s Day Sale – He Wants New Discs!

Guess what…Father’s Day is coming Sunday, June 19th!  That means it is time to act now to get Dad what he really wants this summer…discs and disc golf swag!

We’re here to help you find the perfect gift to show your appreciation for the fathers out there. First of all, pick up a good Infinite Discs Dri-Fit T-shirt or Cotton T-Shirt in several colors. Prices are marked down for the next few days, and you’ll receive your order before Father’s Day if you act soon.

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Or, Click here to see other apparel.

Does your Dad need something new to throw? Maybe he’s thrown all the same-old, predictable discs for a long time, and you want to get him something completely new and unexpected to try on the fairway? Help your Dad explore some new discs! These brands are on sale through Father’s Day!

LEGACY – Click Here to See the Selection of Cool Discs – All On Sale!

MILLENNIUM – Click Here to See the Selection of Cool Discs – All On Sale!

PRODISCUS – Click Here to See the Selection of Cool Discs – All On Sale!

DGA – Click Here to See the Selection of Cool Discs – All On Sale!

Some of our favorites and top sellers from those brands include discs like the SAIL (understable distance driver), the OUTLAW (popular overstable distance driver), the JOKERI (cool putter), the ASTRA (straight-shooting distance driver), and many more. Check them out and surprise Dad!

Also, here are some spotlight discs that are new on the market and that you or good ‘ol Dad would have a lot of fun trying out, on sale through Father’s Day!

TRAVELLER by Full Turn

The Traveler is a very solid, predictable driver that flies straight and finishes with a solid fade. It could be a workhorse control driver in any bag.

INTERVENTION by Plastic Addicts

Or if your father is a power thrower and can crank out some real distance, needing a more overstable disc with a strong fade, try the Intervention. This driver is made by Plastic Addicts, who also make the extremely popular new, oversized putter, the HABIT.

PLUTONIUM by Element Discs

Or if Dad wants to try a new putter, try out the Plutonium by Element Discs. It feels great and flies straight!


The limited edition Z Glo Undertaker is a fun way to let Dad try the newest driver from Discraft. It is a 2016 Ledgestone disc and it glows in the dark! Now for the same price as the regular edition!  Just click on “Select Your Disc” and find the Z Glo disc you want!

St. Jude Z Sparkle BUZZZ

The Buzzz is our best-selling mid-range disc, and the St. Jude Z Sparkle is a limited edition that you can add to Dad’s bag for a great, low price. Just click on “Select Your Disc” and look for the St. Jude Z Sparkle discs ranging from $10.99 to $14.99, which is a huge savings.

Titanium Ledgestone Edition CRANK SS

Here is another limited edition plastic on a great distance driver. You can once again click on “Select Your Disc” and scroll until you see the Titanium Ledgestone discs now selling for only $11.99.


Or maybe Dad wants to pick his own discs? You can always get him an online redeemable gift card by CLICKING HERE.  You’ll receive a code that you can give as a gift to be used on the website when checking out.

Or, if you’re old-school, and you want a physical card to hand to your old man, then CLICK HERE to order either in $20 or $50 increments, but act soon, because we have to mail the cards to you.

Have a great day, and give your father a big hug from us at Infinite Discs. And if you’re a Dad yourself, well, you rock! We thank you for all you do!



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