Team Infinite — November Update

Hey Infinite Discs Readers! You may be wondering where the team results went, and I can tell you they are back! Let’s see what our team members were up to since the last post on 07 November 2016.


William Trimble enjoys shorts and tee-shirt weather in Florida at the Chainhawk Open

Ratings Updates– I have listed everyone that received a ratings bump in November or December, or both!

Karissa Donaldson #83450: From 665 to 719; +54
Andrew “Big Country” Belet #55114: From 854 to 872 to 873; +19
Jonathan Grimes #82885: From 910 to 927 (Nov.); +17
Rodney Tripp #78186: From 933 to 937 to 944; +11
Holly Saugling #78655: From 419 (Oct.) to 430 (Dec.); +11
Casey Lee #63411: From 928 to 933 to 937; +9
Alec Falzone #57550: From 954 to 960 to 961; +7
Robby Harris #43412: From 943 (Nov.) to 949 (Dec.); +6
John Saugling #68406: From 893 to 899 (Nov.); +6
Paul Kb #76745 From 939 to 944 (Dec.); +5
Taylor Salanoa #76083: From 929 (Nov.) to 934 (Dec.); +5
William Trimble #71368: From 882 to 887 (Nov.); +5
Alex Sakash #87695: From 881 to 886 (Nov.); +5
Cameron Beck #78346: From 867 to 872 (Nov.); +5
Nick Lopez #60929: From 934 to 938 (Nov.); +4
Connor Kisling #83766: From 876 to 880 (Nov.); +4
Jake La”Putt”ka #52776: From 971 to 974 (Nov.); +3
Deann Donaldson #66842: From 839 to 840 to 842; +3
Christopher Ostheimer #76726: From 838 to 841 (Nov.); +3
Jennifer Lovett #63271: From 682 (Oct.) to 685 (Dec.); +3
Justin Bilodeau #45478: From 976 to 977 (Nov.); +1
Tony Martinez #43921: From 976 to 977 (Nov.); +1
Ted Hegemann #59765: From 859 to 860 (Nov.); +1
Brian Cole #46301: Stays at 978 (Nov.)

Belch’n Turkey XIV (PDGA B-tier); Chattanooga, TN 11/26/2016
Jennifer Lovett: 3rd Place FPO

Adair Classic (PDGA B-tier); Corvallis, OR 11/12-13/2016
Brian Cole: 8th Place MPO

6th Annual Valdosta Open (PDGA B-tier); Valdosta, GA 11/12-13/2016
William Trimble: Tie 18th Place MA2

5th Annual Chain Hawk Open – Ams (PDGA B-tier); Jonesville/Gainesville, FL 12/3-4/2016
William Trimble: 22nd Place MA2

Fall Classic (PDGA B/C-tier); Tolland, CT 11/26/2016
Alex Sakash: 3rd Place MA2

Fairgrounds Fundraiser (PDGA C-tier); Logan, UT 11/12/2016
Steve Suhaka: Tie 3rd Place MPO
Kesler Martin #88497: Tie 3rd Place MPO
Nick Lopez: 7th Place MPO
Bob Davies #27055: 11th Place MPO
Nate Reiner #55277: 12th Place MPO
Rodney Tripp: 1st Place MA1
Casey Lee: 2nd Place MA1
Alan Barker #66339: 3rd Place MA1
Bradley Bauer #78607: Tie-5th Place MA1
Jace Smellie #64593: 9th Place MA1
Dylan Durrant #78185: 1st Place MA2
“Turbo” Ted Hegemann: 5th Place MA2

Victory Junction’s Inaugural Campership Classic (PDGA C-tier); 11/20/2016
Jacob Byrd #76723: 6th Place MA1

Bradford Open (PDGA C-tier); Huntersville, NC 11/19/2016
Deann Donaldson: 2nd Place FPO

CADL Presents: The Downtown Urban Open 5 (PDGA C-tier); Cary, NC 11/27/2016
Deann Donaldson: 3rd Place FPO

2016 PDGA Director’s Cup (PDGA C-tier); Crown Point, IN
Markus Mika #47001: 3rd Place MPM

11th Annual West Coast College Open (PDGA C-tier; Team format: Match play, with individual results for girls and extra players)
Jake LaPutka: Played as University of Oregon’s #2 seed and goes undefeated; Oregon Ducks win the tournament
Karissa Donaldson: 5th Place FA1

3rd Annual Shawn Dawson Memorial (PDGA C-tier); Pueblo, CO 11/12-13/2016
Andrew “Big Country” Belet: Tie-7th Place MA2

Team Infinite Results – 11/7/16

As winter gets closer, let’s see what our team members are up to!


