What’s in the Bag of a Level 13 Grandmaster?

If you tested nearly every golf disc made, what would be in your bag?

Most disc golfers get comfortable with a few discs (often from the same manufacturer) and stick with them. Even top pros don’t try the majority of discs on the market because they’re limited to discs made by the manufacturer that sponsors them.

You’re probably not going to test every disc before you decide which discs to keep. If you did, your bag would probably have a completely different assortment of discs.

Our number one reviewer, Andrew Belet, has tested and reviewed nearly every golf disc on the market. He is (currently) our only Level 13 Grandmaster reviewer. Here’s what’s in his bag:


Midrange Discs

Fairway Drivers

  • Legacy Patriot – Understable driver, straight throws out of the woods.
  • MVP Neutron Shock (3) – Overstable fairway driver, wind fighter, tomahawk throws.
  • MVP Volt – more distance
  • Innova T-Bird (3) (CE Plastic, Metal Flake, Star TeeBird) – Straight shots with fade.

Distance Drivers


  • I may be a bit biased, but I would say that is the greatest in the bag video of all time.

  • Interesting. I agree with most of these choices, but I’d swap a bolt in for that tern, and a nuke OS for the stiletto. And add in a Summit for short range puts (I use the Pure for long range).

    Totally agree with the volt, shock, destroyer, and the 2 prodigy mid ranges.

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