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If you are in a disc golf scenario where you need more distance than a putter, but not the distance you need with a driver, you are in a perfect situation to use a midrange. The midrange, or ‘mid’, is a great tool for approach shots where minimal ground action is desired. They come in a variety of flight ratings so they can be used for a variety of different shots. Their slower speeds make them good starting discs for beginners.

In this blog, we’ll look at the best midrange discs for 2024. Just like similar blogs about the best putters, best high speed drivers and best fairway drivers, we’ll look at the top 50 based on sales at Infinite Discs. Then we’ll look at the highest rated mid’s. Finally, we want YOUR feedback. Comment below for your chance to win a gift card!

TOP 50 Midrange Discs

Graph showing the top midrange discs by sales percentage

Topping the list of the Best Midrange Discs of 2024 is the perennial champion, the Discraft Buzzz. The beadless buzz has been around for decades and is one of the most popular discs of all time. It has a neutral flight and can be thrown on a slight hyzer, which will flip to flat and cruise for a long, straight flight. The Buzzz is the choice of many top pros. It is available in pretty much any plastic made by Discraft. One out of every six midrange discs that Infinite sells is a Buzzz.

Second on the list is a newer mold, the Axiom Hex. The Hex has a flight similar to the Buzzz. Although it is a relatively new mold, its sales are boosted by Simon Lizotte. His popularity contributes to a lot of Hex sales. That’s what happens when you have popular flight numbers on a disc being used and promoted by a popular player.

Rounding out the top three is another ‘older’ mold, the Innova Pig. The overstable Pig experienced a resurgence a few years ago when Ricky Wysocki threw the mold as an Innova team member. The Pig has a different flight than the other two, being very overstable. It makes a great driving/approach disc, particularly in a headwind.

Top Buzz Plastics

Discraft Buzzz sales by Plastic Type Graph

The Discraft Buzzz in a variety of different plastics


The 20th anniversary of the Buzzz occurred last year, and a special edition of the mold was released. It came in Elite Z plastic, a variation of their popular Z plastic. The disc sold a bunch and the Elite Z was the number one plastic for the Buzzz. It accounted for 18% of all Buzzz’s sold. Discraft’s ESP plastic was second place at 15.4%. Their Signature ESP was third. It is the same plastic as ESP, but supporting a touring pro like Paul McBeth and Paige Pierce.

Top Midrange Brands

Top midrange brands graph showing disc golf brands that feature mids in the top fifty.

Although Innova and Discraft have the most molds in the top 50, this time Discraft takes the top spot with 9 molds. Innova is right behind them in second with 8 molds. MVP and Lone Star tied for third with 4 each. There was a four-way tie for fifth with Axiom, Infinite, Kastaplast and Dynamic Discs each having 3 molds in the top 50.

Highest Rated Midrange Discs

As part of its rewards program, Infinite Discs encourages customers to leave reviews for the discs and accessories they purchase. Along with a review, people can rate the products on a scale from one to five stars. We will now turn to those ratings to see which midrange discs rated the highest.

Highest Rated Midrange - Discraft Buzzz

Not only did the Buzzz sell the most, it is also tied for the highest rated. The Buzzz holds an average rating of 4.8 stars, which ties the Prodigy M4. The M4 is a slightly understable midrange. RPM’s Piwakawaka was just a bit behind the other two with 4.79 out of five stars

Highest Rated Very Overstable Midrange Discs

These beefy discs have massive amounts of fade, and are not for everyone. If you have enough skill and arm speed, you may be in the market for one of these discs and want to check them out. Because these discs are all rated high, I didn’t include them in the overall ratings. Otherwise it would look exactly like this section. If you get one of these molds, you are looking for something extra beefy, and they all deliver. That may be why the high ratings.

Legacy Pursuit, highest rated overstable midrange disc.

The highest-rated very overstable midrange disc is the Legacy Pursuit. The Pursuit has a fade rating of three and an average rating of 4.89 out of five. The Yikun Crossbow has even beefier fade of 4. It is rated just below the Pursuit with a rating of 4.88. Legacy has two molds in the top three, with the third place going to the Legacy Recluse.

Highest Rated Overstable Midrange Discs


RPM Kotuku

Looking at the highest rated overstable midrange discs we see the RPM Kotuku. RPM is a New Zealand brand with a decent number of available molds. Check out their discs with their unique naming structure HERE. The Kotuku has a rating of 4.83.

The Innova Roc takes the second place with a rating of 4.74. Two Trilogy discs tied for the last podium spot. Westside Discs Gatekeeper and the popular Dynamic Discs EMAC Truth both have ratings of 4.70.

Highest Rated Understable Midrange Discs

Prodigy M4 - Highest rated understable mid

If you want a midrange that will give you a little (or a lot) of turn in your its flight, you will want an understable mid. They are also good for beginners because they help with a longer flight while beginners develop their form. They are also great for approaches or drives in a tailwind.

The highest rated understable midrange comes from Prodigy. It is their slightly flippy mid, the M4. The M4 has a rating of 4.80 out of five stars. The next highest rated disc is another mold from New Zealand, the RPM Piwakawaka. Two molds tie for the last spot on the understable mid podium. Dynamic Discs Bounty and the Discraft Meteor both tied with a rating of 4.73.

Highest Rated Stable Midrange Discs

Mako 3 Highest Rated straight flying midrange

Stable midrange discs have little or no turn, and little or no fade. The fly straight or whatever line you put them on. Stable mids are valuable work horses that get used a lot. The highest rated of this type of mid is the Innova Mako3, with a user-rating of 4.74. Next up is the Infinite Discs Anubis. It has an average rating of 4.71. The Latitude 64 Compass takes the last spot in the category, with a rating of 4.67

What are Your Favorite Midrange Discs?

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Those are our lists of the best midrange discs with sales and ratings data. Let’s add to the data by hearing from YOU! Answer one or more of the following questions:

1 – What is your favorite midrange?
2 – What is your favorite over/understable midrange?
3 – What do you think will be the best midrange for next year?

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