New Discs In 2013

So far it’s been a big year for new golf disc releases in 2013. Nearly all manufacturers have come out with new drivers, putters, and especially midrange discs. If you filled your bag with strictly newly released 2013 discs, you’d have nearly 30 in that bag.

Here is a recap of the new discs of 2013.

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ABC Discs has finally made one new release this year:


  • BeeLine – Available as an ultra high speed distance driver. This ultra fast driver with an ultra thick rim is described as a “faster Katana.”


The new releases from Discraft this year have been rather disappointing — as none of the discs have actually been “new.” Discraft has increased the plastic mold variety for several of their existing discs, and released the Zombee (the disc used for the 2012 Ace Race).

    • Zombee – This disc was designed specifically to bring more aces. It’s been described as a faster Buzzz.



    • Glow Nuke SS – When you have a great disc, you want to play with it in the dark, too.


    • Titanium Nuke SS – This ultra fast popular driver is now available in Discraft’s most premium plastic blend.


DGA has released a new putt and approach disc:

  • Breaker. This flat, overstable putter is said to be a “game changer.”

Dynamic Discs

The folks at Dynamic Discs have been hard at work expanding their new product line. This year they have added a midrange disc as well as a distance driver.

    • Suspect – This slower, overstable, all-purpose midrange is supposed to fit the tweener slot between a putter and a midrange disc.


    • Renegade – The renegade is a fast understable/stable distance driver that provides “easy” distance.


When you’re the worldwide leader in disc sports and manufacture more than 80 different golf discs, it’s hard to come up with something that is new.

Innova has released the Tern, an understable high speed distance driver, and a new ‘3’ version of their most popular midrange discs.

All their new discs come in the beautiful “Jolly Launcher” Champion plastic. This plastic looks great and has been compared with Discraft CryZtal Z plastic.

    • Tern – Understable high speed driver with excellent glide.


    • Roc3 – A new version of one of the most popular discs ever.


    • Shark3 – Remember that midrange you got in your first starter set? It’s been re-tooled with a new plastic and #3.


    • Mako3 – Arguably the straightest flying midrange on the market.

Latitude 64

Europe’s leading disc golf manufacturer has released two new discs this year: a straight flying control driver, and an overstable midrange.

    • Mace – The amazing Mace is described as the all purpose overstable midrange, perfect for one-disc tournaments.


    • Fury – Latitude 64 is known for producing drivers that have amazing glide. The Fury lives up to that reputation. What disappoints many people is this disc is only slightly different than the popular Saint.
    • Stilleto – If the Innova Ape and the Nuke OS aren’t overstable enough for you, you may want to check out the Stilleto. Latitude 64 says that this new discs will likely be the most overstable driver it will ever make.


Legacy has released one new disc so far this year:

  • Patriot – This understable fairway driver came out in February. At first it was a very hot item.  But, we haven’t seen a lot of interest for the Patriot since March.


MVP continues to produce new, high-quality discs with the unique gyro technology. They have released a new fairway driver and two new midrange discs this year. Perhaps their most successful release of 2013 is the Nano, which is actually a mini.

    • Shock – The Shock was supposed to be the more overstable MVP control driver. The first run of this disc was a bit of a disappointment to people who wanted a more overstable Volt.


    • Tangent – This understable midrange has been very highly rated. While being understable, it is very flip resistant. This is a great all-purpose disc for beginners.


    • Tensor – As the most recent MVP release, the Tensor is an overstable midrange driver.


Prodigy Disc has made an instant major impact on the disc golf world. All of their discs are new this year, and all have been wildly popular. If you’re a disc manufacturer looking to make an immediate splash with the release of new discs, learn from the Prodigy model.

Prodigy has released several new discs each month, and all have been very successful. Below is a breakdown of the Prodigy discs released thus far. (We expect the fairway drivers some time this summer). Prodigy discs are primarily available in series 400 plastic. This is a premium plastic blend that provides exceptional grip and durability.

Drivers – While the Prodigy drivers have been very successful for experienced disc golfers, the intermediate folk haven’t been as happy. Prodigy has not yet released their drivers in very light weights.

    • D1 – The D1 has been very popular, especially for powerful throwers. Many disc golfers were expecting a more overstable disc.


    • D2 – The D2 is slightly less overstable than the D1.


    • D3 – This stable-flying high-speed driver has been very popular.


    • D4 – This is the most understable of the Prodigy drivers and still a top seller, but a little to much to handle for beginner and intermediate players.

Midrange Discs – The three midrange discs released by Prodigy have been very highly rated. They are great driving mids and all have a similar feel in the hand.

    • M1 – The most overstable of the Prodigy mids, this disc is fantastic for midrange drives.


    • M3 – The M3 is a very stable flying disc that won’t flip over. Apparently the initial runs of the M3 were a little more overstable than Prodigy intended.


    • M4 – Touted as the best disc ever, this stable/understable mid holds a line and goes where you want it to go. The M4 is currently the only Prodigy disc available in two different plastic blends.

Putters – The putters are the most recent release by Prodigy. So far, people seem to like these putt and approach discs. However,  the one complaint we’ve heard is that disc golfers would like to see them in a softer plastic blend.

    • PA-1 – An overstable putter that remains overstable even in lighter weights.


    • PA-4 – Understable putter with minimal fade.


If you haven’t heard of Prodiscus, you are not alone. This Finnish disc manufacturer is beginning to get very popular here in the United States. Their line of discs is growing; they have added two additional drivers this year.

    • Slaidi – A great high speed driver with a moderate-sized rim. This is a great disc for long forehand drives.


    • Laseri – An overstable control driver that flies like a laser before finishing with a solid fade.


Westside Golf Discs has released three quality discs in 2013.

    • Stag – A great stable fairway driver with excellent glide. Our reviewers indicate that this disc is less overstable than the flight ratings indicate.


    • Tursas -A great understable driver that can handle a good degree of power without flipping over. This is a highly recommend mid for beginners.


    • Underworld – This understable fairway driver has a pretty sick logo.


Total Releases to Date: 27

How many more new releases will there be this year? Who is going to release these discs? It appears for now that the manufacturers are slowing down on new releases.

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