Taylor Salanoa #76083, Left, and Rodney Tripp #78186, Right, sneak a round in at Goblin Valley after round 1 at the Green River Open. The extra play paid off because Taylor got his first cash in Open and Rodney took down the Intermediate division! Nice work guys!


William Trimble #71368 helped install these brand new concrete tees at a new course in a park called Northside Park

4th Annual King of the Island (PDGA C-Tier), Cramerton, NC 11/6
Deann Donaldson #66842: 1st Place FPO, Congrats!

Green River Open (PDGA C-Tier), Green River, UT 11/5-6
Taylor Salanoa #76083: 5th Place MPO – First time cashing in Open, congrats Taylor!
Rodney Tripp #78186: 1st Place MA2 – 979 Average for 2 rounds, bagger! Nice Win!

2016 PDGA Directors Cup (PDGA C-Tier), Crown Point, IN 11/5-6
Markus Mika #4700: 3rd Place White Division – Hot round 2!

Hyzerflipadelphia Open (PDGA C-Tier), Philadelphia, PA 11/5
John Saugling #68406: 3rd Place MM1 – Hot round 2!
Holly Saugling #78655: 1st Place FJ1 – Averaged above her rating!

The Oak Hollow Affair (PDGA C-Tier), Plattsmouth, NE 11/5
Christopher Ostheimer #76726: 3rd Place MA2

Oregon Collegiate Disc Golf League (Unsanctioned), Estacada, OR 11/6
Jake LaPutka (Oregon Ducks): Tie 3rd Place Men’s division
Karissa Donaldson (Oregon Ducks): Tie 2nd Place Women’s division
Team results: Oregon Ducks win


Team Infinite – Results 10/31/16

Happy Halloween week! Sorry for such a late blog post, I was in midterms this week and couldn’t find the time to finish this post! Let’s see what everyone was up to for this spooky weekend of disc golf!

Texas State Junior Disc Golf Championships (PDGA B-tier), Spring, TX 10/29
Jared Henschel #84499: 7th Place MJ1 (Junior Boys I)

Inaugural La Niña Open (PDGA C-tier) (Women Only), Selah, WA 10/29-30
Jody Dixon #56759: 2nd Place FPM

The 3rd Red and White Showdown (PDGA C-tier), NC State Collegiate Fundraiser – Raised over $1800 for the club! Apex, NC 10/30
Alec Falzone #57550: 9th Place MPO

Seneca Creek Fall Classic (PDGA C-tier), Gaithersburg, MD 10/29
Steve Suhaka #81677: Tournament Director! Also 12th Place MPO

Blazer at Boyd Hill presented by Innova (PDGA C-tier), Rock Hill, SC 10/29
Deann Donaldson #66482: Steps up to Men’s Intermediate! 10th Place MA2

Oklahoma Open Warmup – Flex Start @ Chandler (PDGA C-tier), Tulsa, OK 10/26
Jonathan Grimes #82885: Tie 5th Place MA1

Clash at the Creek (PDGA C-tier), Colorado Springs, CO 10/29
Andrew Belet #55114: Tie 5th MA2

2nd Annual Monster Mash at Pebblebrook Golf Course (Unsanctioned), Sandy, UT 10/29
Nick Lopez: 4th Place MPO
Justin Bilodeau: Participated

South Fork Club Championship (Unsanctioned), Idaho Falls, UT
Casey Kemmerer: Tie 6th Place MA1
Dalton Burrup: Tie 6th Place MA1
Brandon Merzlock: 2nd Place MA2
Jordan Miller: 4th Place MA2
Alan Barker: Tie 13th Place MA2


Hey Infinite Discs fans! Let’s check out what our team members were up to this weekend!

