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When you see your PDGA rating rise to new levels, or if you  find yourself setting new personal records on your local course, or maybe when you find yourself on the podium more often at tournaments, if feels great to know that you are progressing in the sport. Playing a lot is one way to improve our game. Another way which helps us even faster is by training. In this blog we will look at the best disc golf training devices to find out which ones will help you.

Disc golf training accessories help us get the reps in more frequently, leading to sharper skills and better form. Here are some of the best training devices:

The MVP Pod V2 Disc Holder

1 – MVP Pod V2 – Since you will be putting on a majority of all holes that you play, it makes sense to making putting a regular part of your overall practice regime. Practicing putts is not the most fun thing in the world, so it’s nice to make the most of the time we will be putting. One way to improve our practice efficiency is to have the putters within easy reach. The Pod meets that need nicely!

The MVP Pod V2 is a metal stand that holds a stack of putters to you don’t have to be bending down to pick them up, nor do you have to hold a stack while you try to maintain good form. It’s called the ‘V2’ because this version of the Pod comes with two 3” extension poles to hole even more discs. The Pod V2 holds 26 putters and even more drivers, for when you’re doing field work.

In addition to holding a lot of discs, the Pod is easy to transport. It comes apart or sets up in minutes, so you can take it to a field or practice basket with ease. Its all-metal construction means it will hold up to transporting and use for many years.

Check out the MVP Pod V2 HERE

Visionary Practice Net

A Visionary disc golf practice net

2 – Visionary Practice Net – The best way to improve your form is through regular practice and field work. Often times it is inconvenient to find an empty field big enough to throw distance drivers. That’s where a practice net really shines.

Visionary nets are specifically designed for disc golf discs. They have a return channel that catches the discs and collects them for easy retrieval. If you want to take full-power shots in your backyard or garage, these nets are perfect for you.

The nets come in a couple different sizes, from single-thrower to larger nets that allow several people to throw at once. All of them feature the patent pending return channel, with the bigger nets having multiple channels.

While the obvious reason for getting a net is so you can practice your drives, there is another reason to invest in this practice tool. They are also perfect for putting practice. A net set up behind your basket will stop any errant putts and make gathering them that much faster. Your putting sessions will be more efficient and you can spend more time putting than chasing discs. If you combine an MVP Pod V2 and a net, before long you’ll be putting like a pro!

Check out the 6-pocket Visionary Practice Nets HERE

Check out the 3-pocket Visionary Practice Nets HERE

ProPull Disc Golf Trainer

The propull disc golf elastic band trainer

3 – Propull Disc Golf Trainer – If you’re looking for a way to warm up before a round or keep your form in good shape, you’ll want to consider the ProPull Disc Golf Trainer. The Trainer is a disc with hardware attached that allows you to go through the motions of a throw and feel resistance as you pull the disc. It comes with two elastic tubes for different levels of resistance.

The ProPull can be used indoor or outdoor. It has a strap that attaches to a tree or other object, and also comes with a strap that attaches to a door. The training product also has a safety strap in case the disc slips out of your hand.

Here is a YouTube Video featuring Infinite Discs own Dave Feldberg talking about the ProPull and its benefits, as well as how to use it.


Check out all of the ProPull Disc Golf Trainer HERE


Flightowel disc fob and towel

4 – Flightowel – Years ago I cut up an old disc and would hold the small section of it along with a towel, and use that to warm up. I liked it because I was gripping an actual rim and the towel offered a little resistance. I was thrilled when the Flightowel came to market because it was an even better version of the device that I made. It was cleaner and more effective product.

The Flightowel is a small portion of an actual disc and is attached to a towel with a strong cord. The discs are cut out of a variety of molds, so you can find the mold that you would like to warm up with. The towel has a small clever pocket that creates a little resistance when you go through the throwing motion. You simply grab the disc fob and go through the throwing motion. I do this regularly to warm up after a backup on the course, so I can keep my arm ready to throw.

Flightowels are made in America and come in a variety of towel and fob colors. They come labeled with the mold they were made from. Flightowels are available in left-hand and right-hand options.

Check out all of the Flightowel options HERE

Disc Dot

The Disc Dot putting aid

5– Disc Dot – The Disc Dot is a putting training tool designed to help you narrow your focus on the basket while putting. The device slips over a link on your practice basket and helps you focus on that point. By training our eyes and brains to aim for a single point, it increases our chances of making our putts. The basket seems much bigger after focusing on a tiny Dot.

Disc Dots come in a variety of colors, including glow in the dark. They are now made of recycled discs.

Check out Disc Dots HERE

Chain Suppressor

The Chain Suppressor neoprene sleeve to keep baskets quiet

6 – Chain Suppressor – Having a basket around the house to practice putting is the best way to improve our putting and lower our scores. If the noise of the chains is preventing us from practicing as much as we should, then the Chain Suppressor is the perfect product for you. Whether you are concerned about being a noisy neighbor, or you have young kids that have a nap time, the Suppressor greatly reduces the chain noise that is usually music to our ears.

The Chain Suppressor is a neoprene sleeve that attaches directly to the pole to greatly reduce the noise made when the chains smack the pole during a putt. It can be easily removed for times when you want to hear the chains. It also has two yellow lines that you can use as an aiming aid.

Check out Chain Suppressors HERE

Basket Pole Holder

7 – Basket Pole Holder – Moving a basket from place to place can be problematic if the basket needs to be disassembled to move. The poles are difficult to keep with the basket and tend to roll around as you transport the basket. The last thing you need is a hassle moving the basket. The Basket Pole Holders are a pair of rubberized straps that keep the poles securely attached to the rest of the basket. Make your practice sessions more stress free with the Basket Pole Holders.

Check out Basket Pole Holder Straps HERE

What Training Devices Do You Use?

Comment below and let us know what devices you use, and which ones you would like to check out!

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