Monthly Top Selling Discs – March 2024


Welcome to the top-selling discs report! At the beginning of each month, we will take a look back at the previous month to calculate which discs sold the best. You have a chance to win a $20 gift card each month if you correctly guess a certain spot for the next month (see below for more details).

Each month, we look at the top 50 disc sales data for mold AND plastic-type to see which disc rose to the top. Due to this, it is possible that a single model could show up on the list several times, each representing a different plastic type. This also helps us to know which disc in which plastic are the most popular among our customers.

#1 – Axiom Signature Electron Soft PIXEL
#2 – Discraft Signature Rubber Blend KRATOS
#3 – Axiom  Electron Firm PIXEL
#4 – Axiom Electron PIXEL
#5 – Innova Star WRAITH
#6 – MVP Neutron Soft GLITCH
#7 – Infinite Discs I-Blend EMPEROR
#8 – Aziom Neutron CRAVE
#9 – Discmania Soft Neo SPORE
#10 – Infinite Discs I-Blend KHONSU
#11 – Axiom Signature Prism Proton ENVY
#12 – Innova Star ROLLO
#13 – Terminal Velocity Signature Glass URSUS
#14 – Innova Star DESTROYER
#15 – MVP Fission WAVE
#16 – Axiom Neutron TIME-LAPSE
#17 – Axiom Neutron HEX
#18 – Axiom Prism Neutron PYRO
#19 – Clash Discs Steady WILD HONEY
#20 – MVP Neutron WAVE
#21– Infinite Discs D-Blend TOMB
#22 – Infinite Discs I-Blend PHARAOH
#23 – Discraft Z Glo ZONE
#24 – Thought Space Athletics Aura COALESCE
#25 – Axiom Neutron PARADOX
#26 – Thought Space Athletics Nebula Ethereal PATHFINDER
#27 – Infinite Discs Halo S-Blend EMPEROR
#28 – Axiom Eclipse 2.0 HEX
#29 – Axiom Fission CRAVE
#30 – Discraft Signature Z Glo ZONE
#31 – Infinite Discs N-Blend ALPACA
#32 – MVP Neutron WATT
#33 – Infinite Discs Signature D-Blend TOMB
#34 – Innova R-Pro PIG
#35 – Innova GStar DESTROYER
#36 – Innova Star TEEBIRD
#37 – Axiom Fission INSANITY
#38 – Infinite Discs Swirly S-Blend X-out EMPEROR
#39 – Infinite Discs D-Blend ALPACA
#40 – Innova Star MAKO3
#41 – Innova Star MAMBA
#42 – Finish Line Discs Radiant INTERVAL
#43 – Thought Space Athletics Nebula Ethereal MANTRA
#44 – Innova Halo Star LEOPARD3
#45 – Finish Line Discs Signature Radiant INTERVAL
#46 – Infinite Discs I-Blend SPHINX
#47 – Innova Champion Color Glow WRAITH
#48 – Discraft Z Line CICADA
#49 – Innova Champion EAGLE
#50 – Dino Discs Egg Shell STEGOSAURUS

*All this data comes from sales ONLY

The Ursus disc, featuring the signature stamp of disc golf pro Eric Oakley, gained significant traction last month due to its exceptional performance and unique design. Renowned for its versatility and dependable flight characteristics, the Ursus has quickly become a favorite among players of all skill levels. Oakley’s stamp not only adds a personal touch but also signifies his endorsement of the disc’s quality and performance.

With its consistent flight and reliable fade, coupled with Paul McBeth’s seal of approval, the Kratos also saw a surge in demand last month, reaffirming its position as a go-to choice for players seeking power and precision on the course.

Lastly, The Discmania Spore, the latest addition to the Discmania lineup, quickly captured the attention of disc golfers last month thanks to its innovative design and impressive performance. Offering a unique blend of stability and glide, the Spore has garnered praise for its versatility on the course. Its flight characteristics make it suitable for a wide range of shots, from powerful drives to precise approaches or a simple game of catch.


The amount of times each manufacturer showed up in the line up this month:

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The Guessing Game

Every month you’ll be able to place your guess for a certain spot on the chart for the next month. The first person to guess the disc and plastic type correctly for the named chart position will win a $20 gift card for the Infinite Discs online store.

PLACE A GUESS for next month. If you can by the first to guess the #7, #22, #42 spot for April 2024 then you can be a winner. Leave your guess in the comments on this blog.

Thanks! See you next month


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