Jonathan Grimes #82885 wins the MA2 division at an Oklahoma B-tier

Jonathan Grimes #82885 wins the MA2 division at an Oklahoma B-tier

Jennifer Lovett lines up her shot at Nedley's Open, C-tier in Maryville, TN

Jennifer Lovett lines up her shot at Nedley’s Open, C-tier in Maryville, TN

Next Generation Tour Final presented by Latitude 64 – Arvada, CO – PDGA A-tier
Rodney Tripp: 1st Place MA2 – Nice unofficial 1010 final round!
Andrew “Big Country” Belet: 8th Place MA2

Canyon Springs Disc Dash for Cash presented by Dynamic Discs and TEC Distributing – Unsanctioned Professional Event
Justin Bilodeau: 6th Place MPO

The Oklahoma Open B Tier Presented by Innova Discs, Powered by Hyzerbomb – Tulsa, OK
Jonathan Grimes – 1st Place MA2 – Nice consistent 962 Average!

2016 Josh Franklin Memorial – Albany, GA – PDGA B-tier
William Trimble: Tie 10th Place MA2

Disc’n For Devan – Hamilton, AL – PDGA C-tier
Robby Harris – Tournament Director!

Nedley’s Open – Maryville, TN – PDGA C-tier
Jennifer Lovett: 2nd Place FPO

2016 Hope Open – Corvallis, OR – PDGA C-tier
Jody Dixon: 1st Place FPM

Innova Southeast Collegiate Open – Individual – Appling, GA – PDGA C-tier
Alec Falzone: 18th Place MA1

The Northside Open – Spring, TX – PDGA C-tier
Jared Henschel: 6th Place MA2

Oregon Collegiate Disc Golf League – Dayton, OR – Unsanctioned Collegiate League
Jake LaPutka (Oregon Ducks) – Tie 1st Place Men’s division (individual)
Karissa Donaldson (Oregon Ducks) – 3rd Place (individual)
Oregon Ducks win the overall team match with LaPutka on the team of 4


Hey Infinite Discs fans and readers! As many of you know, we recently picked up a ton of new members for Team Infinite – our new sponsorship! Here is what the team has been up to recently!

Markus Mika shows off his Biofuzion Defender at the Shoot the Moon Classic

Markus Mika shows off his Biofuzion Defender at the Shoot the Moon Classic

Team Infinite's youngest member Holly Saugling received a 26 point rating boost in the last update

Team Infinite’s youngest member Holly Saugling, 9, received a 26 point rating boost in the last update

Tony "T2" Martinez lines up for a putt at the Jolley's Ranch Open, where 10 Team Infinite Members were present

Tony “T2” Martinez lines up for a putt at the Jolley’s Ranch Open, where 10 Team Infinite Members were present


Norcal Series Championship (A-tier), Ione, CA 10/15-16:
Brian Cole; 7th Place MPO

Autumn Glory Open presented by 1010 Discs (A-tier), Southaven, MS 10/15:
Robby Harris; Tie 9th Place MPO

Flying Eagle Open presented by Bonfire Brewing & Latitude 64
(B-tier), Eagle, CO 9/24-25:

Ryan Flahive; Tie 16th Place MA1

The Magnolia Open presented by Innova (Women Only) (B-tier), Appling, GA 10/15-16:
Deann Donaldson, 1st Place FA1!!!

Lunacy VIII presented by Innova Discs (B-tier), Longmont, CO 10/8-9: 
Andrew “Big Country” Belet; Tie 7th Place MA2

The Hollows Fall Classic sponsored by Dynamic Discs (B-tier), Manchester, NH 10/15-16:
Alex Sakash, Tie 14th Place MA2

Spring Valley Spectacular (B-Tier), Spring, TX 10/8:
Derek O’Neil, Tie 5th Place MA2

Jolley’s Ranch Open (PDGA C-Tier), Springville, UT 10/15

Tony “T2” Martinez: 4th Place MPO
Nick Lopez: 6th Place MPO
Taylor Salanoa: 11th Place MPO
Nate Reiner: 18th Place MPO
Rodney Tripp: Tie 3rd MA1
Casey Lee: 5th Place MA1
Jace Smellie: 15th Place MA1
Alan Barker: 6th Place MA2
Adam Helpingstine: 20th Place MA2

