FOCUS FRIDAY – The Dream from Wing It on Discount


Welcome back to another Focus Friday, where we look at a certain mold or brand, and give you a discount so you can try it out for yourself. This week, we are focusing on a newly released disc from the Wing It Disc Golf BrandThe Dream

If you would like to learn about this disc golf brand and manufacturer, read our blog post.

The Dream by Wing It Disc Golf is a wide-rim distance driver, but with enough turn to be very favorable to players with low arm speed. New players, young players, or those who typically can’t throw a high-speed driver will find that the Dream avoids a premature fade and flies well for them even with the wide rim.

Wing It Disc Golf continues to release discs that are great additions to the bags of recreational players as well as for experienced players who like discs that flip-up and hold the line.

DISCOUNT -> To get A Dream for 20% off, use this code at check out: “FOCUSDREAM”

This will end Monday night, so get on this amazing deal while you can! 
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The End of

The End of Times is Here

We have a HUGE announcement… we have all but completed the creation of our new website, and it is ready for launch. This means the end of our current site is near, and a rebirth of our new site will begin!

Our team has worked tirelessly to bring you a whole new Infinite Discs shopping experience with this updated version of our website. 

To help make the transition as smooth as possible, we have put LOADS of products on sale. In addition to the sale, you will find a discount code down below that you can use to take an additional 15% off select items!

This sale will end the night of Sunday the 5th (midnight EST)

On the night of Monday the 6th (midnight EST), both websites will be shut down to begin the online inventory transition. You will be unable to shop online with us during this time.

Approximately 24-48 hours after this shutdown, you will see our new site go live and ready for your orders! If any of this approximate timeline changes, we will use our social media to keep you informed. The URL for the new site will be the same as the current site –

During this shutdown period, we encourage you to check out our outlet store: Discount Disc Golf. You will find a wide variety of molds available there on some AMAZING deals! It is called Discount Disc Golf for a reason 😉

And as always, we are open to any questions or issues you run into while using our updated website through our support channels, though we ask that your inquiries/feedback be respectful and understanding to our staff who have worked tirelessly to make this all happen.

We are beyond excited about this transition, and hope you are too!


DISCOUNT -> To get ANY item* (on sale or not on sale) for an extra 15% off, use this code at check out: “ENDOFTIMES”

This will end Sunday night, so get on this amazing deal while you can! 
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*select items

The 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway



To celebrate the approach of this beloved holiday, we will be hosting a MASSIVE giveaway, spanning over a twelve-day period. Here is how YOU can enter to win one or more of our various giveaway prizes

Much like a raffle, you can put your name in the hat for ALL 12 giveaways by filling out the THIS google form. Each day, one winner will be chosen from the google form, and any additional winners will be chosen from the Second Entry (explained below). Winners will only be selected from the lower 48 states.

*You only need to fill out the form ONCE to be entered to win ALL giveaways 

Additionally, by performing A SECOND ENTRY you will have the chance to win the gift of the day by performing an additional action, such as following a social media account or making a comment on a post. Read all specifics for each day below.

Each day, we will have a certain manufacturer or product on sale in addition to our giveaway. These certain brands/products will be specified below.

Daily winners will be chosen at 8:00 p.m. MST, the winners will be tagged in the social media post and/or emailed. If you do not message us back within 24 hours of being chosen, the gift will go to another winner. 


Day 1 – December 12th

On the first day of Christmas, Infinite Discs gave to me…

ONE Dynamic Discs Paratrooper Flag Bag, a $100+ value for FREE!

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*There will be two winners chosen this day (one bag per winner, winner may choose the state or country bag they want from our remaining stock.)

All Paratrooper Flag Bags will be on sale!


Day 2 – December 13th

On the second day of Christmas, Infinite Discs gave to me…

TWO Thought Space Athletic Sets, complete with 7 discs. The disc selection will include two putt-and-approach discs plus one premium mid-range and four different premium drivers.

