Introducing Infinite’s Lykke Lorentzen

In the southeast portion of Norway is the capital city of Oslo. South of Oslo is the town of Horten, Norway. That happens to be the town where Infinite Discs’ sponsored FPO player Lykke Lorentzen grew up. She has since moved to Tonsberg, just a quick trip away from Horten, where she currently has an apartment. Although she has the apartment, she says that as a touring pro it is difficult to declare a hometown. “Right now I tour full time and can’t really say I live anywhere,” jokes Lykke.

Growing Up

Lykke Lorentzen wearing a bunad

Lykke with her mom and grandma, wearing a bunad, a traditional Norwegian dress worn at special celebrations. Hers was made by her grandma.

Lykke grew up with two younger siblings, a sister and a brother. She is close in age with her sister and they remain good friends. She is also close to her mom and step dad. When she is not on the road, she loves to spend time with them back in Norway.

Disc golf became part of Lykke’s life about seven years ago. She and a former boyfriend moved to a city where disc golf was popular. She played a few times, but didn’t really catch the bug. After another move, she agreed to join a weekly league. “After that I was hooked,” said Lykke. “I’ve always been a competitive person. Keeping score and getting a results helped me want to improve.” At that point she was all-in! She began putting every day and playing as much as possible.

Going Pro

Lykke’s move to professional disc golf would have happened a little sooner, we’re it not for Covid. She was supposed to start in 2020, but had to wait a couple years. She said, “I toured as much as I could in 2022 and 2023, but since I’m from Europe and I didn’t have a visa I couldn’t play all the events.” For the events she did play, she had to fly back and forth from America to Norway. “In January 2024 my athlete visa got approved and I can officially tour full time,” she said. Then she added, “Which is super exciting!”

Even in here first year as a touring pro in America in 2022, Lykke finished in the top-20 at several Elite Series events, including a 13th-place finish at the Portland open. Last year (2023) she had several top-10 finishes, including Worlds, US Women’s Disc Golf Championship, and Idlewild.

This year, she’s already had top-five finishes in Jonesboro and Texas State, and got a win at the prestigious Las Vegas Challenge. “That felt awesome,” she said. “It felt great to finally have a win and play four good rounds.” She added, “It was a great experience and I learned a lot. Hopefully it will help me on the road to get my first Elite win.”

Winning LVC

As for how the win ranks in her career, she said it was big! “Winning my first Nationals back home was a big deal for me. So was playing good at Worlds last year,” she said. “But, the win in Vegas was definitely the biggest one so far.”

Despite picking up some nice finishes and a sweet win, she is still focused on getting the elusive Elite win, and improving her skills. “My goal is to play consistently better and play to my potential,” she said. “I want to have (an Elite Series) win, and I will work to learn as much as I can to get closer to reaching that goal.”

Keeping healthy is necessary to achieve her goals, and is something that Lykke takes seriously. “We are trying to be strict with our diet, and especially with eating enough protein every day,” she said. “I love to work out and we try to do it as much as we can. It gets a bit more difficult when we’re on tour, but we take our ab-workout seriously and go to the gym when we can.”

When asked who has influenced her career, Lykke offered a couple well-known players. “I look up to Kristin (Tattar) for her mental game and how she focus on playing as good as she can and not just results,” she said. “I look up to Bradley (Williams) for the way he tries to get better every year and not settle for being “okay”.

The Future

Not only does Lykke expect to see her game improve, she expects big things from the sport of disc golf. She expects the growth to continue into the future. “I hope it’s way bigger that it is right now,” she said. “We might see a separate MPO and FPO tour as the field grows bigger every year.”

Since Lykke has an open bag, meaning she can throw discs from multiple brands, she has a lot more options to choose from than many pros. Which discs does she like? “My favorite discs are the Maya, Emperor, Pharaoh, and the Dynasty,” she said. We like her choices!

The only thing she likes more than her discs is her fans. “My fans are amazing! I wouldn’t be here without them and appreciate every single one,” said Lykke. “Their support means a lot and every disc I sell really helps me to stay on tour!”




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