PureLine Championship (PDGA C-Tier), Logan, UT 10/1

Justin Bilodeau: 4th Place MPO
Steve Suhaka: 8th Place MPO
Nate Reiner: 11th Place MPOTaylor Salanoa: 12th Place MPO
Bradley Bauer: Tie 2nd MA1
Richard Alexander: Tie 2nd MA1
Brandon “Mook” Merzlock: Tie 8th MA1
Casey Lee: Tie 8th MA1
Rodney Tripp: 1st Place MA2!!!
Alan Barker: 6th MA2
Dylan Durrant: 14th Place MA2
Adam Helpingstine: 17th Place MA2

Shoot the Moon Classic (PDGA C-Tier), Viroqua, WI 10/15:
Markus Mika, 6th Place MPO

Middle Tennessee State Championship (PDGA C-Tier), Murfreesboro/Smyrna, TN 9/25:
Jennifer Lovett, 3rd Place FPO

Nockamixon Hoodoo 7 – Ams (C-tier), Quakertown, PA 10/1:
John Saugling, Tie 2nd Place MM1

Bring It to Blair! (PDGA C-tier), Blair, NE 10/16:
Christopher Ostheimer, Tie 8th Place MA2

RATINGS UPDATE!! Here is everyone from Team Infinite that didn’t lose points in the October Update! Great work team! I have put the highest ratings bumps in bold!

Deann Donaldson #66842: 833 to 839
Holly Saugling #78655: 389 to 415 (She’s 9 years old!) – 26 point bump!

Brian Cole #46301: 974 to 978
Justin Bilodeau #45478: 975 to 976
Tony “T2” Martinez #43921: Stays at 976
Jake La”Putt”ka #52776: 968 to 971
Casey Kemmerer #43710: Stays at 961
Ryan Flahive #65503: 951 to 955
Alec Falzone #57550: 950 to 954
Ryan Heeti #66814: Stays at 949
Richard Alexander #76467: 921 to 935 – 14 point bump!
Rodney Tripp #78186: 922 to 933
Taylor Salanoa #76083: 915 to 932 – 17 point bump!
Markus Mika #47001: 924 to 928
Bradley Bauer #78607: 917 to 922
Jordan Parks #76344: 913 to 920
Jonathan Grimes #82885: 897 to 910
Jordan Miller #82164: 899 to 907
Derek O’Neil #51465: 892 to 899
Nate Reiner #55277: 869 to 896 – 27 point bump!
Brandon Merzlock #24795: 891 to 895
John Saugling #68406: 889 to 893
William Trimble #71368: 877 to 882
Alan Barker #66339: 881 to 882
Cameron Beck #78346: 816 to 867 – 51 point bump!
Dylan Durrant #78185: 848 to 851
Christopher Ostheimer #76726: 829 to 838

Other Events
Markus Mika– TD of Pettibone Fall League II – PDGA Sanctioned League at Pettibone DGC in La Crosse, WI
Dynamic Discs 2 Disc Challenge – Tyler Nolen – CHAMPION




The Amateur World Championships — Words From a Former Champion

The 2016 Amateur World Championships came to a close and many were not surprised that Izak McDonald came up victorious. It was quite the show, and the final 9 was incredibly entertaining to watch!

In light of all of this I would like to share with all of you my experience with worlds, and hopefully provide some insight as to what it takes to become victorious in one of the greatest events in disc golf.

In 2013, I hit the road with a great friend of mine Sean Kelly from Utah, and we both can agree it was one of the greatest disc golf experiences ever. Utah is a state that generally frowns upon disc golf, and we have over-crowded courses as a result. Driving into Emporia, Kansas the first business we saw stated “Welcome PDGA Disc Golfers!” We were so intrigued by this notion that disc golf has taken over the town. I played well all week as a 928 rated 19 year old playing in the Junior 1 division, before they changed the age limit. I only saw Steven Jacobs’ final putt since I wanted to watch a good friend Colleen Thompson take down the FA1 division, but I remember telling Sean that I wanted to go to worlds in 2014 and I wanted to play in the giant MA1 division.