FOR A SECOND ENTRY – Like Thought Space Athletics on FACEBOOK & Follow them on INSTAGRAM, the winner will be chosen from their followers

*There will be two winners chosen this day (one 7-disc set per winner)

All TSA will be on sale this day! 


Day 3 – December 14th

On the third day of Christmas, Infinite Discs gave to me…

THREE-Disc Finish Line Set. Complete with a Forged Era, Forged Supra, and the NEW, unreleased Finish Line Putter, the Pace. There will be a very limited number of these pre-release Pace’s with the Infinite Holiday edition Santa Hat Stamp.

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Day 4 – December 15th

On the fourth day of Christmas, Infinite Discs gave to me…

FOUR Halo S-Blend Discs, including the following molds (all max weight):

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Wide selection of Santa Hat stamped Infinite Molds available! 

Day 5 – December 16th

On the fifth day of Christmas, Infinite Discs gave to me…

FIVE Infinite Discs Gift Cards, FIVE chances to win! Each gift card will be $20

TO ENTER – Comment on each of the following Infinite Discs platform post, and one winner will be picked from each platform. The plaforms you can interact with are:

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Infinite Discs Gift cards are GREAT Christmas gifts!

Day 6 – December 17th

On the sixth day of Christmas, Infinite Discs gave to me…

An Apex NF 600 Rangefinder, perfect for practicing your disc golf accuracy.

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Day 7 – December 18th

On the seventh day of Christmas, Infinite Discs gave to me…

SEVEN Discs from the Doomsday Discs Lineup, a complete set for all your disc golf needs

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Day 8 – December 19th

On the eighth day of Christmas, Infinite Discs gave to me…

EIGHT Disc Viking Starter Set –  Includes 8 Viking Discs that are a mix of molds in a variety of plastics.

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Day 9 – December 20th

On the ninth day of Christmas, Infinite Discs gave to me…

NINE Disc Yikun Set – This set gives you a full selection of quality discs to meet any disc golf shot!

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Day 10 – December 21st

On the tenth day of Christmas, Infinite Discs gave to me…

TEN Disc Divergent Narwhal Pack + TEN Assorted Divergent Disc Molds

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Day 11 – December 22nd

On the eleventh day of Christmas, Infinite Discs gave to me…

ELEVEN Chains… plus the rest of the basket! Win a FREE MVP Black Hole Pro Basket

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All Disc Golf Baskets on sale this day! : MVP Disc Sports Black Hole Pro HD 24-Chain Portable Disc Golf Basket Target : Sports & Outdoors

Day 12 – December 23rd

On the twelth day of Christmas, Infinite Discs gave to me…

The ULTIMATE Infinite Discs Bundle… complete with the following TWELVE objects->

  • Huck Pack
  • 5 Different Halo S-Blend Molds
  • Infinite Discs Retriever
  • Infinite Swag (Lanyard, Bacelet, Mystery shirt)
  • Infinite Discs (Hoodie style/size of choice)
  • Infinite Waffle Weave Towel
  • Infinite Dad Hat
  • Infinite Wooden Mini

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Halloween Sale


Loads of candy. An excuse to dress up. Spooky decorations… this is Halloween

Halloween is the beginning of the end-of-year holidays. It is a unique holiday, one that brings around good memories and sugar rushes. To celebrate this spooky time of year, we are offering 10% off ALL Halloween-themed discs.



Check out the list below to see just which mold you should get. Use the discount code above to claim your discount… if you dare! The code is valid Friday, Oct. 28 – 31

Infinite Discs Swirly S-Blend Tomb

Infinite Discs Luster C-Blend Emperor/Pharaoh

Infinite Discs D-Blend Glow Chariot

Legagy Glow Ghost 

Legacy Icon Outlaw

DX Color Glow Aviar/Roc

MVP Exlipse 2.0 Resistor

Infinite Discs “Eye”- Blend Tombs

Discraft Z Glo BuzzzSupercolor Buzzz

Mint Discs FreetailLatitude 64 Ballista Pro

Dynamic Discs EMac Truth & Westside Maiden


Click HERE to see ALL Halloween themed discs together


New Discs Releases

New Disc Releases – Aug. 14-27


Prodiscus Discs – Origo

This is the newest Prodiscus putter, the Origo.

