Best Disc Golf Bags of 2021

What are the Best Disc Golf Bags?

*Note, this article was written several years ago. While many bags are the same there are is lots of innovation that has happened over the last two years. Check out this post for our most recent version of “Best Disc Golf Bags.

With only a couple of exceptions, every disc golfer I know has some kind of device to carry their discs. From bags to carts, disc golfers usually carry enough discs and accessories to warrant having something to carry those things around the course. Typically, a new disc golfer will start with a small bag, then work up to either a large bag or cart as their disc collection and needs grow. Our choice of disc transport devices depends largely on our level of involvement in the sport. Casual disc golfers who carry 3-6 discs will need something completely different to carry their discs than people who play tournaments regularly.

Shelves of disc golf bags for sale

This blog will look at the most popular disc golf bags for 2021 based on our sales for the past year. We’ll compare the bags based on bag size. Keep in mind, like with pretty much any analysis of disc golf for 2020, most of the statistics we’ll see were severely affected by the COVID19 shutdowns that occurred. But, we can’t do anything about that so we’ll show you the information we have.

Best Small Disc Golf Bags of 2021

Let’s start with the small bag, the bag preferred by most beginners. They usually carry less than ten discs and maybe a water bottle and a snack. These minimalist bags suit the needs of the beginner and are priced lower than other bags, with several models less than $15, making them attractive to people new to the sport. The nice thing about starting with a smaller bag is that it is something that a more experienced disc golfer can use from time to time, long after they have graduated to a larger bag. Here are the top small bags for 2021.

Leading the pack are several bags from Infinite Discs. Holding the number one spot is the Infinite Slinger bag. Designed out of a desire to have a bag that held a decent number of discs but not be too bulky, the Slinger Bag has been a hit since its beginning. The single strap is used like most people use a bag with two straps: with only one strap over the shoulder. It can be adjusted for use over either shoulder. With a putter pouch and room for several more discs, the bag fills a variety of disc golf needs. The Holster is a new product and made an impressive splash into the small bag world. The top-selling non-Infinite small bags are the Latitude 64 Slim bag and the MVP Beaker bag.Here is how the Slinger bag stacked against the other ‘small’ bags.

Looking at the top small bags sold of all time, we see that the Infinite Starter Bag and Slinger still make the list for the top five. They both have a great price point for what you get, making them desirable for a large number of disc golfers. It is fortunate that our supply of these bags helped keep their numbers up. Discraft Weekender and Innova Standard Bag also made the top all-time small bag

Moving On Up

When a disc golfer finds themselves playing more frequently, or attending more tournaments, they usually determine that they need to move from a starter bag to one that can hold more discs and accessories. It’s at that point they start considering the next size bag they want to purchase. Move all the way up to a backpack bag, or just upgrade to a larger bag? Let’s look at the next level above beginner bag: the Large Bag.

Best Large Disc Golf Bags 2021

Large Bags run from $24-$40 and most have a single sling to carry over the shoulder. However, some have backpack-like straps that can go over both shoulders. Looking at the numbers for the bags that fall into the ‘Large Bags’ category, we see an interesting product. For both the best Large Bag of 2020 and the best Large Bag of all time, we see that the practice bags are very popular. These are the bags that hold around 30 discs, but not much else if the bag is carried to capacity. They are great for playing a round of disc golf, or doing field work. The versatility undoubtedly contribute to its popularity. (I like using mine to organize all of the extra discs that I keep in my trunk!) Here are the best-selling Large Bags of 2020.

And here, by comparison, are the best-selling Large Bags of all time. Keep in mind, the number one bag, the Prodigy Practice Bag V1, stopped selling in 2019, so it didn’t even make the list for the best-selling Large Bag for 2020. If you look at the combined numbers for the Prodigy V1 and V2 practice bags, and compare them to the combined numbers for the Infinite Large Bag and Infinite Large Bag w/straps, the total sales are comparable. And if you combine the sales of both Infinite Large Bags with both Prodigy Practice Bags, you end up with three-fourths of all Large Bag sales! Here are the top all-time sales numbers:

Still Expanding…?

So, now you have moved from a small bag to a large bag, but still find you need a little more room. You want a few backup discs, a few more snacks, and maybe another water bottle. You still have some choices to make. Do you want to move up to the larger and more expensive full-sized backpack? Or will the economy backpack do the trick? There are economy Backpacks that range in size and price from those that hold the same number of discs as a Large Bag, and at the same or cheaper price point, to bags that hold a bit more, and cost a bit more.

Best Economy Disc Golf Backpacks 2021

We’ll start with the economy backpack bags. These bags typically cost under $40 and hold 10-25 discs. While they hold the same or more than most Large Bags, they don’t have all of the room of a larger backpack (Although, some come close). Some bags in this category cross over between Large Bags and Economy Backpacks.

Once again, the Infinite Slinger Bag dominates the field. It doubled the sales of the next most popular bag, the Infinite Stealth. Another Infinite bag, the Huck Pack, took the third spot in the category. In fact, the only non-Infinite bag to make the top 5 is the Prodigy BP-4, which made up about 8% of the Economy Backpack Bags.

A look at the all-time sales for Economy Backpacks reveals that the top economy backpack bags sales of all time look very similar to the 2020 results. Four of the top five bags are Infinite bags, with the lone non-Infinite bag being the popular Dynamic Discs Trooper. The Slinger remains atop the charts for all-time sales.

Still Not Enough Room?

