Prodigy Discs ALMOST Available for Pre-order

We just received word that we “should” be able to make our official order of Prodigy discs within the next “day or two.” We have already been promised 50 D1’s and 50 D4’s, but until we actually see the shipping tracking code, we’re a little hesitant to start taking orders.

Apparently Prodigy has some little technical thing with their bank that they need to resolve before they can accept payments and start sending discs out to retailers.

It sounds like they are just as anxious to get the discs out to the public as we are to receive them.

If you’re chompin’ the bit to get your hands on Prodigy plastic, be patient. Technical issues with new businesses usually take a lot longer to resolve than they should. Last week Prodigy told us that they should be able to start shipping discs out “Monday or Tuesday.” That obviously didn’t happen.

Prepare to wait a few more weeks, but if we get good news sooner, it only makes things that much more exciting.

We’ll make an announcement and start taking pre orders as soon as we know are discs are on their way.

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  • Prodigy did a UStream with Paige, Will, and Phil. They addressed their slowness to respond, as they have had an enormous request for discs since their launch. They stated that everything should be up soon, very soon. (site, and shipments to retailers).

    Here’s to hoping that pre-orders can begin within a few days!

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