TOBU Discs and Disc Tracking Technology

TOBU is a disc manufacturer that has unleashed the first PDGA approved discs with built-in electronics for disc tracking. How many times have you been playing a rough course and wished that your disc had some kind of locator or tracking device? TOBU set out to fulfill that wish, and they now have two drivers, plus a mountable module for your own favorite discs!

The CHARGE is an overstable driver that will make a predictable fade at the end of any throw released at moderate speed. When thrown with more power, it will fly in a beautiful S-curve pattern, gently fading back for great distance. The Charge comes with molding on the disc that has a preloaded Tracking Module so that the disc can be tracked and recovered using smart phone Bluetooth technology.

Flight Ratings :
Speed : 9
Glide : 4
Turn : -1
Fade : 2

The POWER ROLLER is an understable fairway driver that is easy to throw for new players. Beginners can control the disc easily, getting straighter, more accurate shots without needing a powerful release. More experienced players will find the disc turning into a roller when thrown with power. The Power Roller has molding with a preloaded Tracking Module so that the disc can be tracked and recovered using smart phone Bluetooth technology.

Flight Ratings :
Speed : 8
Glide : 4
Turn : -3
Fade : 1

TOBU wasn’t satisfied with simply sticking components onto existing discs. Though they do offer the Seeker Module as a separate disc accessory that can be mounted onto any disc, they wanted to create discs with perfect weight distribution and design to fly perfectly with the built-in module.

Thus the Charge and Power Roller were designed with these additional electronics in mind. A lot of engineering time and effort was put into the design so that the total package would be ideal. The discs are made from high quality, medical grade plastic that is among the best on the market.

The discs also feature a textured inside rim with three separate sections of varied degrees of texture to work with any player’s preferred grip. There is a smooth section that feels like most discs on the market, then a lightly textured section of inner rim for those who like more grip, and a third, more obviously textured section for great grip against the elements like rain or humidity.

If you have a favorite disc that you don’t want to lose, you can purchase the Seeker Module separately. It comes with a handy, circular template tool to help you center it on the bottom of the flight plate of your disc. However, it should be noted that discs which have the Seeker Module added are no longer approved to be used in PDGA sanctioned events. The module may also effect the flight pattern of your disc, and will add about 8 grams to the weight of your disc with batteries installed.

The Seeker will work with any iPhone or Android device. Using Bluetooth technology, this tracking module sends a signal to your device to help you locate your disc when it gets lost. The flashing LED and loud beeping sound that give you the maximum ability to find your disc. It has super-strong mounting tape and a strong casing so that the module is not damaged or lost during disc use. The module works exclusively with the TOBU app.

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