This mold is a beadless putt-and-approach disc with a shallower feel in hand. The Origio has a dependably straight flight with minimal fade at the end. This disc is available in both base and premium plastics, get one HERE.

Flight numbers: 3 | 3 | 0 | 1

Yikun – Twin Swords

The Twin Swords is the first roll-out disc model from Yikun in their Tortoise Line plastic which is their overmold “Shell” configuration. The rim is attached to the flight plate through their own, unique method, giving the discs an amazing look.

The Twin Swords is a distance driver with a Speed 12 rating and wide, yet comfortable rim width. The Twin Swords is a unique and exciting new offering to the disc golf world, earning a spot in the bag for players at all levels.

They recently release it in this unique watermelon configuration, get one HERE

Flight numbers: 12 | 5 | 0 | 2

Infinite Discs


The Slab is a workhorse and can come in handy in a lot of situations. Whether you want a disc that fights the wind or you are in need of a dependable fade, the Slab is for you! Keep a look out this week for the stock stamp edition of this popular mold (Wednesday Midnight California Time).

Flight numbers: 12 | 3 | 0 | 4


The Dynasty is our newest mold, and we now have it available in 3 different plastics, the newest being the C-Blend.

The Dynasty is a stable fairway driver. This control driver offers enough stability to provide a consistent “S-curve” flight. Also, it can still fly most any line you would want. Making this into a highly controllable disc. All the while it can achieve good distance for beginner and advanced players alike.

Flight numbers: 9 | 5 | -1 | 2


The Tomb is one of the most popular Infinite molds, and it was finally restocked last week!

It appeared this time in Metal Flake Glow plastic. Overall, the tomb is a flat-topped, low-profile, putt-and-approach disc with a comfortably smooth, beaded rim. The Tomb has just the right amount of stability to cover ground while threading the needle on approach shots, whether thrown forehand or backhand. It can also be used as a crossover mid-range, driving putter, or to hold the line while putting for distance or in moderate winds.

Flight numbers: 3 | 4 | 0 | 1


The Anubis is a straight-flying, all-purpose, precision mid-range disc that will fit into the bags of both novice and professional players.

We teamed up with touring pro Maria Oliva to bring you a beautiul Signature Glow S-Blend Anubis that is so buttery smooth and useful on the fairway.

Every player can count on the Anubis to hold the line whether thrown for shorter approaches or for longer distances off the tee. The Anubis will help players to fine-tune their throwing skills by flying precisely in accordance with the release from the hand.

Flight numbers: 5 | 5 | 0 | 0

Wild Discs

Sea Otter, Stock Stamp

The Sea Otter is a slow and floaty disc, and was released on in Lava plastic. This overstable putter is a dependable and workable putter. It even works well as a throwing putter. Its low speed, higher glide, and overstability provide a disc that is workable and consistent. This will be a go-to disc for those tighter approach shots or where accuracy is paramount.

Flight numbers: 2 | 3 | 0 | 2

Cole Redalen Signature Sea Otter

Same as the Lava Sea Otter, this Signature Lava putter features a new stamp collaboration with the touring pro player Cole Redalen who is sponsored by both Wild Disc and Infinite Discs.

Flight numbers: 2 | 3 | 0 | 2

Great White

The Great White is a high speed, overstable distance driver that is a recent addition to our site. This driver has high glide, allowing it to achieve great distance and long flights. This is a dependable disc that can handle power. Making this disc an excellent distance driver for those power throwers, or as a utility disc.

Flight numbers: 13 | 5 | -1 | 3

Doomsday Discs – Frag

The Doomsday Discs Frag may be one of the most overstable discs on the market. This may not be the most versatile disc, but the Frag will consistently fade hard, making it the perfect utility disc.

Flight numbers: 5 | 2 | 0 | 5

ABC – Flying Squirrel

This understable midrange has excellent glide. The speed of the Flying Squirrel combined with its steady glide means that if thrown correctly, you can watch the Flying Squirrel sail through the air in a beautiful S-Curve that glides directly to your target. The disc does have a slightly stronger tendency to slice rather than hook, and is really easy to throw.

