Paul Ulibarri Disc Golf Clinic: Angle Control

In this disc golf clinic, professional disc golfer Paul Ulibarri provides tips on how you can improve your game with more accurate angle control and follow through. He demonstrates the grip he uses when driving, and discusses his mental game and what he focus’s on to compete at the highest level. Paul is an excellent teacher and was kind enough to share some of his wisdom with us.

How Disc Golfers Throw

Dominant Hand

To no surprise, the vast majority of disc golfers throw right handed which helps to explain why disc manufacturers don’t focus on left handed discs (that’s a joke). 90.7% of disc golfers surveyed throw with their right hands, 7.1% with their left, and just 2.3% of disc golfers have the coveted advantage of being able to throw with both hands.

Primary Driving Style

The vast majority of disc golfers surveyed prefer the traditional backhand drive. What surprised me was how big the disparity was. Nearly 83% said that they primarily drive backhand while only 16% use the “forehand,” “sidearm,” or “flick” as the preferred option. And that guy that throws thumbers all the time is the rare exception as only .7% of disc golfers throw overhand as their primary driving style.

Primary Approach Style

When it comes to approach shots, the percentages are very similar to drives with slightly more disc golfers choosing the backhand from short range. Almost 85% of disc golfers surveyed will choose a backhand throw for a wide open approach shot.

Ricky Wysocki Driving Tips

The mechanics for driving, putting, and approach shots are really pretty similar, just on a different scale. Professional disc golfer Ricky Wysocki gives a few tips to improve mechanics and disc golf driving distance for backhand throws, forehand throws, and rollers.

A few general driving tips:

  • ¬†Use a straight forward run up. Line your shoulders up and run up in the direction you want to throw.
  • Don’t throw across your body. It’s bad for your back and bad for consistency.
  • Get your timing right. Driving distance and power is all about getting the mechanics right.

Backhand Drives:

  • Driving is all about timing and weight shift using both lower and upper body to maximize potential.
  • Straight back, and straight forward.
  • Don’t curl your wrist.
  • Throw essentially the same shot for a hyzer or anhyzer, just place your body in a different position.
  • Get a full reach back. You will get more power when you’re fully extended and reaching all the way back. Fully extend on the reach back and on the follow through.
  • Timing issues are best fixed with time, and practicing in the field.

Sidearm Drives:

  • The form between sidearm and backhand is actually pretty similar.
  • Reach all the way back and forward with your follow through in the direction you want to throw.
  • Keep your elbow tucked in close to your body right before you throw.
  • Lock your wrist to control the angle.

Disc Golf Tips From Will Schusterick – Driving Clinic

Will Schusterick, 3 three time USDGC Champion, is not only one of the best disc golfers in the world, but is also a great disc golf instructor.

This clinic at the Mulligans at Creekside Disc golf course in Ogden, Utah on October 20th, 2014 is full of tips to help you improve your driving, accuracy, and overall mental disc golf game.

The video was filmed and edited by Cassidy Houdeshel.