Best Disc Golf Baskets of 2024

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It is not uncommon as a disc golf retailer to get asked for basket recommendations. Having ready access to a basket (and using it) is one of the best possible ways for any disc golfer to improve their disc golf skills. So, which basket would be the best for you? Well, that depends on a few factors. Having owned a number of different baskets, I can safely say that there are certain baskets that are better for certain situations. In this blog we’ll look at those factors and determine the best baskets, which will help you narrow down your choices. We also want to hear from you at the end, and will be giving out gift cards to random commenters.

Best Basket For You

One of the first questions that I ask someone who is looking for a recommendation for a basket is how the basket will mainly be used. If you are going to be setting up the basket in your backyard and at most moving around your yard, your basket needs will be different than if you will be hauling it to the course and using it for a temp hole from time to time.

I’ll group the baskets according their general type. The baskets will be sorted by Economy Baskets, Cloth Baskets, High-end Home Baskets, Narrow Baskets and Course Baskets. Then I will list the best for each type.

Best Economy Baskets

This is an entry level type of basket that is great for a first basket, a basket on a budget, or if you just want a basket but don’t want to spend much money. This level of basket does not have the quality nor disc catching ability that a more expensive basket. However, you can still develop your putting skills as much on an economy basket as a more expensive basket.

1 – Divergent Discs Portable Basket

The Divergent Discs Portable Basket is a nice, inexpensive basket that is easy to set up. It comes in several vibrant colors so you can choose your favorite. The basket has two rows of 12 zinc-coated chains for durability and function. Check out this popular basket today!

Green Streamline Lite Basket 2 – Axiom Lite/Streamline Lite/Black Hole Lite

The Lite baskets from MVP/Streamline/Axiom are similar in design and function. The Black Hole Lite is available in black, while the Streamline and Axiom versions come in several different colors. All three brands have 26 chains for improved stopping power. They are lighter, less expensive versions of the Pro series. They all set up easily without tools.

3 – Black Hole Pro/Axiom Pro

The Pro Basket is a step up from the Lite in both cost and quality. MVP Black Hole Pro BasketThe quality of the welds, electroplating, and design combine to give you a upper-level quality at an entry-level price. The Pro basket has 24 chains in a pattern to help minimize chain outs and run throughs, to improve your confidence.

Check out all of Infinite Discs’ portable baskets HERE

Best Cloth Baskets

Since portability is a major reason to purchase a basket, making the basket out of cloth will help make moving it around even easier. Cloth baskets fold up and are easy to carry. I’ve had my Mach Lite for nearly a decade and it still works fine.

1 – DGA Mach Lite

DGA Mach Lite Baskets

The design of the Mach Lite is impressive. It sets up in about a minute, and takes down in about the same. The included cloth bag makes it easy to transport. With the cloth basket you will make putts that you wouldn’t make on a metal basket, and run through the chains more, but if you’re looking for ease of transport, it’s worth it.


Innova Traveler Basket 2- Innova Traveler

If you like to practice putting and you have a bunch of putters, this is a basket to consider. It’s deep basket let’s you putt a dozen discs and they will sit deep enough that they won’t interfere with your putts. It is similar to the Mach Lite in its ability to catch discs, which isn’t the best. But since it is easy to haul around, that is a good trade off.

3 – Dynamic Discs Scout

Dynamic Discs Scout Basket

The chains on the Scout feel a little stiffer than the Mach Lite or the Traveler. If you have a fast putt, the chains will help stop your discs. If not, you may end up with more bounce outs than you would like. You definitely won’t have discs run through the chains. Like the other cloth baskets, the Scout sets up easily and at 24 pounds is easy to transport.

Best High-end Home Baskets

If you want to duplicate the performance of a course basket but don’t want to fork out the big bucks for one, these are some good baskets to consider. They are more durable and stop discs better than economy baskets. If you will be moving baskets around a lot these will hold up better. They usually still as easy to disassemble. If you are okay with the extra cost, these will last longer than cheaper baskets.

Black hole pro HD basket1- Axiom Pro HD/Black Hole Pro HD

Another step up from the Pro baskets, the Pro HD has additional features that bump it out of the economy range. It features thicker wire and heavier chains than the Pro. Naturally this makes it a little more difficult to carry around. Yet, it still disassembles in under a minute. Considering the quality improvements, this basket is not much more than the HD.