Flight numbers: 6 | 5 | -3 | 2

Thoughtspace Athletics- Alter

The Alter by TSA’s is their first beaded putter with a flat top and low profile. This stable disc flies consistently with a moderate fade. The Alter will be a reliable tool in your bag that will work well on the teepad, the green, and finishing at the basket.

Flight numbers: 3 | 3 | 0 | 1

RPM – Kotuku

The Kotuku is a reliable, overstable to straight mid-range disc with a nice end-fade. It will easily hold a line and flies with a glide that is sneaky long.

This run of the Kotuku is a Dave Feldberg signature disc in strata plastic, get it HERE

Flight numbers: 5 | 5 | 0 | 2

New Disc Release

Infinite Discs Slab

The Metal Flake Slabs have been out of stock for a while, so it feels good to have them back in stock! This run of Metal Flake Slabs is a signature series, featuring Team Infinite Member Dallin Blanchard.

Dallin stated that “These are amazing! The Infinite Discs Slab changed my game!”

The Slab is a workhorse and can come in handy in a lot of situations. Whether you want a disc that fights the wind or you are in need of a dependable fade, the Slab is for you! Keep a look out this week for the stock stamp edition of this popular mold (Wednesday Midnight California Time).

Prodigy Shadowfax

This is Prodigy’s newest mold, in collaboration with Cale Leiviska. You will find that the Shadowfax is a slightly understable fairway driver, making it perfect for shot shaping. This driver will bring you a controllable high-speed turn, ending with a mild fade keeping it from rolling over.

LØft Discs

Løft Discs is the first disc golf manufacturer hailing from Denmark. They specialize in making premium discs and high quality disc golf gear.

The Hydrogen – A slow, fast, and straight flagship putter. It will hold any line you put it on. This mold was restocked in Gamma-Solid plastic a.k.a Glow

Flight numbers: 1 | 2 | 0 | 0


The Silicon – A low profile overstable midrange with a soft, curvy rim design. It will hold a dependable fade, even in a headwind. This is the first time this mold has been in Alpha-Solid plastic.

Flight numbers: 5 | 4 | 0 | 3

New Disc Releases

New Disc Releases – July 17th


6 New Yikun Molds

All of these molds were released on Thursday, July 21st. Here is a breakdown of each ->

Distance Drivers

  • Long: Speed 10 – Stable with lots of dome
  • Rong: Speed 13 – Understable with a wide rim

Mid Range

  • Kang: Speed 3 – Beaded bottom with a straight flight
  • Zheng: Speed 5 – Versatile mid that can hold many lines


  • Ling: Speed 3 – Understable with a textured top plate
  • Yi: Speed 3 – Straight flight with a rounded nose



Thought Space Athletics

Omen – Nebula Ethereal: This discs is a 9 speed with a hard fade at the end. This plastic is a favorite, it being a durable type that won’t wear down quickly.

Pathfinder – Ethereal: This mold is a mid-range that has a consistent flight and minimal fade at the end.

Splatter S-Blend Anubis

The Anubis has NEVER been run in this plastic before, making is very unique run for this mold! The Anubis is a very straight-flying midrange that is a must have for many golfers. It will hold on any line you put it on. This plastic has shown to have a very straight flight with a slight fade at the end. Grab one HERE.

Lisa Fajkus I-Blend Emperor RESTOCK

This is a popular mold and a popular plastic for many players! This moderately overstable and powerful distance driver is a must have in your bag! Grab one with this sweet stamp on it HERE.


New Disc Releases

NEW DISCS: June 26 – July 2

Here is a breakdown of some of the latest molds that were released and restocked last week:

Finish Line Era

  The Finish Line Era is the first mold from this USA-based company. Owned by Drew Gibson and sold by Infinite Discs, this company is dedicated to making quality discs. The second run of the Era was released last week, and there are still a few available, so get yourself one HERE 

The Era is designed to be the all-purpose control driver for players of all skill levels.

