The Best Disc Golf Baskets – Top 5 Portable Practice Baskets

I’ve discovered that the times in my life that my life that I’ve hit the most putts in games and leagues have been when I am practicing putting regularly. Not surprising. However, sometimes it is tough to carve out enough time to drive to a course to get in the putting reps. Owning a basket gives you a convenient way to get in scores of putts every day.  Do that on a regular basis and over time you will see more and more putts starting to drop during leagues, tournaments, and casual rounds. Enter: the practice basket! We’ll look at the best disc golf baskets and determine which will be best for you.

Best Disc Golf Baskets

Today we will look at the top disc golf baskets by sales, features, popularity, and cost.  We’ll examine the qualities of each basket and rank them accordingly. This guide will help you weigh the pros and cons of each basket so you can decide which will work best for you and your particular situation and needs.

Having the best professional-grade basket still won’t help you improve if you don’t use it regularly. Having a nice basket that you can practice with definitely makes it easier and gives you a little more motivation to putt than using a basket that rarely holds a putt. With that in mind, let’s look at the best baskets for practicing at home.

5- Dynamic Discs Recruit

Okay, let me just say flat out that I’ve spent a lot of time putting on this basket and I love it! I consider it to be about the best made, closest to a course quality basket that you can buy in a portable. It catches a disc well, is solidly built, looks great, and even has a wheel on the base to help you move it around. I’ll talk about some of the things to consider which might steer you away from this basket in a minute, but if those aren’t an issue then this is the basket for you.

Pros: Excellent quality, 26 disc-grabbing chains, attached wheel for ease of movement, will last you a long time, even with heavy use.

Cons: Price, weight, tools needed for disassembly/assembly.



Although I’m listing the cost in the ‘con’ section, I do so only because it is more than the other baskets on our list. You could get two of some baskets for the price of this one basket. If you want the best quality basket on the market and either won’t be transporting it much, or are willing to deal with the extra size and weight, then look into the Recruit. It will last a lifetime. If you are looking for a basket that will get transported a lot, you might want to look at some of the other baskets on the list. They would be easier to tear down and haul to and from the park or course.

4- Axiom Lite

(Streamline Lite, Black Hole Lite) Although this is an entry-level class of basket, it still has a lot of chains and some good disc-grabbing power. It is easy to assemble/disassemble and its light weight makes it easy to transport. It still takes up a decent amount of room, but I can fit one in the back seat of my Accord or in the trunk. The Lite baskets are great if you regularly move them around your yard or basement. At that price point you can get two baskets for the price of one Recruit!

Pros: Weight, portability, cost, tool-less assembly/disassembly.

Cons: Chains and cage are lighter weight than other baskets, you will have spit outs, run throughs, and bounce backs on this basket, although not all the time.

The Axiom Lite, Streamline Lite, and Black Hole Lite baskets are perfect for a first basket, people on a budget or who don’t want to spend a lot for a practice basket, and for people who will be using the basket at home and don’t need course-quality baskets. If you will be using the baskets on a temp course on a regular basis, I would step up to a heavier basket. Even with the lighter chains and metal, the Lite baskets are great for at-home use.

3 – Mach Lite

I’m always happy to talk about the Mach Lite because I’ve owned one for many years and have recommended the basket to many customers. The Mach Lite is a well-designed portable basket that sets up easily, folds up quickly and is easy to transport, and comes with a travel bag. If you will be transporting a basket on a regular basis, this is a good one to consider. It is not the best at grabbing discs, and you will have bounce backs, but it is not terrible for a practice round. After years of use, the basket still holds up well, even though has been used regularly.

Pros: Portability, good quality, reasonably grabby, ease to open and close

Cons: Needs to be set up on level ground, doesn’t hold discs like course baskets, the fabric basket makes discs react different than metal

Whether or not you add the Mach Lite to your list of baskets when you are shopping for one depends on how you will use the basket. If you will be transporting it to the park to putt on a regular basis, I would add this basket to the top of your list. If you are looking for something you will set up at home and only transport a couple times per year, I would go with a different choice. Then, maybe consider the Mach Lite as a second basket.

2- Black Hole Pro HD

The Black Hole Pro HD is another example of a great basket that is easy to disassemble and transport, but still offers amazing quality and durability. It is priced slightly higher than many of the less expensive baskets, but offers impressive quality and nearly course basket performance. Its heavier weight is due to thicker gauge metal used on the basket. The extra weight makes the Pro HD slightly more difficult to haul lift and transport. However, the extra weight means it is more durable than thinner gauge baskets.

Pros: Quality, ease of disassembly, catches discs very well

Cons: Extra cost, heavier weight



Since the Pro HD is not significantly more expensive than the Pro, it may be worth the extra few dollars to have a more heavy-duty basket. If you won’t be transporting it a lot, or are willing to lug around some extra pounds, the Black Hole Pro HD is a great choice for a practice basket.

1- Black Hole Pro

The best way to sum up the performance, cost, and ease of transport of the MVP Black Hole Pro is ‘balance’. The Pro is not so inexpensive that it suffers poor quality, but also won’t gouge its buyers. It is easy to move around your yard and to transport, but heavy-duty enough to last a long, long time.  You will get some bounce outs and occasional run-throughs, but those will be rare. The Pro is in the sweet spot of most of the things people are considering when shopping for a practice basket.

