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Top Disc Golf Drivers

The average disc golfer doesn’t want to try EVERY disc on the market just to find out what the best discs are. We’ve had discs on our site rated and reviewed by hundreds of avid disc golfers to help you determine the best golf discs. If you’re looking for the perfect disc, this is the place to start…

Top Rated Distance Drivers

When it comes to highly rated distance drivers, understable discs hold the top spots, and Latitude 64/Westside discs are highly regarded.

The Saint and Flow have the best overall ratings with nearly every reviewer saying these discs are “must haves.” It’s also interesting that the discs with the highest ratings are generally understable/stable and in the 9-11 speed category. This is likely due to the fact that the average disc golfer isn’t powerful enough for the ultra high speed discs. Moral of the story: If you don’t consistently throw for more than 350 feet, you’ll probably be happiest with a moderate speed distance driver.

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Worst Rated Disc

In case you want to buy a disc that nobody likes, the Innova Groove is the one to choose. This is the only disc we have that has double digit, negative ratings.

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  • You guys should pt up some discs to be rated even though you don’t carry them. Gateways Apache and warrior are two of my favorites, but they aren’t here for me to review or see what others think of them.

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