Heading into my second year on the University of Oregon, I played every tournament I could in what is arguably the most difficult place to be an Amateur, Oregon. The pro division is stacked, making it very hard for <970 rated players to make any sort of cash at the heavily sought after events, so they play amateur. I stuck around my computer at registration times and made it into almost every prestigious Oregon event, except for the Rose City Open. Along with that I was playing for the UO Disc Golf Team which gave me the opportunity to go to the NCDGC, another big tournament. I did poorly in the NCDGC, and I knew I had to work hard if I wanted to have a chance at doing well at the world championships. As my game got stronger, I was slowly approaching my first MA1 win at the beginning of 2014. I learned a lot about my own mental game when I let 5 events slip through my fingers after having more than a chance to win. With 4 second place finishes and a 3rd place in which I was 1 stroke away from being in a playoff for the win. I was so upset, I couldn’t win. I was starting to think that I would never win! On July 5th I played a tournament run by a good friend Ryan Johnson down in American Fork, UT. It was here that I finally got that win I was seeking. At arguably the most technical course in Utah, I shredded a 999 and 973 to win the Advanced division by 3 strokes. My competitors knew I was gearing up for Am worlds and they were even cheering me on the entire way to that victory. The tournament was in honor of a disc golfer who’s life was taken too soon, Jordan Needham. I was up in Oregon when he got into the disc golf scene and was unable to meet him, but everyone talked nothing but good about him and I know he would have been part of my clan of disc golf buddies. When I said my speech I mentioned the fact that I didn’t know Jordan, but that I would be using his commemorative mini at worlds in hopes that he would help me sink all my putts.

Before the summertime hit, I did something really nerdy. I sat down for almost an hour and wrote out a big long spreadsheet, containing each and every disc golf shot along with distances, wind conditions, and all sorts of things like that. I even went as far as writing down stance types. This was to be my practice spreadsheet, and I wanted to tune up and practice each and every shot. Needless to say it was so in depth and extensive that by the time I was leaving for worlds I was probably 10% finished with the spreadsheet. In my mind, I was nowhere near ready, but it didn’t matter because the time had come to make the pilgrimage to St. Paul, MN from my hometown of South Jordan, UT.

A good friend Tim Stai let us crash at his place all week, and without him I wouldn’t have had so much time to practice the courses. I was able to practice 5 of the 6 courses at worlds. I kept my criticisms aside and told myself that every one of those courses was my favorite. I threw 4-5 shots on the tricky holes and made sure to even replay a few of the holes. After playing mixed doubles, I knew The Valley better than any of the other courses. All my friends denied it when I said I was going to shoot under 50 on that course.

Before the tournament, I noticed that the pools were oddly mixed up. The top 30 rated players were in the A pool, with the rest of the players being alternated. I was the 33rd player on that list, so I was stuck in the D pool, which any math major would tell you is statistically the worst pool, regardless that the B, C, and D pools would be comparable in strength. I e-mailed the TD noting that I didn’t think it was a very good setup, especially because 1 rating point was the difference between that 30th guy and me. This gave the A pool players a clear advantage considering 1-2 players on every single card would be one of the top rated players in the tournament, for 3 whole rounds before the tournament. But I set my frustrations aside and came out swinging, shooting a 54 at the Kaposia course to take a pretty good lead in the D pool. I held onto that lead even with a rough second round at CP Adams, the only course I was unable to practice. Then, it was time for Kenwood: The Chuck Kennedy course. This course was designed to test a huge variety of disc golf shots, and I completely destroyed it. I was in disbelief when I found out that I had made it onto the LEAD CARD of the ENTIRE DIVISION when they shuffled us up after round 3. I was in 4th place, a good 5 strokes behind Robert Smith. It was all broadcasted live on Smashboxx TV, and I did nothing but sink putts that round. Just when I thought I wasn’t going to shoot that 49 I had been talking myself up about, I put a 420 ft. Hyzer 10 feet away from a protected pin on 16, sank a 50 footer on 17, and finished out my round with a 40 footer on the 450+ ft. Hole 18, a hole that I dreamed of getting a 2 on. I had taken the lead! That night it was mind blowing to think that 277 people were behind me competing for the chance at a world title.

