The Aztec Stamp Rises…Victorious!

The War is Over…

On January 26th, 2017 we kicked off a winter season stamp dual here at Infinite Discs. We launched a popularity contest between two stamps — The Aztec and The Tommy Cat. We explained the origin of the dual in our initial announcement. It had started basically as an office feud where the older contingent generally believed that ancient culture could provide wonderful disc art, and the Aztec stamp was preferred. The younger contingent believed that the internet’s apparent love affair with kitty cats would garner the most love from the disc-throwing public, so they preferred a gun-toting cat stamp called the Tommy Cat. Rather than argue continually over which stamp to launch for the winter, we opted to put both onto completely equal quantities of discs from Innova and see which one sold the most. In other words, the customers would decide. Facebook pages were launched for Team Aztec and Team Tommy Cat where trash-talk and the sharing of photos could keep the contest exciting.

Here we are, a month later, and the disc-buying public has decided. The Aztec stamp sold the most, reaching a 78 disc lead at one point. The contest is over. Ancient art trumps the kitty cat, and we face the consequences…

The Infinite Aztec stamp lives on and is now being released on discs from multiple brands so that more and more people can throw some truly stunning discs around their local courses. Players will impress their friends with their fine, artistic taste and apparent cultural depth!

In the meantime, the Tommy Cat will be left behind. Only the few remaining Innova discs with the stamp are left to be sold, and then it is banished forever.

Discs from Trilogy (Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, and Westside) are already going online, including some beautiful new Metallic Lucid Sheriff distance drivers with the Aztec stamp! The Metallic Lucid plastic features sparkle flakes inside the traditional Lucid plastic for a lot of extra shimmer and shine. There are many other great Sheriff discs including the crystal clear Lucid plastic with an awesome “grunge” stamp that looks more ancient. There are oil-slick, party-time, and many other great foil color schemes to choose from on many other popular molds, including the River, Trespass, Judge, Havoc, Destiny, and more!

We also launched our first full-color version of the Infinite Aztec stamp on a small run of Vibram discs including the Lace, O-Lace, Solace, Unlace, and Sole. Those nearly sold out in the first few hours on our website, but we have more coming! Keeps your eyes open for more and more brands featuring the this beautiful stamp. Long live the Aztec!


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