2016 Utah Open Fundraiser Discs

The 2016 Utah Open will be held May 13-15 at Mulligan’s Golf Course (Avery Jenkins’ picture of Hole 18 was featured on this year’s Innova Disc Golf Calander), and is set to be the biggest disc golf event in Utah history! We at Infinite Discs are proud to announce that we will be sponsoring this stellar event. What does that mean for you?

That means you now have access to some of the sickest Innova discs that we have ever seen in the Infinite Discs warehouse. This includes color glow, swirly star, gummy champion, and more! Here is a full list of all the Utah Open discs. These will be gone so fast! So grab some while you can and support this awesome event!

****UPDATE: We just got in a new addition to the Utah Open family–The Champion Colossus! The Colossus is Innova’s first 14 speed driver, and the stock run is only available in GStar. Make sure to grab one of these fundraiser discs while they last, because they won’t last long!

UO_Champ_ColossusChampion Colossus

UO_MF_ApeMetal Flake Champion Ape

UO_Gummy_AviarGummy Champion Aviar

UO_MF_AviarMetal Flake Champion Aviar

UO_CG_BossColor Glow Champion Boss

UO_Champ_DestroyerChampion Destroyer

UO_CG_DestroyerColor Glow Champion Destroyer

UO_MF_DestroyerMetal Flake Champion Destroyer

UO_Star_DestroyerStar Destroyer

UO_XG_Glow_DestroyerXG (Xtra Gummy) Champion Destroyer

UO_CG_FirebirdColor Glow Champion Firebird

UO_MF_FirebirdMetal Flake Champion Firebird

UO_Swirly_FirebirdSwirly Star Firebird

UO_MF_LeopardMetal Flake Champion Leopard

UO_CG_Leopard3Color Glow Champion Leopard3

UO_MF_MakoMetal Flake Champion Mako

UO_MF_RoadrunnerMetal Flake Champion Roadrunner

UO_Champ_Roc3Champion Roc3

UO_CG_Roc3Color Glow Champion Roc3

UO_Swirly_Roc3Swirly Star Roc3

UO_MF_SidewinderMetal Flake Champion Sidewinder

UO_CG_TeeBirdColor Glow Champion TeeBird

UO_Star_TeeBirdStar TeeBird

UO_Champ_Glow_TeeBird3Glow Champion TeeBird3

UO_MF_TeeDevilMetal Flake TeeDevil

UO_CG_TernColor Glow Champion Tern

UO_Gummy_TernGummy Champion Tern

UO_MF_TernMetal Flake Champion Tern

UO_CG_ThunderbirdColor Glow Champion Thunderbird

UO_MF_WhippetMetal Flake Champion Whippet

UO_Star_WraithStar Wraith


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