Best Disc Golf Approach Disc–Winner

The time has come for us to announce our winner for theĀ Infinite Discs Best Disc Golf Disc: Approach Discs! Before we announce our selection for this category, let’s review the nominees:

And here is our selection for the winner:



In this category we nominated putters and midranges ranging from stable to very overstable, and the Westside Harp is the perfect middle ground of all of them. It is an overstable putt and approach disc that disc golfers fall in love with after just a few throws. The Harp‘s flat profile and smooth rim makes it a great selection for forehand and backhand throws. It has enough stability to fight some wind and provide a predictable fade, but it isn’t a meathook that is going to be too much for newer throwers to handle. The Westside Harp is a great addition to any disc golfer’s arsenal, and is our choice for the best approach disc on the market.

We are going to continue selecting the best discs in multiple categories in the weeks to come! The next article will drop later today, so stay tuned!


  • I heart my harps.

  • Replaced my Harp with a Discraft Zone. The Zone is flatter a has a smoother release. The Harp would always stick to my hand, a very inconsistent release. The Zone is far superior. I cut 6 strokes off my game with a Zone. It was so noticeable that people I play with talk about stealing it out if my bag to increase my score. I also use a Discraft Ringer. It pairs well with a Zone. Depending on if I need a fade or turn on my shot.

    • I agree 100% on the zone vs harp. Try an ultrium jokeri for a flatter finish on flex forehands (less stable partner – rim is very similar). I have 3 x soft zones, 3 jawbreaker, 1 esp, 1 cryztal, 1 esp flx glo, and 1 z flx.

  • Discraft Zone not even a nominee? That’s a shame. I have them in every plastic and bag at least 2 at a time, a super OS one and a straighter one. Super versatile. backhand/forehand, tomahawks and thumbers that do not flip over, forehand rollers, just perfect.

    Zone >> Harp