5 Months Into the Infinite Discs VIP Club

The First Five Discs

The Infinite Discs VIP Club accepted its first subscribers in May 2016 and began our collector’s disc-of-the-month program. The intent of the VIP Club has been simple since the start– to introduce players to new discs featuring unique, collectible stamps. Each disc is produced in a limited quantity so that the VIP Club members have something truly unique in their bag and in their collection. The monthly featured discs come from different manufacturers and vary in style and purpose. We’ve watched the feedback so far and have found that many of the VIP Club members actually hang their discs on a wall rather than throw them, because they are so excited about the look of the discs. Here is an opportunity to look at the discs that have been featured each month from May to September:

vip_mayUndertaker by Discraft in Titanium plastic

The first disc, featured in May, started off the club right. It was the new Undertaker fairway driver, which has been Discraft’s best-selling new release since the Nuke. At the time of the VIP release, the 2016 Undertaker had not yet been released to general retail outlets in Titanium plastic, so the VIP Club members got to feel and throw it first. Of course, the stamp is a limited edition, only featured on the VIP Club edition of the disc.  All of the VIP Club discs were a fantastic silver Titianium plastic with black stamp which really popped. Infinite Discs ordered more of these than of the subsequent monthly discs because we were not sure at the time of arranging the featured disc how many VIP subscribers would sign up. Thus, it is not only labeled on the stamp as Infinite Discs VIP Series #1, but it is also the only disc that has a quantity of 500. The next few discs are all numbered with a quantity of 300.

vip_juneDefender by Dynamic Discs in DyeMax plastic

The featured disc for June was the Defender, which was the newest 2016 distance driver from Dynamic Discs at the time. It had yet been seen on full-color DyeMax, and the VIP Club members received a really cool image designed just for the club edition. This high-speed, overstable distance driver is a great disc for experienced players. But even if it is “too much disc” or “too overstable” for new players, it proved attractive enough to add to any disc enthusiast’s collection. It will hold a place as the first full-color VIP Club disc, though it will not be the last.

vip_julyDestiny by Westside in Tournament plastic

The featured disc for July was the new 2016 distance driver release from Westside called the Destiny. It was featured on a black Tournament plastic, though the discs that arrived from the manufacturer varied from stark black to swirly grey. All of them featured a unique, Tarot-influenced pink foil stamp design. Several VIP Club members have since commented that the Destiny was a disc that they ended up throwing frequently after discovering it through the club. It is a very player-friendly high-speed distance driver that can get great distance even for intermediate players.

vip_augustA4 by Prodigy in 750 Plastic

After featuring a fairway driver and two distance drivers, the VIP Club members got something completely different in August. The A4 was one of Prodigy’s hot 2016 new releases and is a hybrid disc, blending elements of a putter and a mid-range disc. The “A” stands for “approach” and it is a very good disc for short-range approaches to the basket. The disc was featured in 750 plastic, the most premium blend offered by Prodigy, and the A4 had not yet been offered in 750 plastic at the time of the VIP Club release. The stamp featured a steampunk theme. This was the first disc in the VIP Series which came in a variation of disc colors and stamp colors. Thus different club members received different color combinations.

vip_septemberFD “Jackal” by Discmania in Metal Flake C-Line plastic

The featured disc for September was the first disc in the series that was not a new 2016 release. Instead, it was one of the top-selling discs from the growing Discmania catalog, a fairway driver called the FD. The disc was originally called the “Jackal”, so the stamp featured a ferocious Jackal image. Though not a new disc mold, the FD had not yet been released in Metal Flake C-Line plastic, so the VIP Club members got the first taste of this plastic blend with the FD. Once again, the disc and stamp colors varied, so different club members received differing color combinations.  We received many messages inquiring about the identity of the September disc because many players are unaware that Innova manufactures all Discmania discs. Thus it has the Innova factory information embossed on the back. “C-Line” is the Discmania name for “Champion” plastic, so it is basically a Metal Flake Champion FD.

VIP Club Extras

Though the discs are the key focus of the VIP Club, those who have joined have also received a few extra items and benefits as members. For example, each new member of the VIP Club has received a metal bag tag which can be collected, or used in bag tag challenges when playing against other VIP Club members. Members have also received VIP Club towels, key chains, patches, and stickers. These little items are tossed in as a “thank you” to the subscribers and to help them identify themselves on the course as a member of the Infinite Discs VIP Club.

VIP Club members are also given exclusive access to a VIP-only store where they can pick up special edition discs that show up at the Infinite Discs warehouse, but at a discount. For example, some members have taken advantage of the store to buy discounted limited editions Buzzz discs, mini Wizards, and tournament stamped versions of the Destiny, etc. Though still in an early building stage, the VIP Store is a feature that we hope will be a tool for the disc collectors and enthusiasts in the club to get fun discs cheaper than they could on our already inexpensive website.

