Vibram FREE Hat Christmas Promotion

Vibram Disc Golf  is stepping it up with their best holiday promotion yet!

This year, customers who purchase at least four Vibram discs are eligible to receive a genuine Grassroots California Hat. This stylish hat has a custom silk lining and a hidden pocket. There are two different hat variations to choose from in sizes S/M or L/XL.

4 Vibrams for $60!

To make this promotion even more enticing, you can get your 4 Vibram discs from Infinite Discs for less than $60!

Enter Discount Code: Vibram4for60 at checkout.


How to Redeem Your Vibram Hat

There are just two steps required to claim your FREE Vibram hat:

  1. Purchase at least 4 Vibram discs between November 19th and December 31st.
  2. Complete this form, and upload your receipt on Vibram’s website

Vibram will ship your free hat directly to you. Select the four Vibram discs you want here!

If you haven’t thrown Vibram Rubber before, now is the perfect time to test it out. Unlike other disc brands, Vibram discs are made of rubber. They are available in three different blends with X-Link Soft being floppy-fold in half soft. Here are a few Vibram discs you might want to try based on our Vibram Disc sales:

Top Selling Vibram Discs

  1. X-Link Medium Lace – High Speed Distance Driver
  2. X-Link Firm Lace Firm version of popular Lace
  3. X-Link Medium unLace – Ultra Understable Driver
  4. X-Link Firm unLace– Firm Ultra Understable Driver
  5. X-Link Medium Ibex – Midrange
  6. X-Link Medium Summit – Straight flying putt & approach disc
  7. X-Link Firm O-Lace – Overstable Driver
  8. X-Link Medium Valley – Fairway Driver
  9. X-Link Medium Ridge – Stable putt and approach disc
  10. X-Link Firm Solace – Very Overstable Distance Driver



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