2- Innova Discatcher EZ

Innova DisCatcher EZ Basket

This high-end home basket features 24 hot-dip galvanized chains to catch your putts. It comes in three powder-coated colors to give you a little variety. It is designed to replicate the performance of a course basket, but at a much lower cost.



Innova Discatcher Sport 243- DisCatcher Sport 24

The DisCatcher Sport 24 is a high-quality basket that you can use at home for putting practice, and also as a temp basket on a course. It is easy to move around and set up. It features 18 chains in the outer row, and six on the inner. This is a good combination of disc stopping and run-through prevention. Requires a screwdriver for assembly/disassembly.


Check out all of Infinite Discs’ portable baskets HERE

Best Narrow Baskets

This genre of basket is designed to help you focus on a smaller target, then when you are playing on a regulation basket, it will seem bigger. I’ve had one in the past and I liked putting on it. I wouldn’t recommend one as a first basket. If you already have a regular basket, this would make a good second basket.

1- Dynamic Discs Marksman Lite

Dynamic Discs Marksman Lite Basket

This is a lighter and much less expensive basket than the Marksman. It has fewer chains and is lighter. It is still difficult to actually make it int the basket when putting. That’s kind of the point of this type of basket. Still, even fewer putts will stick in this basket vs the Marksman. If you’re okay with that then you’ll save quite a bit by going with this version of the Marksman.


MVP Black Hole Precision Basket2- Black Hole Precision

Like the other Black Hole baskets, the Precision is also easy to set up or take down – without tools. It has a single row of 12 chains in a narrow ring. The chains are course-weighted for more stopping power and fewer bounce outs.


3- ProBasket Skill

Latitude 64 ProBasket Skill Disc Golf Basket

The ProBasket Skill is a higher quality target basket at a higher price. It has 15 chains and will grab a few more putts than the other narrow baskets. If you are going to be moving the baskets around a lot, it would be worth it to have the more sturdy ProBasket. If not, save a few bucks and get one of the cheaper baskets.

Honorable Mention

Mach Shift 3-in-1 Basket 

The Mach Shift 3-in-1 basket

The Mach Shift is a hybrid basket that converts from a regular sized basket to a narrow basket. And if you really want to hone your focus, it drops down to become a shorter narrow basket! It has pretty good disc stopping ability as a full-sized basket and should be considered as an option if you’re thinking about getting a narrow basket.

Best Course Baskets

These baskets are professional level portable baskets. They are heavy-duty, and heavy. If you want to mimic all of the benefits of a course basket at home, these are the baskets for you. You’ll get durability and disc-grabbing power. Plus, if you need to add a hole to an existing course, these baskets will fill in nicely.

1- Dynamic Discs Recruit

Dynamic Discs Recruit Basket

Weighing in at 60 pounds, you’ll be glad that the Dynamic Discs Recruit comes with a wheel on the base. It has 26 heavy-duty chains to grab your discs. With tools you can break down the basket for transport, and it will fit nicely in your trunk. This basket is great for putting practice because it performs just like a professional course basket.


Latitude 64 ProBasket Trainer Basket2- ProBasket Trainer

Approved for sanctioned tournaments up to B-Tier. The ProBasket Trainer has two rows of 13 chains each to catch and hold your putts. It is a top-tier basket that is similar to the best course baskets. The ProBasket comes apart for easier transport.


Check out all of Infinite Discs’ portable baskets HERE

This blog gives you some ideas about the options available for you. By considering what you will be using the basket for, and how much you want to spend, you can pick a basket that will work for you. Keep in mind, if you are practicing your putts on even the cheapest basket, you will still be improving!

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The Best Disc Golf Baskets – Top 5 Portable Practice Baskets

I’ve discovered that the times in my life that I’ve hit the most putts in games and leagues have been when I am practicing putting regularly. Not surprising. However, sometimes it is tough to carve out enough time to drive to a course to get in the putting reps. Owning a basket gives you a convenient way to get in scores of putts every day.  Do that on a regular basis and over time you will see more and more putts starting to drop during leagues, tournaments, and casual rounds. Enter: the practice basket! We’ll look at the best disc golf baskets and determine which will be best for you.

Best Disc Golf Baskets

Today we will look at the top disc golf baskets by sales, features, popularity, and cost.  We’ll examine the qualities of each basket and rank them accordingly. This guide will help you weigh the pros and cons of each basket so you can decide which will work best for you and your particular situation and needs.

Having the best professional-grade basket still won’t help you improve if you don’t use it regularly. Having a nice basket that you can practice with definitely makes it easier and gives you a little more motivation to putt than using a basket that rarely holds a putt. With that in mind, let’s look at the best baskets for practicing at home.