The monthly subscription cost for the VIP Club is $19.99 which covers the cost of the disc, the shipping, and any extra bonus material. There are some players who have commented that they would rather buy the discs of their preference from the regular store rather than pay for a monthly mystery disc, and we love that idea! If you’re a player that already knows what you want and you aren’t interested in collecting limited editions, then the huge selection of more than 22,000 discs in Infinite Discs online inventory is the perfect place for you. But if you like the joy of opening a surprise each month, and you love getting your hands on limited editions, then the VIP Club was created with you in mind! We hope that each disc ends up maintaining, if not increasing in value over time, and we’re still working to make it exciting each and every month.

Looking Forward at the VIP Club

We absolutely love and thank the VIP Club members who have subscribed so far. Whether you’ve been in for all five months, or you were in for a month or two, or if you barely joined, YOU have helped to make it possible for Infinite Discs to create something new and special. You have made it possible for us to approach disc manufacturers with some really great ideas. We hope to keep growing the club over time so that even more manufacturers will see the value in presenting their newest and best discs in new ways so that the enthusiastic players and supporters in the club can benefit from their membership. The more we are represented by large numbers of disc enthusiasts, the more we can push the limits in the future.

Heading into the final months of 2016, we are really excited about the discs that we’ve planned and arranged to have produced for us. These discs often take months of planning and creative effort. The upcoming disc for October 2016 will be disc #6 in the series and it is being specially manufactured for the club by the disc maker. It will fit the mood of Halloween and we are confident that it will stand out. Plus, it will be a beginner-friendly disc, as well as being a great utility disc for advanced throwers. It will be easy to throw at pretty much any level.

In November, we will see our first non-hybrid mid-range disc (the A4 was a hybrid). Again, it is being produced to our specifications by the manufacturer and we’re excited about it. It is another featured 2016 new release.

In December we have something very special planned to celebrate the holiday season. We won’t ruin the surprise, but from the moment the VIP Club members open the package, they’ll be treated to a special disc golf experience. We’re especially excited that we’ll be presenting some high-quality discs that are not as well known to the general disc golf public in the USA. It will be fun, it will make club members smile, and it will spotlight the growth of the sport worldwide.


The Infinite Discs VIP Club currently has a limited number of spots available. So, those who desire to join need to be added to a waiting list. As previous members leave the club, we invite others to take the vacant spot. You can read more about the club here.

If you would like to be added to the waiting list for a subscription spot to open, then please email todd@infinitediscs.com with the subject header “I Want to Be a VIP”.  You will receive a confirmation that you are on the waiting list. As soon as a spot opens, you’ll be notified.


  • I have been apart of this club for all 5 disc and I love them all. Two have found a place on the wall, but the other three went straight in the bag. The disc are great and the VIP store is a nice bonus. Looking forward to next months disc 😀

  • I was very excited when Infinite first announced the VIP idea, joining immediately. With each month, I have become even more enthralled. Every package not only has an exciting and unique disc – most of which have come in a plastic blend currently unavailable – but the packages also contain sweet little extras. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience of the Infinite Discs VIP Club. It’s been a great ride so far, and I look forward to all the great releases in the future!


  • The VIP Club rocks! I’ve never been let down. I choose to keep all my VIP discs unthrown and in good collectors condition. I would highly recommend this club to any disc golf enthusiasts that love limited edition surprises.

  • Was able to just join this month and loved the first package. Can’t wait to see what else comes!

  • As a VIP, how do I get access to the VIP only store?

  • So excited for the package every month! What a great program!

    My personal favorite has been the recent Discmania Metal Flake C-FD. This is a disc I have bagged since I first got my hands on it, and with the VIP release, looks better than ever!

    If Discmania is smart, they’ll purchase Infinite’s “Jackal” stamp and replace the current stamp. Infinite KILLED it with this stamp!

    5 discs in and I couldn’t be happier. Even discs I don’t throw come in playoff blends that are currently unavailable and have some incredible stamps. The VIP is more rewarding than even my own high expectations had hoped for. Well done, gents.


  • These guys are truly awesome! I joined immediately when it was announced and have loved it! It’s so much fun being surprised each month. I have received some real gems I likely would never have given a shot. I’m super excited about the next few coming!

  • Definitely enjoying all of these awesome discs!

  • Thank you for this post. I joined this month and just about went crazy trying to figure out what disc the Jackal was. So far I love the club and look forward to continuing each month

  • I love the club, all the discs are awesome and Todd has done a great job with any questions. I bag the destiny and A4, the A4 was a great surprise and throws even better than expected. The stamps are epic and it is always instantly a good day when I get home from work and their is a package at the door!

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