Understable Discs

An understable disc is a type of disc golf disc that turns to the right (for a right-handed, backhand throw) when initially thrown with enough speed. These discs are often referred to as “flippy” because of their nature of flipping up during the high speed portion of the flight. This distinguishes understable discs from stable and overstable discs which fly straight or turn left respectively under the same conditions.

The flight characteristics of disc stability are largely due to the shape of the disc. Discs with a low parting line that force the air to go faster over the disc make it more understable. This shape causes the disc to turn and glide more, greatly affecting its flight path and behavior on the disc golf course.

Rim Profile of Understable Disc Golf Discs

Benefits of Understable Discs in Disc Golf

The increased turn and glide of understable discs can lead to greater distance potential, particularly for players with less arm speed or beginners looking for easier control. It also allows for unique shot shapes to navigate various obstacles allowing players to execute a variety of shots such as anhyzers (curving to the right) or rollers (rolling along the ground).

Additionally, flippy discs allow for creative shot shaping, which can be useful for navigating through tricky courses or bending around obstacles.

Choosing Understable Discs

When choosing an understable disc, several factors need to be considered. First, the player’s skill level and throwing technique need to be considered. Beginners and players with slower arm speeds will often benefit and get more distance by using understable discs.

The disc’s speed, stability, and weight are also crucial factors. A disc with a higher speed rating requires more power to fly “understable.” Light weight discs tend to fly more understable than heavier discs of the same mold.

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Most Recommended for Beginners

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Flight ratings of understable Sphinx

Tips for Maximizing the Potential

To get the most out of understable discs, players should focus on their grip and release techniques. A smooth, clean release is key for maximizing distance and control. Trying to power a throw leads to inconsistencies with these discs. Throwing angles and release points can also be adjusted for specific shot shapes, but very understable discs usually require a hyzer release.

Players can leverage the understable disc’s natural flight characteristics for different lines and curves. Regular practice with understable discs can improve a player’s disc golf skills, particularly in shot versatility and control. Many times the only way to get the birdie on a technical throw is with a hyzer flip shot with an understable disc.

Challenges and Limitations

Despite their benefits, understable discs can also present some challenges. They easily oversteer or flip over in headwinds, making it harder to control their flight. Players who rely on understable discs to get distance have a more difficult time playing in windy conditions. It’s beneficial to develop a balanced bag of discs, including understable, stable, and overstable discs, to cater to various shot requirements and conditions.

In addition to wind, cold temperatures can also influence the flight of understable discs making them fly even more understable.

It’s very important to practice throwing your understable discs in a variety of different situations to know how your discs fly.

Do Discs Change Stability Over Time?


Disc golf discs typically become more understable as they age and undergo wear, commonly referred to as being “beat in.” As they collide with trees, rocks, and various obstacles, the disc’s shape gradually softens, which enhances its understable characteristics.
Additionally, the flight stability of a disc can be influenced by its stiffness, which may vary with temperature. For instance, a disc might follow a different flight path in cold conditions compared to its trajectory on hot summer days.

Choosing the Best Understable Discs for You

Understable discs offer numerous benefits and versatility in disc golf. They can enhance your game by providing increased distance, maneuverability, and shot variety. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, don’t shy away from exploring and experimenting with understable discs. They might just be the game-changer you’ve been looking for.