5- Dynamic Discs Recruit

Okay, let me just say flat out that I’ve spent a lot of time putting on this basket and I love it! I consider it to be about the best made, closest to a course quality basket that you can buy in a portable. It catches a disc well, is solidly built, looks great, and even has a wheel on the base to help you move it around. I’ll talk about some of the things to consider which might steer you away from this basket in a minute, but if those aren’t an issue then this is the basket for you.

Pros: Excellent quality, 26 disc-grabbing chains, attached wheel for ease of movement, will last you a long time, even with heavy use.

Cons: Price, weight, tools needed for disassembly/assembly.



Although I’m listing the cost in the ‘con’ section, I do so only because it is more than the other baskets on our list. You could get two of some baskets for the price of this one basket. If you want the best quality basket on the market and either won’t be transporting it much, or are willing to deal with the extra size and weight, then look into the Recruit. It will last a lifetime. If you are looking for a basket that will get transported a lot, you might want to look at some of the other baskets on the list. They would be easier to tear down and haul to and from the park or course.

4- Axiom Lite

(Streamline Lite, Black Hole Lite) Although this is an entry-level class of basket, it still has a lot of chains and some good disc-grabbing power. It is easy to assemble/disassemble and its light weight makes it easy to transport. It still takes up a decent amount of room, but I can fit one in the back seat of my Accord or in the trunk. The Lite baskets are great if you regularly move them around your yard or basement. At that price point you can get two baskets for the price of one Recruit!

Pros: Weight, portability, cost, tool-less assembly/disassembly.

Cons: Chains and cage are lighter weight than other baskets, you will have spit outs, run throughs, and bounce backs on this basket, although not all the time.

The Axiom Lite, Streamline Lite, and Black Hole Lite baskets are perfect for a first basket, people on a budget or who don’t want to spend a lot for a practice basket, and for people who will be using the basket at home and don’t need course-quality baskets. If you will be using the baskets on a temp course on a regular basis, I would step up to a heavier basket. Even with the lighter chains and metal, the Lite baskets are great for at-home use.

3 – Mach Lite

I’m always happy to talk about the Mach Lite because I’ve owned one for many years and have recommended the basket to many customers. The Mach Lite is a well-designed portable basket that sets up easily, folds up quickly and is easy to transport, and comes with a travel bag. If you will be transporting a basket on a regular basis, this is a good one to consider. It is not the best at grabbing discs, and you will have bounce backs, but it is not terrible for a practice round. After years of use, the basket still holds up well, even though has been used regularly.

Pros: Portability, good quality, reasonably grabby, ease to open and close

Cons: Needs to be set up on level ground, doesn’t hold discs like course baskets, the fabric basket makes discs react different than metal

Whether or not you add the Mach Lite to your list of baskets when you are shopping for one depends on how you will use the basket. If you will be transporting it to the park to putt on a regular basis, I would add this basket to the top of your list. If you are looking for something you will set up at home and only transport a couple times per year, I would go with a different choice. Then, maybe consider the Mach Lite as a second basket.

2- Black Hole Pro HD

The Black Hole Pro HD is another example of a great basket that is easy to disassemble and transport, but still offers amazing quality and durability. It is priced slightly higher than many of the less expensive baskets, but offers impressive quality and nearly course basket performance. Its heavier weight is due to thicker gauge metal used on the basket. The extra weight makes the Pro HD slightly more difficult to haul lift and transport. However, the extra weight means it is more durable than thinner gauge baskets.

Pros: Quality, ease of disassembly, catches discs very well

Cons: Extra cost, heavier weight



Since the Pro HD is not significantly more expensive than the Pro, it may be worth the extra few dollars to have a more heavy-duty basket. If you won’t be transporting it a lot, or are willing to lug around some extra pounds, the Black Hole Pro HD is a great choice for a practice basket.

1- Black Hole Pro

The best way to sum up the performance, cost, and ease of transport of the MVP Black Hole Pro is ‘balance’. The Pro is not so inexpensive that it suffers poor quality, but also won’t gouge its buyers. It is easy to move around your yard and to transport, but heavy-duty enough to last a long, long time.  You will get some bounce outs and occasional run-throughs, but those will be rare. The Pro is in the sweet spot of most of the things people are considering when shopping for a practice basket.