If an Economy Backpack Bag isn’t cutting it for you because you need a little more space, you can always make the final leap in the bag realm and get a Backpack bag. Bags in this class can cost hundreds of dollars and carry over 20 discs. This type of bag can be seen frequently at tournaments and even leagues. They have room for discs, backup discs, snacks, drinks, and accessories. That extra space comes in handy as you find yourself carrying more stuff during your rounds.

Best Disc Golf Backpack Bag 2021

Let’s look at the most popular Backpack Bags for 2021. Leading the ‘pack’ are several Prodigy bags. Different version of the BP-1 and BP-2 account for three-fourths of all the bags sold.  The BP series of bags have a large horizontal pocket that holds lots of discs, with side pockets for extra items. The only non-Prodigy bag on the list is the Dynamic Discs Trooper.

Comparing the best bags for 2021 with the best all-time bags, we still see a couple Prodigy bags, the BP-1 V2 and BP-1 V3, but also see some other classic bags on the list. Starting with the Dynamic Discs Commander bag, the most popular Backpack Bag of all time. The Commander barely beat the BP-1 V3 for the top title. The other discs in the top five are the Dynamic Discs Sniper Backpack, and the Innova Heropack. Here is a breakdown of the top five Backpack Bags.

Picking YOUR Bag

A selection of backpack bags in a disc golf shop

If you are new to disc golf and you’re looking for a bag, starting with a small bag is a great way to go. Even after you upgrade to a larger bag, the small bag can still come in handy. Sometimes, you just want to focus on a throwing and getting to know a few specific discs. No need to haul around a big bag. Just grab the starter bag and go! Helping someone that is just getting into disc golf? No problem, let them use the small bag until they get their own. You really can’t go wrong starting small, then working up to larger bags as the need arises. Then, as your needs change, you’ll know it’s time to look for something that fits your needs. This handy guide will help you as you consider all of the bag options on the market today.

Let us know in the comments what bag you use, and how you like it!

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Ted is the Chief Writer at Infinite Discs. He is responsible for the State of Disc Golf Survey articles and most of the "best discs" posts. Ted runs all kinds of local disc golf leagues and tournaments and tournaments in Northern Utah.


  • It’s all about a cart. But I do use a grip bx2 for glow rounds or small courses. Used to carry the latitude64 e3 luxury, great bag but does get heavy

  • Not even sure what model it is but I’ve been using an Innova backpack and loving it. Not too big, not too small.

  • I have a dd trooper. It’s light, carries what I need, durable to still be my bag after 3 years of solid use, and was low price. Perfect bag

  • I use the Innova Adventure Pack! I love having 25 discs on-hand everytime I go out to throw on my own, during leagues and even tournaments! Only 40 dollars!

  • I’m a big fan of the Prodigy BP-3 V3 for the price there is literally nothing I can complain about and hope this bag holds up for years to come. Only thing I would think about replacing it with is a Pound bag.

  • I have been using the dynamic paratrooper for a few months and love it! Holds plenty of discs with a bunch of storage and very light weight. Only thing I wish it had was a exterior pouch for a mini. No big deal just adds a few seconds grabbing a mini.

  • I have a backpack. Prodigy BP1-V3 and I love it. It is a great price for the size, it’s durable and water proof/resistant. It fits anything I could ever want. And the colors look great too!

  • Currently own an innova starter. It’s good for a beginner, but now that I’m carrying multiples of each mold in various stages of wear it is too small.

  • Currently running the Innova Adventure pack. I love it! Just enough room and not too bulky. Great price point as well. I believe I’ll be sticking to this one for awhile unless I fall in love with something else

  • I have a DD Commander and it is fantastic. It has room for 25+ discs and all the accessories you need on the course. I also have an Infinite Slinger for light rounds and travel (when I don’t feel like getting a bigger bag through TSA). Both bags are excellent and won’t break the bank.

  • I currently use an old grip bx. Still in great shape. Considering a larger bag, but my next purchase will probably be a cart

  • Currently have the DD trooper, I’ve been pleased with it so far. Only thing I don’t like is no putter pouch.

  • I love my dynamic discs ranger backpack. I don’t know why they even made the commander. Everyone I know who has a commander agree my ranger is bigger and more comfortable to wear. After being spoiled by the ranger every other bag I’ve tried just got tossed back in a box and my discs went right back in the ranger.

  • I just got a DD Ranger! Very happy with it, and it stores plenty of accessories and discs. I was torn between the BP1, BP2, and the Ranger. But I’m pumped with the choice!

  • Gotta be the grip ax4. Only bag Id even consider other than this is a pound octothorpe!

  • Been loving the Dynamic Discs Trooper. As I’m still building my bag and getting into the sport I love the compact size and ease of access for all of my discs.

  • Currently the RidgeRoller, but I’d love to try a Pound Bag, Gorilla Bag, and a GRIP Bag!

  • I had a beginner shoulder bag since 2001. When I lost the bag I picked up a Core backpack. Still only use a handful of discs, but it’s so nice to have the pack space!

  • I have the Infinite Discs Huck pack economy size bag/backpack and I love it! It holds a perfect amount of discs. I have over 15 discs in the main compartment and can fit more. Not to mention it is also very stable and doesn’t fall over. I can get 4, maybe 5 putters in the top. I love that it zips up so my discs won’t get wet and it has a mesh elastic pocket on one side where I put my powder pouch. A zipper pocket on the other side for my keys, etc. it also has some D ring hooks on the top and straps if you want to clip anything to it. The bag straps clip in front of your chest and the back is perfectly cushioned making it comfortable to tote around. I love that it has 2 water bottle holders that are lined with water proof fabric. I just wish it had a hole in the bottom to drain any excess fluids from drinks. Other than that it’s a great bag, super comfortable, easy to clean, and great quality for the price

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