My goal for the rest of the week was to run away with it, but I didn’t. I gave up so many strokes, even put up a 925 rated round at the CP Adams course, a score worse than my first try earlier in the week. But I was determined, and woke up on Saturday with one thought in my mind: “If you want to become a world champion, today is that day.” I had a great mindset going into the Kaposia course, with that 54 in the back of my mind as my goal. I played great, but kept putting myself just barely off the fairway. I missed 3 or 4 25-30 footers that round from awkward footing. When I realized that there were 8 people within a few strokes of each other with 5 or so holes to play, I got so nervous that I had my caddy Warren Hollinshead confiscate my phone. I said to him “I don’t want to know. If I need to start running things you tell me.” As we got closer to the end of the round my confidence grew, as Warren hadn’t said a word to me. I knew that meant I was in a fantastic position. I threw my Firebird on the par-4 hole 1 right to the perfect landing zone, and got nervous on my upshot. I left it 40 feet short! The putt had death written all over it, with a short drop off into some thick and trees behind the basket. Had I known I was already securely in the final 9, one stroke behind the 3-way tie for first between Andrew Nava, Jordan Castro, and Robert Smith, I would have laid up that putt all day. Instead I stepped up and sank it, ‘dead in the middle of the heart of the chains.’ Warren let out a huge cheer and I was astonished to find out that if I had missed that putt there wouldn’t have been a 4-way tie going into the final 9. It was insane, I had done it. But it was not over yet.

I showed up at the final 9 and I made a quick Facebook post before I went to get my free lunch. When I re-read the post, I was inspired by my own words. They were so strong and so powerful, and just the thing I needed to hear before the final 9. Here is what it said:
“Nerves, anticipation, excitement, worry, confidence, and a whole mess of emotions just cruising through me. In the end I feel fantastic. I would like to thank everyone for making my phone break a new record for facebook notifications at 42. I almost didn’t even look, it’s so overwhelming! Thank you all for supporting me and let’s all win this one together. I set an impossible goal and I made it, so no matter what happens I will be pumped and will leave this tournament a brand new golfer. There is no time for nervous shots. Every shot is going to be deliberate and thought out. If someone can beat that, they deserve to win. I won’t be on my phone much during the final 9, but you’ll see me I’m sure.”

At that point I had a game plan. I didn’t just want to win, I wanted someone to beat me. I wanted to walk off that course knowing I gave it my all and that I was defeated by someone that outplayed me. The only hole I had even seen was the first hole. It was a 450ish ft. par 4, one that is inviting a big shot. Instead I scouted out the easy hyzer line, knowing I was going to 3 the hole very easily if I just hit that gap. When my Destroyer left my hands my first thought was “yep, I’m playing my best. One of these guys better bring it.” I started the final 9 birdie-birdie-bogey. I remember giving my chair caddie Ryan Kastle the hardest high 5 after that bogey, I was so upset but I stuck to my “30 second rule.” I always used to let my emotions get to me and affect my future disc golf shots, so I made this rule up. I had 30 seconds to complain, get angry, whine, whatever. But after that 30 seconds, it’s gone, it’s behind me. It worked well because I was able to birdie the next 2 holes with ease. The shortest hole of them all was the one that almost got me. I threw my putter long of the basket under some trees. I was in my own little world under that tree. I kept falling onto my left hand during my pump fakes (I was on one knee) and I just couldn’t get my balance. When I finally did, I realized my left foot could have been a foot fault, so I had to reset AGAIN. Had all these weird things not happened, I don’t think I would have made my putt. I ended up being so amused with my neurotic thinking that I somehow reached some sort of blankness in my mind because I don’t remember sinking that putt. I just remember hearing the chains and thinking “wow, did that just go in?” The next hole was short but tricky. Everyone found trees after I put it just 15 feet right of the pin. I knew that if I made that putt, I was going to win worlds. 2 strokes with 2 holes to play is comfortable but nothing is ever said and done. But I knew it was over. I knew I had it. The rest was all history. I sank the putt, and proceeded to throw the longest drive I had ever thrown in competition, throwing a 450+ ft. bomb that almost made it through all the trees on the coolest and trickiest par-4 of the final 9. I took some boring pars but I knew that was all I needed.

At the end of the day, I remember being bummed out because I wouldn’t ever get a chance to play Am worlds again. It was time for the big leagues. If you haven’t gotten to play it, you are missing out. It is by far my favorite tournament to play in of all time, and a dream come true to take it down.

Putting Spit Outs!!!

Basket standards are something that is widely debated among tournament disc golfers. There are many different opinions and there does not seem to be a consensus on what basket is the best. All disc golfers can agree that the sound of chains is one of the most satisfying sounds in disc golf, and it can be especially painful when you hear the satisfying sound but do not get the pleasure of sinking the putt.

No matter what basket is being used, spit-outs always seem to be a problem and a complaint from touring professionals. Now let’s check out some brutal spit outs just to make you cringe!