Pros: Cost, ease of transport, performance

Cons: Not as heavy-duty as high-end portables, weighs more than some



The Black Hole Pro performs great, is reasonably priced, is easy to disassemble and transport, and will last a long time with regular use. With its high quality at its amazing price point, it’s easy to see why the Pro is so popular.

Which basket is right for you?

Your choice of baskets will come down to a few factors that work for you: How much will you be transporting the basket, and how much room do you have to transport it? What is your budget for a basket? Will you be using the basket as a temp at tournaments and leagues? Will the weight of the basket be a factor in your purchase?

Once you determine the basket that suits your needs, stop by Infinite Discs to check out our supply of disc golf baskets, HERE

Note about basket inventory: Since our supplier’s inventories vary frequently, we can always list the baskets that we can drop-ship. If you are interested in one of the baskets that is not in our inventory, send us an email to see if we can have it drop-shipped directly to you.

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Top 5 Inexpensive Portable Disc Golf Baskets of 2019

In this blog I will discuss the top 5 most popular, inexpensive portable disc golf baskets for 2019. I hear a lot of people talk about the expense of getting a basket as though they are about to make a major purchase. While it is certainly possible to spend many hundreds of dollars on a new basket, it is also possible to get a quality practice basket relatively inexpensively. One of the best ways to improve in this sport is to practice putting regularly, and the best way to do that is to have a basket (or two) on hand for daily practice. So, lets jump in and look at the top five most popular baskets for 2019.

Top 5 Best Portable Disc Golf Baskets for 2019

Thinking about improving your game? Check out these top-selling portable baskets:

  1. DGA Mach Lite
  2. MVP Black Hole Pro
  3. MVP Black Hole Practice
  4. Axiom Pro
  5. Dynamic Discs Recruit

DGA Mach Lite Disc Golf Basket

The best-selling basket for 2019, and one of my personal favorites, is the DGA Mach Lite. This is a well-designed, inexpensive practice basket that is easy to set up and take down. It’s tough to beat the Mach Lite for portability and cost. No tools are necessary for set up. And the chains are  grabby for a portable. It also comes with a bag to carry the folded basket. I’ve had mine for about 5 years and it is still in good shape. The Mach Lite is a great basket if you will be transporting it from time to time.

MVP Black Hole Pro Disc Golf Basket

The next most popular portable disc golf basket is the MVP Black Hole Pro. The Black Hole Pro is a basket that is easy to set up and take down without tools. It has two rows of 12 chains to catch and hold your disc. The Black Hole Pro is a great example of getting a well-made basket at a reasonable price. The Pro is nearly the same quality level as a course basket. It is great if you want a good, grabby basket to practice with, and also want a great basket to use for temp holes during leagues or tournaments.

Black Hole Practice Disc Golf Basket

The third best selling basket is the little brother to the Black Hole Pro, and that is the Black Hole Practice basket. This basket is has lighter chains and no upper band compared to the Black Hole Pro. The Practice is lighter and easier to move around, and for a practice basket it is still grabs discs quite well. The Black Hole Practice is good for using at home, and occasionally using it as a temp basket.

Axiom Pro Disc Golf Basket

The Axiom Pro basket is a great choice, offering quality and portability at a good price. It is powder coated and comes in bright colors. The Axiom Pro easily sets up and breaks down without tools. The heavy duty chains provide good disc-grabbing power. The Axiom has 24 chains, and is another basket to consider if you want to practice at home, but still use as a quality temp basket for leagues or tournaments.

Dynamic Discs Recruit Portable Basket

Rounding out the top five portable baskets is the Dynamic Discs Recruit. This beefy basket is slightly larger than most practice baskets. Its two rows of chains will stop a speeding disc in a hurry. To aid in moving the basket around, the base has a wheel attached. While the Recruit is priced higher than the rest of the top five, it is also the sturdiest and heaviest. It does need tools to take it apart to move, and it is heavier to lift once disassembled. However, it does come apart relatively easy. The quality of the Recruit is exceptional. To be that well-built and sturdy at that price point is impressive. I’ve spent many hours putting on a Recruit, and I love the basket. It’s a great basket if you want a top-of-the-line quality at a reasonable price and you won’t be breaking it down frequently. If you are looking for something that you can transport frequently, I would consider something a little smaller/lighter.

It certainly is a good time to be in the market for a portable disc golf basket. The quality of the available baskets at the low price points means you can get a basket to improve your game without spending a ton of money. Check out our selection of baskets today and get on your way to lowering your scores.

Check out our blog about Economy Backpack Bags here: