Best Disc Golf Training Devices

A disc golfer putting at a basket


When you see your PDGA rating rise to new levels, or if you  find yourself setting new personal records on your local course, or maybe when you find yourself on the podium more often at tournaments, if feels great to know that you are progressing in the sport. Playing a lot is one way to improve our game. Another way which helps us even faster is by training. In this blog we will look at the best disc golf training devices to find out which ones will help you.

Disc golf training accessories help us get the reps in more frequently, leading to sharper skills and better form. Here are some of the best training devices:

The MVP Pod V2 Disc Holder

1 – MVP Pod V2 – Since you will be putting on a majority of all holes that you play, it makes sense to making putting a regular part of your overall practice regime. Practicing putts is not the most fun thing in the world, so it’s nice to make the most of the time we will be putting. One way to improve our practice efficiency is to have the putters within easy reach. The Pod meets that need nicely!

The MVP Pod V2 is a metal stand that holds a stack of putters to you don’t have to be bending down to pick them up, nor do you have to hold a stack while you try to maintain good form. It’s called the ‘V2’ because this version of the Pod comes with two 3” extension poles to hole even more discs. The Pod V2 holds 26 putters and even more drivers, for when you’re doing field work.

In addition to holding a lot of discs, the Pod is easy to transport. It comes apart or sets up in minutes, so you can take it to a field or practice basket with ease. Its all-metal construction means it will hold up to transporting and use for many years.

Check out the MVP Pod V2 HERE

Visionary Practice Net

A Visionary disc golf practice net

2 – Visionary Practice Net – The best way to improve your form is through regular practice and field work. Often times it is inconvenient to find an empty field big enough to throw distance drivers. That’s where a practice net really shines.

Visionary nets are specifically designed for disc golf discs. They have a return channel that catches the discs and collects them for easy retrieval. If you want to take full-power shots in your backyard or garage, these nets are perfect for you.

The nets come in a couple different sizes, from single-thrower to larger nets that allow several people to throw at once. All of them feature the patent pending return channel, with the bigger nets having multiple channels.

While the obvious reason for getting a net is so you can practice your drives, there is another reason to invest in this practice tool. They are also perfect for putting practice. A net set up behind your basket will stop any errant putts and make gathering them that much faster. Your putting sessions will be more efficient and you can spend more time putting than chasing discs. If you combine an MVP Pod V2 and a net, before long you’ll be putting like a pro!

Check out the 6-pocket Visionary Practice Nets HERE

Check out the 3-pocket Visionary Practice Nets HERE

ProPull Disc Golf Trainer

The propull disc golf elastic band trainer

3 – Propull Disc Golf Trainer – If you’re looking for a way to warm up before a round or keep your form in good shape, you’ll want to consider the ProPull Disc Golf Trainer. The Trainer is a disc with hardware attached that allows you to go through the motions of a throw and feel resistance as you pull the disc. It comes with two elastic tubes for different levels of resistance.

The ProPull can be used indoor or outdoor. It has a strap that attaches to a tree or other object, and also comes with a strap that attaches to a door. The training product also has a safety strap in case the disc slips out of your hand.

Here is a YouTube Video featuring Infinite Discs own Dave Feldberg talking about the ProPull and its benefits, as well as how to use it.


Check out all of the ProPull Disc Golf Trainer HERE


Flightowel disc fob and towel

4 – Flightowel – Years ago I cut up an old disc and would hold the small section of it along with a towel, and use that to warm up. I liked it because I was gripping an actual rim and the towel offered a little resistance. I was thrilled when the Flightowel came to market because it was an even better version of the device that I made. It was cleaner and more effective product.

The Flightowel is a small portion of an actual disc and is attached to a towel with a strong cord. The discs are cut out of a variety of molds, so you can find the mold that you would like to warm up with. The towel has a small clever pocket that creates a little resistance when you go through the throwing motion. You simply grab the disc fob and go through the throwing motion. I do this regularly to warm up after a backup on the course, so I can keep my arm ready to throw.

Flightowels are made in America and come in a variety of towel and fob colors. They come labeled with the mold they were made from. Flightowels are available in left-hand and right-hand options.

Check out all of the Flightowel options HERE

Disc Dot

The Disc Dot putting aid

5– Disc Dot – The Disc Dot is a putting training tool designed to help you narrow your focus on the basket while putting. The device slips over a link on your practice basket and helps you focus on that point. By training our eyes and brains to aim for a single point, it increases our chances of making our putts. The basket seems much bigger after focusing on a tiny Dot.

Disc Dots come in a variety of colors, including glow in the dark. They are now made of recycled discs.

Check out Disc Dots HERE

Chain Suppressor

The Chain Suppressor neoprene sleeve to keep baskets quiet

6 – Chain Suppressor – Having a basket around the house to practice putting is the best way to improve our putting and lower our scores. If the noise of the chains is preventing us from practicing as much as we should, then the Chain Suppressor is the perfect product for you. Whether you are concerned about being a noisy neighbor, or you have young kids that have a nap time, the Suppressor greatly reduces the chain noise that is usually music to our ears.

The Chain Suppressor is a neoprene sleeve that attaches directly to the pole to greatly reduce the noise made when the chains smack the pole during a putt. It can be easily removed for times when you want to hear the chains. It also has two yellow lines that you can use as an aiming aid.

Check out Chain Suppressors HERE

Basket Pole Holder

7 – Basket Pole Holder – Moving a basket from place to place can be problematic if the basket needs to be disassembled to move. The poles are difficult to keep with the basket and tend to roll around as you transport the basket. The last thing you need is a hassle moving the basket. The Basket Pole Holders are a pair of rubberized straps that keep the poles securely attached to the rest of the basket. Make your practice sessions more stress free with the Basket Pole Holders.

Check out Basket Pole Holder Straps HERE

What Training Devices Do You Use?

Comment below and let us know what devices you use, and which ones you would like to check out!

Essential Disc Golf Accessories

Disc Golf accessories

One of the beautiful aspects of disc golf is that you only need one disc and you can be playing. However, we all know that it’s nice to have a variety of discs and a good bag or cart. Beyond the discs, it’s nice to have the accessories that make our round more enjoyable. In this blog we’ll talk about some of the essential disc golf accessories.

Grip Enhancer 

There is nothing that takes your mind off your drives like having grip issues. Whether you are sweaty and need something to keep your hands dry, or you prefer maximum possible grip, we’ve got you covered.

Disc golf grip sacks The Prodigy Chalk Bag is a bag full of chalk that allows you to use as little or as much chalk as you desire. Just like the chalk used by rock climbers, it gives you the grip you need for confident throws.

The Infinite Discs Sportsack is awesome at absorbing moisture from your hands so you can grip it and rip it! Keep a Sportsac in your bag and you’ll always be prepared for potential grip issues.

Using clay-based ingredients, the popular Whale Sac helps you get the optimal grip when you are sweaty. The tail can be used to tie the Whale Sac around your cart or bag for easy access.


Whale Sack grip enhancers

Check out all of our Grip Enhancers HERE

Cart Accessories

Many of us love our carts, which make our disc golf rounds a little easier. One thing that makes a cart even better is the putter pouch. A putter pouch keeps your go-to discs within easy reach, and increases the totally number of discs that you can take on the course.

Infinite Discs cart power pocketThe Infinite Power Pocket pouches come in a variety of sizes, from the Mini, to the regular Power Pocket, to the giant XXL. Power Pockets have additional pockets for phones, pencils, minis, and a clipboard. You’re sure to find the right size for you.

Maybe you are looking for extra storage space for your Cart cooler bagcart. For the Rovic Cart, check out the insulated Cooler Bag. It has an insulated pocket for drinks. plus another pocket for snacks or accessories.

Zuca offers a Saddle Bag Set for some of its carts. The bags sit on both sides of the cart and give you a lot more room for snacks, a jacket, or even more discs!

Check out all of our Cart Accessories HERE

Disc Golf Towel

Keep your discs and hands clean and dry with an absorbent disc golf towel. These towels often feature a clip or loop for easy attachment to your bag, making them accessible during play.

Doomsday Discs offers a couple different beautiful, full color towel designs: Phantom Chains and Tropical. Why settle for just function when you can have function and style.

Doomsday Discs towel

The Cascadian DG ‘Lie’ Towel is a good looking towel that is also the size of a PDGA-legal lie: 20cm x 30cm. If you ever have doubts about someone’s lie, jut whip out the towel and resolve the issue.

Looking for a full-size bath towel with the image of a disc golf basket on it? We’ve got what you want! Take it to the beach, use it as a car seat cover on a hot day, or use it at home. You could even use is as a wall hanger conversation piece or practice your putting by throwing discs at it.

Disc golf basket beach towel

Check out all of our Disc Golf Towels HERE


Save time and the frustration of losing a disc by including a disc retriever in your bag. Some are extendable poles with a retrieval mechanism at the end allow you to fish out discs from water hazards or hard to reach areas. Others are metal devices attached to rope to help retrieve discs that are even farther away.

The Golden Retriever and Disc Claw can be used to reach discs that are in water hazards. Hold the rope and toss the retriever into the water to scoop up your disc and bring it back to you. Tie additional lengths of rope to the

Max Stick suction cup retrievers come in several different sizes. They have a metal pole 16 foot retriever, and their carbon fiber poles come in 5 foot and 20 foot models.

Max distance suction cup retriever

Check out all of our Retrievers HERE

Water Bottle

A water bottle should be a staple for every disc golfer. Carry some ice cold water in the summer or a hot beverage in the winter.

An insulated water bottle will keep your water cold during your entire round. Innova, Trilogy, and Discmania all have insulated options. They come in a variety of sizes and colors.

Discraft has an inexpensive squeeze bottle to make sure you stay hydrated on the course.

Want to add a water bladder to your bag? Check out the Infinite Discs Water Bladder. It has a hose and mouthpiece for a refreshing sip of water while playing. It holds 2 liters of water.

Check out all of our Water Bottles HERE

Portable Seat/Stool

Give your legs a break between holes with a portable seat or stool. Compact and lightweight, these accessories are designed for convenience, allowing you to rest comfortably during longer rounds.

The Infinite Discs Tournament Seat is a lightweight seat that is easy to carry with you during a round. It has a shoulder strap for hands-free carrying.

Dynamic Discs has their Roll-A-Stool to give you a nice break while waiting to tee.

Check out all of our Seats HERE

Disc Golf Hat

Keep the sun out of your eyes and maintain focus with a breathable disc golf hat. Hats also help keep the sweat out of your eyes on a hot day.

The Alpaca Hat is arguably one of the best looking hats available! The colorful mascot of the popular Alpaca putter sits front and center on this hat. Look great while shading your eyes.

Rep your favorite brands by sporting a hat from major brands like Infinite, Prodigy, Axiom, and Clash. 

Check out all of our Disc Golf Hats HERE

Training Products

If improving your game is what you’re aiming for, there are several training products that will help you hit your target.

Disc Golf Net  Visionary has practice disc golf nets that come in different sizes. Practice driving without leaving home. Their nets, combined with the MVP Pod V2 disc holder, will give you a way to get a lot of practice throws in a short amount of time.


The ProPull Disc Golf Trainer will allow you to improve your strength and coordination and can be used indoors. The disc and rubber band allow you to practice the motion of throwing, while holding an actual disc.

Check out all of our Training Products HERE


Give yourself a competitive advantage by finding out exactly how far you have to throw your disc. Rangefinders tell you the distance to the basket, and the elevation increase or decrease

 The Apex NF600 is a great way to get into the rangefinder game. It is specifically made for disc golf. The NF600 has multiple modes for a variety of measurements. Shows distances in feet, yards, or meters.

Disc golf rangefinder

The Apex NP600 comes with the same great features as the NF600, plus it comes with a rechargeable battery and cable.

Check out all of our Rangefinders HERE

Make your disc golf experience even better with these essential accessories. Whether you’re focused on improving your skills, staying comfortable during rounds, or being prepared for the unexpected, these items are sure to enhance your overall disc golf experience. Happy throwing!


New Disc Golf Accessories- Wild Discs

Wild Discs is a new disc golf brand as of this past year. They’ve introduced a handful of new discs to the market as well as some of their own branded disc golf accessories. They are a new brand that takes on some social responsibility. For every item sold of theirs, they are contributing a portion of their sales to a wildlife conservation organization. Whether you are throwing their plastic, or using their gear. You are helping them to contribute and preserve this planet that we live on.

At Infinite Discs, we have added a few more disc golf accessories from Wild Discs. We now carry their microfiber waffle towel, and their grip sack. Providing you another way to get some disc golf gear and support wildlife conservation.

Wild Discs Grip Sack

The Wild Discs Grip Sack will remove moisture from your hands easily in any weather condition. With its clay based filler this will remove moisture from you hands. It will also limit the the amount of powder that will escape the grip bag. This bag will keep your bag clean, and provide better grip on your discs.

This grip sack is only $8.99 and available for purchase at Just look for it under Accessories – Grip Enhancers


Wild Discs Microfiber Waffle Towel

This Wild Discs Microfiber Waffle Towel is a polyester and polyamide blended towel designed to clean dirt, dust, and dry the disc. Build to last with durable and thick material that will keep your discs or hands clean while out on the course. Easy to attach to your bag with a grommet and clip.

This towel is available for purchase on under the “Towels” section. You can buy it for $15.99.

New Accessories

We have added some new items onto our store that revolve around disc golf. There is a new book from Patrick McCormick, some zipper pulls to make your bag your own, and the Trekker bag from Zuca. Here is a preview of these items:

Disc Golf Strategy & Tactics

Patrick McCormick returns to tackle the game’s physical tactics and strategy. Strategy & Tactics begins with everything you ever need to know about disc types, their stability, the ratings, and effects of weight. McCormick then examines each throwing technique and when to use each to improve your round regardless of weather. Finally, McCormick reveals keys to disc golf strategy from the course level down to strategizing each shot. In this book, you will learn about the purpose of the different types of discs. The science of disc stability. How disc weight affects throwing distance and stability. Tips and tricks for backhands, forehands, rollers, and more! How the wind affects your throw and how to compensate. The difference between training, practice, and play. He details various field, accuracy, and putting drills to prepare you for victory. Many disc golf challenge ideas to keep your friendly rounds interesting. He also details gym workouts to use all to improve your game. Also reviewing multiple mental tools and tricks to get out of your own head when playing competitively. And learning the course, competition, and yourself to aid in determining course strategy.

Click here to get your copy for $13.95


KB Zipper Pulls

The KB Zipper Pulls are a cool and convenient accessory for your disc golf bag. Simply tie the colorful paracord zipper pull onto your zipper. This will make it easier to grab the zipper and add some style to your disc golf bag. These are available in 4 packs and a variety of colors.

See the color options and select yours through this link, these are available for $9.99


ZUCA Trekker Bag

Change up any Standard Backpack Cart with this heavy-duty Trekker Insert Bag, available in multiple colors/patterns.  Convert and expand your Backpack Cart storage capacity and carry 10-25 discs in the integrated compartment.  The perfect companion to your Standard Backpack Cart with multifunctional storage and zippered pockets.

Available for $99.00 you can select yours here.

New Zuca Cart Accessory – Power Pocket Pouch

Power Pocket Pouch

The Power Pocket Pouch is a new addition to the disc golf cart accessories. This pouch is designed to make your go-to discs readily available along with some other course essentials.

It will hold 4-8 discs, your cellphone and/or wallet, a clipboard, pencils, and a mini. There are even Grommets so that you can hang towels from it. You attach this to the telescoping handle of your cart. There are two Velcro tabs that will attach the pouch to the pole, and an adjustable strap that will attach to the cart’s handle. This way the pouch remains in the same spot without sliding down the pole. This is available for purchase at for $37.99.

This pouch works on a variety of different disc golf cart types or can even be attached to an ordinary backpack. View this video for the full details and functionality.

New Accessories – Disc Dots and Sweat Spot Stoppers

Earlier this week we added two new accessories to aid your gameplay and to keep you look good. To improve your putting game, there is the DiscDot. To keep your hats looking new and clean you can get the Hat Saver.

Hat Saver

The Hat Saver is a aerosol spray that you can use to spray onto your hats to protect it. This way your hat stays looking new for longer. What this does is it creates a layer to protect from sweat, water, dirt, and oil. You can use this on more than just on hats; it’ll work on suede, leather, and straw. You can buy this under the Accessories or by clicking on this link. This is available for $17.99.



The DiscDot is a plastic sphere that you can attached to your disc catcher’s chains. This is designed to make a link(s) more visible, allowing for easier aiming while practicing. We have packages of two that are available for purchase. They will come with a yellow and a pink “dot”. The yellow dot is a “Classic Color”, meaning it is a bright yellow that is UV resistant. Making it last for years. The pink dot is a “UV Color”. This means that it is UV reactive, shinning a little brighter when exposed to sunlight or UV light. This does not mean that it will glow in the dark though. You can purchase your pair of DiscDots by this link. Or you can look for them under Accessories. A pair of these will cost $7.99, a little cost to make practicing all that much easier.

September New Products Released

During the month of September, we’ve released a handful of new products which merit a mention. They are all strewn about the disc golf necessities: baskets, accessories, cart accessories, apparel, towels, and other accessories.


We’ve added three new portable baskets to our line up. They are all from Viking Discs and are affordable. There is the Royal Basket, the Battle Basket Pro, and the Polar Basket.

The Royal Basket has the heaviest chains on it, it is PDGA approved – meaning you can use it for target practice or a temporary course. It assembles and dissembles relatively quick. You can see the basket easily with the white band on top.

The Battle Basket Pro is a lightweight and low cost basket. This is designed to be more portable, leading to easy assembly and disassembly. It doesn’t have two rows of chains like the Royal Basket, but they’ve interconnected the chains to limit chain outs. This is a great at home practice target.

The Polar Basket is a smaller basket and very lightweight. It is designed slightly smaller than the regular basket to improve accuracy or for kids to learn and play on. This is a good portable basket to take with you camping, to a park, or to a day outing.

All of these baskets are on sale til the end of October 2020; $29.99 for the Pole Basket, $74.99 for the Battle Basket Pro, and $129.99 for the Royal Basket.



Infinite Discs is adding a new grip enhancement to the market, the Infinite Discs Chalk Ball. This tool is filled with magnesium carbonate grip chalk, similar to what rock climbers use. It features a bag to hold the ball of chalk, to prevent the chalk from spreading onto your clothes or bag. It also comes with a carabiner to attach it to your bag or to a belt loop for quick access. You can also tie off the pouch to prevent the ball from falling out while playing or for storage. Available for purchase for $9.99.


Cart Accessories:

Briggsiware has printed up some accessories for your Zuca cart. We now carry a Zuca Cart Handle cover, and some putter clips to attach to the handle stem of your cart.

Briggisware Zuca Cart Handle Grip is a 3D printed grip to slip onto your metal Zuca Cart handle. This is made out of a durable plastic to enhance the comfort and grip of your Zuca Cart. It is a quick install that will last a long time, enhancing the control and grip on your Zuca Cart. You can buy this on our site for $15.99.

Briggsiware Zuca Cart Putter Clip & Double Putter Clip are clips that you can attach to the stem of the Zuca Cart handle. This will place your putter(s) in a convenient location, near the handle of your cart! You can buy a single ($10.99) or a double clip ($19.99), to fit the amount of putters you like to take up to you to the basket. They are easy to install and use.



We released a Infinite branded Neck Gator. This way you can have protection around town and on the course from the sun, or from COVID-19. This has our bar logo in a “X” shape, offering a cool design from afar and the ability to rep Infinite Discs upon closer inspection. This is available for only $8.45 while the sale goes on.



New to the towel section is the Kastaplast Towel. This is soft towel that is good to wick-away moisture from your discs. This comes in a little pouch for storage and play, designed to keep your towel out of the weeds, grass, dirt, or pavement. This will keep your towel safe from snagging on weeds, getting weed debris stuck in it, and keeping it clean. You can buy this for $7.95


Other Accessories:

Phoenix Displays has released a new and improved way to display your discs. Check out the Phoenix Wall Hangers. You can use these wall hangers to ensure that your discs will stay on the wall, be level, and on a straight line with your other mounted discs. You can chose between a tack, nail, or screw to attach the disc hanger to the wall. Now you can show off your ace discs and other good looking discs with ease. Prices vary depending on the pack you pick. Check out the video for a better explanation of the hanger: