Team Infinite Applications Are Now Open

Woah, 47 days are left in the 2022 year. Its funny how some days in the year things just last forever, but then when you look into the past, the time has simply sped on by. Simply outstanding. With a new year around the corner comes time to open up applications for Team Infinite.

This year has been quite a good year for Team Infinite! We’ve had excellent team members do well in their tournaments, put on some large tournaments, or grow personally. Drew Gibson taking the Las Vegas Challenge, Cole Redalen going on tour for the full year, the Lynds twins dominating the Florida area, Zoe Andyke helping disc golf grow in South America, Shawn Swapp’s beloved Beehive classic gaining enough traction to become an A tier next year, Joanna Latini starting a disc golf podcast with some friends, Al Hobbs getting his 2nd Pro Masters win this year, Das Boutin participating in a the MVP Open Throw off, Blaine Anderson becoming the first Nebraska State Champion, Taylor Aubuchan doubling his YouTube channel’s subscribers, and Hali Trevena, Seth Dey, Jordan Lynds, Emmanuele Lizama, Dallas Garber, Carter Pearson, and Hunter Snow all had huge increases to their PDGA ratings over this year. And so many other feats were accomplished by other members of Team Infinite, they are all awesome!

Now, here is your chance to join the ranks of Team Infinite. It is a pretty simple process, fill out the application that is found at the end of this post. Below you’ll find information regarding the team tiers, what we are looking for, and how to better your chance to get on the team. There isn’t one tier that is better than the other, they are just oriented to a different type of player. Either way, if you belong to one of them, you’re on Team Infinite.

There are three levels within our team, before you apply, please review the guidelines of each so that you know which level suits you:

Elite Team

  • The Elite team is reserved for the fast-improving up and comers of the sport. These individuals are highly rated.

Ambassador Team

  • The Ambassador team is reserved for those who are active in promoting disc golf, and they want to work with Infinite Discs as a partner. Such as tournament directors, club officers, educators, and disc golf reviewers. These individuals tend to run multiple events, or have a large social media presence.

Core Team

  • The Core team is for the disc golfer who loves Infinite Discs. They are also doing their best to contribute to disc golf in a positive manner. These individuals may not be the highest rated player, but they have a large presence within their local disc golf community.

What Are the Benefits of Being on Team Infinite?

All Team Infinite members receive:

  • Team Infinite Swag Pack
  • Pre-Release versions of all new Infinite Discs Mold(s) that will release in 2023
  • Discounts on products
  • Extra insight on new products and happenings at Infinite Discs
  • Access to the Team Infinite Store
  • Access to the VIP store
  • Opportunities for bonuses based on performance at high-level events
  • Access to play in Team Infinite contests
  • An allotment of Infinite Discs molds


  • Elite Team members will receive added benefits based on their play and/or video coverage in top-tiered events. They also have the opportunity to receive more discounts on products based on their current PDGA rating
  • Ambassador Team members will receive extra support and sponsorship when running events.  Additionally, they may also receive other benefits based on what type of involvement they have with reviewing products, videos, or social media
  • Core Team members will receive a swag pack

Requirements For Team Infinite 2023

  • Be an exemplary member of the disc golf community
  • Be a current PDGA member
  • Interact with (comment, like, and share) Infinite Discs social media posts
  • Wear Infinite Discs apparel at tournaments and other disc golf events
  • Actively participate in disc golf tournaments, clinics, and other disc golf events
  • Make social media posts with #InfiniteDiscs and #TeamInfinite
  • Throw what you love, and promote disc golf – and Infinite Discs
  • Have a current Infinite Discs profile and use it to review discs, products, courses, etc.

How do I increase my chances of making the team?

We will receive hundreds of excellent applicants, but we can only accept a limited number of new members.  Here are a few tips that will help your chances of making the team:

  • Active social media presence with a significant following
  • Be active in disc golf forums, groups, and your local community
  • Maintain a positive attitude, control your emotions, use clean language, and avoid controversial statements in public settings
  • Regularly participate in and/or run/help run disc golf leagues and tournaments
  • Have a active PDGA membership
  • Check out this Northern Chain’s podcast for more tips

In Conclusion

Our application process is simple and easy, all you’ll have to do is click on the below link and provide all information that is asked of you. Once you click the submit button, we receive your application. The application will be open until December 1, 2022, at 5:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time). The Team Infinite members will be announced before January 10, 2023.  Between December 1, 2022, and January 10, 2023, we will reach out to the applicants who will represent Infinite Discs for the 2023 season via the provided email with a team contract.

We look forward to learning about you. Please submit your application through the below link, it’ll take around 15 minutes:


P.S. Last tip of advice, within the application, please tell us why you share what you’re sharing – what is the benefit to disc golf, to your disc golf community, to us. Think of it as a value proposition.


  • I would love to represent your team in my area, I’m 52 and love this sport. I really love your team and how your team supports players. Drew Gibson is one of my favorites and I truly want to be an inspiration for folks. I like using multiple discs from different companies and believe I would be a great fit to the team while being an impact to my community and area I play in. I want to be a lot more active in 2024 and plan on stepping my game up to the Pro level. So please consider me for your team I know that I can promote your team in a way that people who see me would want to be a part of it too. Thank you for all y’all do and hope that you give me the opportunity

  • I would absolutely love to join the core or ambassador team I have almost 2000 followers on my Instagram @ partar_sauce_discgolf and I post regularly and will post more if and once accepted my PDGA # is 131706

  • I’ve been playing disc golf for almost 4 years I love the game and I’d love to be apart of y’all’s team wherever you think I belong I’m 935 rated but plan to get that near 1000 by end of 2024 would love to join the team my pdga # is 232594

  • I’m 35 years old and have been playing disc golf casually for about 7-8 years. Last year was my first year doing leagues/tournaments consistently and finished with a 971 rating. I played a mix of MA1 and MPO last year, but am going MPO only next season. I would like to be part of the elite team (not sure if there is a rating cutoff). In addition, I am a PE teacher and incorporate disc golf into my curriculum. I also host a disc golf league spring-fall and a putting league in the winter. My PDGA # is 254219. Thank you for your consideration.

  • So… when we know the results of our applications for 2024, no rush on a response just curious.

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