Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I don’t have PayPal, how do I buy from you?

A: While all transactions are pushed to a PayPal Portal, PayPal is NOT required to purchase. Read the directions right here.

Q: Why PayPal?
A: PayPal’s processing fees are the lowest. We also get lower shipping rates and free shipment tracking. We pass the savings on to you. If we used any other payment portal, we would be forced to raise prices.


Q: What are your shipping rates?
A: The first disc is only $2.81. Each additional disc is just $1.98.
A note from the owners: While these shipping prices may add up, they are still relatively low. What Infinite Discs charges for shipping does not fully cover the cost on our end. Once the cost of postage and materials are calculated in, we about break even on shipping. Once the cost of time is calculated in, the cost of shipping runs in the red. So before you are enticed by any “free shipping” promotions elsewhere, consider the generously low cost of the discs which we provide.

Q: Free shipping?
A: Shipping is free on orders over $150. Read about it here.

Q: Can you expedite shipping?
A: Yes. Read about it here.

Q. Do you ship internationally?

Shipping overseas is very expensive, and is not currently an option in our online checkout. However, if you are willing to pay ~$30 for up to 3 discs and $50 for up to 9 discs, we can do a custom order for you. Email with your address and the number of discs you would like, then we can give you an exact quote on what international shipping will be for you.

Other General FAQ

Q: Am I receiving the disc in the picture?
A: Not likely. The picture was taken of that disc model, but not the specific disc which you are ordering. Pay attention to the color and the weight in the drop down menu when you select which disc to order.

Q: Do you offer any customer rewards?
A: We reward each customer with up-front great prices from their very first purchase!


  • Scott Valentine

    I’m glad that I found your site. Today, I purchased two disc from you. Thank you Kirk for getting back to me when I messed up on the color selection. I really appreciate the time that you took to do this for me. Question ! Do you have any accessories or clothing. I would love to get a hold of a dry-fit shirt to throw in and let others know about your site. I was asked several times this weekend at a tourney about where I got an item. I’d love to share my finding of you with them. Thanks again for what you do.
    Scott Valentine
    Searcy AR

    • Hi Scott,

      Thanks for the feedback!

      Right now we focus on one thing only – discs. Clothing and other things will be something which we look to expand into in the future, but our projections of expanding into such items have possibly been bumped up from selling them next year, into the later part of this year.

      All the best,
      – The Infinite Discs Team

  • Landon Lockhart is the best baby!

  • Infinate discs: You guys are awesome. Your review system is my go to when looking for a new disc, or trying to figure out what a new one does. I love the site and how you’ve expanded your disc selections since you started. Your sales are awesome too. The only new thing I want to see right now is an option to edit reviews: sometimes my opinion of a disc changes over time based on changes to me or just trying a different shot with it. I would like to be able to edit my reviews to reflect this. Thanks for all you do.

    • We’re with you Mark! This is part of a change that will be made to a vast list of changes which we are pursuing right now!

  • clicked on “ordering options” for the lightning rubber putter, but nothing happens. does this mean you are out of stock, or is the link just broken. would love to see the selection you guys have for this disc. otherwise love the site, most other sites wont let you order specific color AND weight, and love the shipping cost per disc, most other sites have flat rate shipping which discourages small purchaces.

    • Thank you for your feedback Joe! We do our best to make our store the best it can be, and are hoping to roll out a string of improvements soon!

      As for the Rubber Putter, we have some in stock, but had not checked the box to make them available. That has since been fixed, so you may now browse from our rather small selection of the Rubber Putter at this time. You can easily browse them here:

  • Hi there, I love your site! I recently purchased a Nuke from you saturday night. Assuming it shipped monday morning, how long do you think it take to reach Minnesota? I was hoping to have by Thursday for my league.

    • Hello Charlie,

      We were sure to package and send your order at the earliest possible moment, only to realize that the post office does not delivery on Columbus Day. We have sent more information to your e-mail address in regards to the order!

      – The Infinite Discs Team

  • Love the website, just wondering if you guys do gift cards with the holidays coming up? Thanks for your response, keep up the good work.

    • Juan,
      I can’t count the number of times that we have gotten that question, and the number of times we have sadly had to reply that we do not do gift certificates.

      What we would suggest instead is a hand-written gift certificate that says “come shopping with me at Infinite Discs! You can spend “$xx.xx” dollars and it’s on me. Merry Christmas!” That should hopefully do the trick 🙂

  • How are pre-orders handled? Do you charge the full price up front or when the item is ready to ship?

    • Items are charged up front. Once it arrives we ship according to preferences list in conjunction with the order (if there are any listed). After pre-orders are sent, we list remaining inventory (if available) on our website!

  • Do you guys have a “Shipment day” or a day for you to enter new arrivals?

  • whats my arm speed ?

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