Latest Best-Selling Discs…Back in Stock!

There have been a good number of fun, new discs lately, and we’ve been surprised at Infinite Discs how fast some of them are flying off the shelves.

For example, when the new UNDERTAKER by Discraft arrived, we sold out in less than a week and had to re-order more as quickly as possible. Thankfully, we now have a new supply in stock!

Another recent release that sold fast and was out-of-stock for longer than we’d hoped due to the very warm reception in the disc golf market was the EMAC TRUTH.  We are now quickly running out of our second shipment and have a third on the way.


The new ONYX by Vibram also sold well as a very light-weight, beginner-friendly disc. At the pace it has been selling, it might make a play to be  Vibram’s most popular sellers this year.


We also quickly sold out of the new, beefy, overstable MOAB disc by Hyzer Bomb. We recently received a hearty supply of new discs for players who still want to check it out.


We were also excited about the warm reception of the very understable driver, SAIL by DGA which sold out almost immediately after arriving in stock. We’ve recently received a new supply in a variety of colors.


We currently have a nice supply of another new disc by Millennium called AQUARIUS which is a distance driver that floats on water so you don’t need to feel as afraid of those pesky water hazards.


Also, keep an eye on the Infinite Discs website for other recent and new releases, like the latest offerings from Axiom coming out this weekend, and the latest in the “A Series” approach discs by Prodigy.

Speaking of Prodigy…we were delighted by the new Practice Bag by Prodigy which simply flew out of the warehouse here at Infinite Discs. It is a great idea to have a simple, inexpensive, no frills bag that is made to carry a lot of discs when you need to transport them from one place to another, or you’re headed out to drill putting, or you just want a place to keep all your extra discs. At only $24 each, we had customers buying multiples for disc storage and transport. Just about everybody at Infinite Discs is standing in line for the restock order to arrive, because we all want them too!


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