Best Beginner Disc Golf Sets

Stacks of 3 disc starter sets

The disc golf starter set is an amazing way for people just getting into the sport to get the discs that will be useful to them, at the best possible price. Starter sets are created with idea that the people who will be using them don’t have the skill to throw faster, more stable, or heavier discs. With a few exceptions, I always recommend starter sets to people new to the sport. I’ll talk about the exceptions later, but for now, let’s look at some of the best disc golf starter sets.

Infinite Discs Starter Set

1 – Infinite Discs Starter Set – At the risk of sounding like a homer, I really think this starter set is awesome! It features two discs in the I-Blend plastic, and one in D-blend.  The I-blend Sphinx and Anubis are excellent for beginners because of their flight and speeds, but they will continue to find a place in their bag as their skills improve. The D-blend Alpaca is a popular mold and plastic choice with people from a variety of skills levels, which makes this putter the perfect option for a disc golf set.

The Sphinx and Anubis are staples in my bag. The I-blend plastic feels wonderful to me, and it has the added bonuses of being less expensive than other plastics, and very durable. The Alpaca is a very popular putter that you can use at any skill level. The plastic types, the perfect molds, and the relatively inexpensive price that the Infinite Discs Starter Set gets the number one spot.

Divergent Discs Starter Set

2 – Divergent Discs Starter Set –One of the many new companies in the disc golf world, Divergent Discs produces high quality plastics at a good price. The bargain prices and molds that cater to newer disc golfers means that beginners can get discs designed for their skill level, while still getting good quality. That will let people continue to throw those discs, even as their skill level climbs. Base plastics don’t always have a long life and will be discarded as they wear, and the thrower improves. The MaxGrip plastic used in the Divergent set feels great and is very durable. You’ll get the Kraken, Leviathan, and Narwal molds. Excellent for beginners.

Viking Discs Starter Set

3- Viking Discs Starter Set – This starter set is made out of base plastic, and contains three molds that are sure to make you a fan of Viking Discs. The Rune is a putt/approach disc that straight and excellent for beginners. The Axe is a midrange with a little bit fade. And the Ragnarok is a great driver that will deliver nice flights for less skilled hands.

Divergent Discs Glow Set

4 – Divergent Discs Glow Set – Want to take an already great brand of discs and make them better? Make them glow discs! The Divergent Discs Glow Set is slightly stiffer than the regular MaxGrip plastic, but still has the durability. With this set you have the option to play a round during the day, then break out the UV flashlight and play at night. This set includes the Kraken, Kapri, and Narwal molds.

XCom 3-Disc Premium

5 – XCom 3-Disc Premium – X-Com is another small, newer brand that people might not be familiar with, but that has amazing discs. Their premium starter set is perfect for beginners who still want to throw quality discs. Despite being a ‘premium plastic’, it is not too overstable for beginners. The flight of these molds are straight. They are also suitable for younger players. The molds in the set includes the Bennu, the Griffon, and the Helios.

Other starter set options

If you want to start with more than three discs, check out these multiple-disc sets. Some of these discs are more advanced than those designed for beginners.


The 9-disc set from Yikun is a complete disc golf set that covers every situation on the course. The set includes base and premium plastics. It’s a great way to have a complete bag with just one set.

Yikun’s 7-disc set is similar to the 9-disc set, but with more base plastic discs. It is a great option that fills most of a disc golfer’s needs.

Viking Discs

Viking offers multiple-discs sets in different plastic types:

Ground/Storm plastic mix.

Divergent Discs Family Pack

This driver/putter pack gives the family enough discs to play together.


Divergent Discs 8-Disc Set with Bag


Inexpensive Disc Golf Sets

If cost is a deciding factor for your beginner set selection, check out these base plastic starter sets. They offer the discs you’ll need to get playing, and give you a starting point for your disc golf bag.

UPlay Disc Golf Set

Hero Disc Golf Starter Set

Discmania Active

Starter sets were made with beginners in mind. The discs included are lower speeds and usually lighter. Although the plastics are usually base and not as durable, that is not a bad thing for beginners. The one exception would be sets that include some plastic types. Champion plastic, and those similar to it, are typically more overstable and challenging to throw for beginners. And they take a long time to ‘break in’ due to their high durability. Once you develop the skills to handle more overstable flights, Champion plastic is great. Until then, stick to the base plastics.

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Let us know about your experiences with Beginner Sets. Did you start with one? If so, which one and how did you like it? If not, what was your first disc? Did this blog help you decide on a set? If so, which one appeals to you? Let us know.

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Ted is the Chief Writer at Infinite Discs. He is responsible for the State of Disc Golf Survey articles and most of the "best discs" posts. Ted runs all kinds of local disc golf leagues and tournaments and tournaments in Northern Utah.


  • My family of four started with 2 Innova starter sets. We bought a Discmania starter set later on to see what other discs were like.

  • I started my disc golf journey back in April/May 2022 with a Prodigy Disc Golf Starter Set. These discs were in the Ace Line Base Grip, and perfect for someone who only has thrown Frisbees on the beach.. AKA myself! I was able to watch my fairway driver progression over the first few weeks, and sink some impressive putts. The durability of starter sets is so-so, but that’s what drives the opportunity to discover premium plastics (and fuel the disc buying addiction). While I do not currently bag my starter set, the set seats on top of my disc shelf and was able to provide the foundation for all my future play.

  • Did not start off with one and had plenty of friends luckily to just give me discs. Looking at the discs they’ve started to put in the starter packs though I don’t feel as bad suggesting them to beginners if they feel like they’d rather buy them

  • I started with a single Buzzz, but I eventually tried some starter packs to try new discs. I was and still am a big fan of the Dynamic Discs starter pack. 3 solid molds, and I still bag a super beat up Judge from one of the starter packs.

  • My first starter set was Dynamic Discs and it started my love for trilogy. Their set includes a Judge putter, Truth midrange and an Escape fairway driver. After 6 years of playing disc golf and owning over 350 discs I still bag Escapes and own over 10 of them! I recently picked up the Discmania starter set for my granddaughter and she loves it.

  • I started with a BT Medium Crown, an I-blend centurion and an I-blend pharaoh. Centurion taught me how to hyzer flip. Best lesson ever. I still bag 3 Pharaohs. I blend for tailwind bombs, splatter S for no wind, swirly S for crosswinds and slight headwinds. I got really lucky on great plastic to start with, and will always have some infinite molds in my bag.

  • I didn’t start with a set of discs when I began, but I would if I were to do it over again! My first disc was the Latitude 64 Diamond. I can’t speak highly enough of it as a beginner driver.

  • I usually steer people away from starter sets because of the low weights (maybe all aren’t that way, but my experience is with the Innova starter set). I tell them that they’ll want something heavier after playing twice. My first disc was a dx Beast that my brother gave me.

  • I started with the prodigy ace line set. All 150g discs. I’ve bought a few heavier discs that I prefer since then. I still suck but can’t blame the discs.

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