With a flat top and neutral flight path, the Era works well for both backhand and forehand throws. It is understable enough to work for newer players but has enough stability that it can handle the power of Drew Gibson.

Clash Discs Soda & Butter

Two new Clash discs were released last week… the Soda and the Butter. Clash Discs has surprised many with its premium plastics and excellent discs. Learn about these two new molds below, and try a SODA or BUTTER today.

The Soda is an understable fairway driver designed for distance and shot shaping, making this a great mold for players of all skill levels. Its flight allows for a large variety of throws such as hyzer-flips and anhyzer lines.








The Butter is a straight flying putter with a minimal fade. It features a beadless and round profile, giving you a comfortable grip. This makes for a great putter that will fly straight, hyzer, or anhyzer; shaping the shot to whatever you need it to be.

Alfa Discs Cosmic

The Cosmic is the second disc produced by the Norway based company, Alfa Discs. Alfa Discs only began in 2021, but is already making some great molds. Their first mold is a straight flying midrane, the APOLLO. They are following that up with this newest fairway mold, the COSMIC.

The Cosmic is a dependable fairway driver with high glide, providing a nice consistent flight capable of a variety of flights. It is capable of holding a variety of lines from hyzer to anhyzer, making it the highly capable mold for shot shaping, or to get controllable distance.

EV-7 Telos


This company focuses solely on making quality putters for the average or professional disc golfer. They had 3 molds before releasing this newest one, the TELOS. Each putter comes in a premium, grippy putter blend for maximum catch and accuracy.

The EV-7 Telos is a fantastic putter that fits right in between the Penrose and the Phi in terms of stability. This disc has the flat top like the Penrose, but the beadless bottom like the Phi. This is an excellent stability for an all purpose disc golf putter and will help you find the green and make more putts.


Discmania Signature C-Line P2

Making yet another appearance, the Discmania Sky God IV is on the market, featured on the Simon Lizotte Signature C-Line P2. The P2 is known for its tremendous putting accuracy, but don’t underestimate its ability to be a great approach or off the tee putter.

The P2 is a straight flying, but slightly overstable putter made by Discmania. This disc is stable enough that it can handle headwind throws and fairly long approach shots. This putter was designed specifically for pro players, but can be useful for disc golfers of all skill levels. There are many people who rely on this putter to help them eliminate strokes from their game.

Prodigy A5

The A5 is an approach disc in the famous 400 Prodigy plastic. This plastic is grippy and stiff while also being bendable to shape those perfect shots. You won’t be disappointed when purchasing one of these discs, get yourself an A5 today.


The A5 is a straight-to-understable approach disc for touchy approach shots that need a lot of precision under low power.


Thoughtspace Temple

TSA is always on brand when it comes to their stamp designs. But their discs are also on brand for being buttery and dependable. This newest mold, the Temple, comes in Nerve plastic which is a stiff, grippy plastic designed for accuracy. The TEMPLE is one of the first approach molds that TSA has released and is bound to get good reviews.

The Temple is an overstable approach designed to handle power and windy conditions. This disc works excellent as a driver and a utility disc. The Temple is a disc that you can trust to hold the line before a solid end-fade to the target.

Lone Star – 3 New Molds

Lone Star is the underdog when it comes to quality molds. Most all their discs have good reviews, and they are gaining in popularity. Last week, they released three new molds: The CHUPACABRA, the DOME, and the BULL SNAKE.

The Chupacabra is an overstable fairway driver that will work well in any condition. This features a hard fading hook at the end of the flight, providing an excellent utility mold that will always be trusted to come out of that anhyzer angle or to always fade.




The Dome, named after the iconic “Astrodome” is an understable fairway driver. This is a good driver for a beginner, helping them achieve greater distance than before. For more advanced players, it is a good choice for a go to understable fairway driver.




The Bull Snake is an overstable putt & approach mold. It exhibits a longer wing, more broad shoulder, and a microbead. This will prove itself a trustworthy mold despite weather conditions.

1 2