Pros: Cost, ease of transport, performance

Cons: Not as heavy-duty as high-end portables, weighs more than some



The Black Hole Pro performs great, is reasonably priced, is easy to disassemble and transport, and will last a long time with regular use. With its high quality at its amazing price point, it’s easy to see why the Pro is so popular.

Which basket is right for you?

Your choice of baskets will come down to a few factors that work for you: How much will you be transporting the basket, and how much room do you have to transport it? What is your budget for a basket? Will you be using the basket as a temp at tournaments and leagues? Will the weight of the basket be a factor in your purchase?

Once you determine the basket that suits your needs, stop by Infinite Discs to check out our supply of disc golf baskets, HERE

Note about basket inventory: Since our supplier’s inventories vary frequently, we can always list the baskets that we can drop-ship. If you are interested in one of the baskets that is not in our inventory, send us an email to see if we can have it drop-shipped directly to you.

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Ted is the Chief Writer at Infinite Discs. He is responsible for the State of Disc Golf Survey articles and most of the "best discs" posts. Ted runs all kinds of local disc golf leagues and tournaments and tournaments in Northern Utah.


  • I’ve got the black hole pro. Great basket. I wouldn’t want to take it anywhere, but great for my backyard when I want to bang some chains. Feels as good as any basket on the course.

    • I have a love hate relationship with my black hole precision basket. It’s tough on you and really helps you focus but it’s so damn hard to sink one! I like to switch over to a normal basket a lot just to remember that I am not THAT terrible at putting…

  • I have a Dynamic Discs Marksman practice basket. It is a very solidly built basket. It really causes you to focus on the placement of your putts because of how narrow the chains are compared to a full size basket. If your putt is high at all, it must be right on to stay in. The sweet spot is just over the cage and it still needs to be very close to center chains.

  • I am interested in the Mach Lite. I have a cheap Amazon basket that I use, don’t have the name listed any more from wear. Would like to get a basket that is portable for field work or camping.

  • I have two Chainstar Lite baskets. They are just a portable as any other standard basket out there. I’m very happy about how they catch. They catch basically the same as the Chainsatars installed on my home course. When my league does a safari round, people are much happier seeing my Lite’s instead of the fabric baskets we used to use.

    • I have an Axiom Lite and love it. Easy to take down and put back up. I have had it for about 2 years now with no issues. I would highly recommend this basket!

  • Have two Black Hole Pros myself! I bought one for myself a few years ago (basically still good as new), and another I got for Christmas. I didn’t have the heart to say that I already had one because I definitely wanted another haha

    One I keep outside in the shed, and the other is in the basement!

  • I have a DD marksman and am Innova travel discatcher. I love my marksman. Solidly built and makes hitting the sweet spot hard. But when you see a regular sized basket you think wow all those chains to catch. My travel basket is just for reps. My favorite baskets overall right now is the mvp black hole portal.

  • I am surprised the chainstar light wasn’t on the list!
    It’s a great quality basket and I feel like it is pretty fair on split outs.
    That would be my top rated one for practice

  • I have a long, skinny yard and I think I’d like the Dynamic Discs Recruit for it’s similarity to course baskets. Not needing to move it around too much helps justify the weight, and if I put the work in, and my game gets better, that would justify the cost to me.

  • Love Black hole! Relatively affordable and good quality!

  • I have a Discraft Chainstar Lite and an MVP Black Hole Pro HD 2. I prefer the Chainstar Lite between the two because I experience quite a few–seemingly–unnecessary spitouts on the Black Hole Pro HD 2.

  • I absolutely love my Black Hole Pro! I keep it in the backyard and practice any time I have excuse. Take the dog out, putt. Take the trash out, putt. Grill, putt. Makes all the difference in the world when I’m out playing a round. The chains and basket are just as good as anything out there.

  • I have a black hole. I really like it . A good putt always goes in. My only “issue” with it is I feel the basket is more shallow so larger disc, like my envy, have a tendency to pop out more often.

  • I have a DGA Mach lite that I love to take camping, but the black hole HD is probably the best value.

  • I have the Mach Lite and love it! Easy to throw in the trunk and practice anywhere. Especially love it while camping. If you are looking to hone in on accuracy, collapse the top of the basket and it becomes very similar to a marksman basket.

  • Best bang for your buck has to be the black hole pro. I have the axiom variety but I don’t think you get anything else that good for that price.

  • I have the innova skill shot. I’ve had it for a few years and it just works just fine. My dream basket would be a Mach x if I could have anything.

  • I just got a Black Hole Pro and I love it! It’s a little heavy but not too bad and catches discs better than my local course. It also is super easy to disassemble and reassemble!

  • I have an Axiom Pro HD that I like a lot! Portable with the MVP black hole bag and pretty sturdy for being a lighter weight portable basket. My buddy on the other hand has a prodigy t2 with the roller base. Probably my favorite way to get practice putts in because it feels like a legit basket i’d find on the course.

  • I’m fortunate to be using a Disc Catcher Traveler that a friend has lent me. While it’s nice to use I think I would get more bang from a practice basket that more closely resembles the course tier baskets.

  • I have a black hole pro and I love it. Very easy to take apart and transport when I need to take it somewhere in my car. Had mine for over a year and would never change it for any other portable basket.

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