Winter Disc Golf

Although many people think disc golf goes into hibernation during the winter months, the sport actually does not die when the air gets chilly! In fact, quite the opposite. Local leagues and clubs gather throughout the winter and continue to compete on a weekly basis. Tournaments, known as “ice bowls”, are hosted during winter months and profits from the competition are typically donated to local charities and food banks.

Don’t stop playing disc golf just because the days are dark and the weather is cold.


  • Going to try an ice bowl for the first time on feb 2nd! It will also be my first competitive event! Looking for a sponsor. 🙂

  • Gotta love the winter golf. So far this year been out in the subzero to mid 40’s. Been out in a foot of snow to frozen tundra and hard pack snow. Also been out while snowing and raining, just about seen all that winter can bring. Best part is night golf in the snow.

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