The Best State For Disc Golf

We recently asked our fans “Which state is the best for disc golf?”

We received replies from several bias individuals bragging up their own state, or in less common cases, putting their vote to another state. Either way, the visual representation below does accurately reflect some of the best places for disc golf.

Best States for Disc Golf

The more responses for the state, the more vibrant the shade of green.
Why is Hawaii red? Because they received one negative vote where the respondent said “Not Hawaii!”

Question: If I am not in Michigan, California or Texas, then what am I doing?
1) I should be packing my bags and moving, because I live to disc golf.
2) I’m working to make disc golf better right in my backyard!

How can you improve the sport in your area?

There are many ways to make your area better! The first step is to become involved in organized disc golf. Most areas have a club with at least a few members, and those clubs organize and lobby efforts to improve the game locally. They organize fund-raising for courses, talk to city representatives, and bring better overall awareness to the sport. One of the best ways to find a club is to look on Disc Golf Scene, or on Facebook.

We want to know, what are you doing to help grow the sport?? Tell us below!

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Did You Know

We can get Innova DISCatcher baskets to your city for wholesale at only $325 each! For an 18 hole course that’s $5850, which is a drop in the bucket to many Parks & Rec departments budgets! Most of them are scratching their heads wondering how to get better use of their parks, and disc golf is the answer![/box]


  • Our club has no problem getting new courses in, it does boil down to the government entities having the money to pay for the course usually though. we have put assisted in at least 7 new courses in the last 6 years. we have 4 more waiting in the wings. Once the DNR installed their first course the state of michigan discovered the value of disc golf courses. our club has been around for over 20 years and installed or been a part of every course in our county and some outside of our county base.

  • The local city needs a disc golf course. I need help on the how to start up. What’s the best ways to become sponsored and make CA, San Diego known for more than its great weather and people? Yes I know that Morley filed is great but it’s time to actually be innovative ad expand the awareness. I have the perfect park/location that has a little bit of everything to offer even the best players or not.

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