Nate Sexton Disc Golf Clinic – Sidearm 2018

We met with Nate Sexton at the 2018 Las Vegas Challenge and asked if he could teach about the Sidearm throw. Nate is one of the the best disc golfers in the world, and has one of the most accurate and powerful Sidearm throws. He most often uses his sidearm throw with a Nate Sexton Firebird (aka SexyBird). In Vegas, he made a short video with us explaining how he grips the disc, his run-up, angle, and release. Hope you enjoy! Leave a comment if you learned something that will help your game!

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  • Michael J Bacon

    At the point of release you have to snap your wrist like snapping a towel to get spin. Spin is what keeps the disc gliding. He did emphasize keeping your wrist flat to avoid wobble. Would recommend to new players to use a TeeBird before trying a Firebird. Possibly a Discraft XL.

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