Infinite Discs Illuminati Stamp

Infinite Discs is happy to present the follow-up to the popular Infinite Bomber stamp which was used across many disc molds from different manufacturers. Behold, the Infinite Illuminati stamp!

Once again, the stamp will appear across many different disc molds and manufacturers. The Infinite Illuminati stamp was debuted on the Super Glow Wizard and the Glow Lil Wizard (a miniature replication of the Wizard).  The stamp looks great when centered in the middle of that cool, glowing background.

Infinite Discs currently has popular disc models from Trilogy (Westside, Latitude 64, and Dynamic Discs) in stock featuring the new stamp.  If you’re a fan of the Destiny, Justice, King, Trespass, River, and more, you can get them with the Infinite Illuminati stamp.

More selection will follow as we continue to spread the Infinite Illuminati influence across popular disc makers.

Here is a quick review of how you can search for this stamp and browse the available discs within the store website:

Step 1 – Go to the Advanced Disc Search feature.

Step 2 – Check-mark the box next to “Extras”

Step 3 – Scroll down the list on the left side and check-mark the box next to “Infinite Discs Illuminati” (you could also search “Infinite Discs Bomber” or “Holiday Edition”, etc.)

Step 4 – Click the button that says View Individual Discs.

Step 5 – Scroll through pages of discs and buy the ones you love.

As you can see, by using that “Extras” feature, you can search for different special editions stamps.  Search for more Infinite Bomber stamped discs, or for Holiday Themed stamps, bottom stamped discs, etc.

We plan to continue the fun by bringing in more supplies of several Infinite Discs stamps. We hope you love them as much as we do!

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