Best Disc Golf Drivers for Beginners

Beginner Picking out first Disc

Summer is here and disc golf courses are becoming overcrowded throughout the country. During this annual flock to the courses the great sport we call disc golf is being discovered by thousands of new rookies. As beginning disc golfers learn about the complexities of the game, the first thing they typically want to know is, “what are the best disc golf drivers?”

To a new disc golfer, the ‘best’ driver typically means the one that will fly farthest —  It’s all about getting distance. Beginners rarely want to start out with a “slow” midrange or putter.

When a new disc golfer first glances the many varieties of available drivers, they often assume that high speed discs will go farther. Experienced disc golfers know this is rarely the case. Until a player develops sufficient technique, other discs are best.

True, not all new players to the sport will start be at the same skill level. Define beginner as you would like. What we want to know is which disc is the best for your typical beginner.

Best Discs for New Players

We’ve asked the following questions to our site visitors:

  1. What prior disc-throwing experiences did you have before you played disc golf?
  2. What drivers do you recommend for new disc golfers?
  3. What discs worked well for you when you were new to the game? Why?
  4. What new discs have you seen work well for beginners that you wish you would have had?
  5. What disc advice would you give to a beginner?

Hopefully, advice from experienced disc golfers will help you select discs that will decrease the learning curve, and help you to get better more quickly.

Summary of Your Responses

After carefully reading all of your posts these are the main tips you’ve shared:

1. Disc golfers come from many different backgrounds including, but not limited to:
Ultimate, Catch-and-throw Frisbee, baseball, discus, catch with the dog, and badminton. Ok, that last one might not be true..

2. Here is a list of the most recommended drivers for beginners according to this post:

**22 other discs were mentioned one or two times.

3. Here are some discs that worked well for the experienced players when they were starting:

**20 other discs were mentioned one or two times.

4. Here are some discs that the experienced players wish they had when they started:

Others also mentioned:

5. Here are some common tips from the experienced players for those new to the sport:

  • Try driving with a putter, then moving to a mid-range, then finally a driver.
  • Play disc with others who are experienced and ask for tips.
  • Watch YouTube videos to learn proper throwing form.
  • Focus on your form first, not your distance.
  • Play often, and practice your throws in an open area.
  • Don’t get discouraged, and HAVE FUN!
One common theme among beginners is the desire for drivers that can provide maximum distance. However, it’s noted that beginners often assume that high-speed discs will automatically lead to longer throws, which experienced disc golfers know is not necessarily the case. Until a player develops the necessary technique, high-speed drivers may not be the best choice.
Based on the responses from the disc golf community, several drivers have emerged as popular choices for beginners.
Additionally, there were mentions of 22 other discs that were recommended one or two times, highlighting the wide variety of options available to beginners.
Experienced players also shared their experiences with discs that worked well for them when they were starting out. Some of the mentioned discs include the Innova Valkyrie, TeeBird, Shark, and Roc, among others.
Furthermore, there were mentions of discs that experienced players wished they had when they were beginners. The Discraft Buzzz was a popular choice with 7 votes, even though it’s not a driver. Latitude 64 Diamond received 3 votes as well. Several other discs were mentioned in this category, showcasing the diversity of options available to disc golfers.
Finally, the experienced players offered some common tips for those new to the sport. These tips included starting with a putter, then transitioning to a mid-range disc before moving on to a driver, playing with experienced players to seek guidance and tips, watching instructional videos on platforms like YouTube to learn proper throwing form, emphasizing form over distance, practicing frequently in open areas, and maintaining a positive attitude and having fun on the course.

This summary is a great overview of many posts. Feel free to read more below and find some real gems of advice!


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