Best Glow in the Dark Discs

A disc golf basket at night that is lit up with a light.

One of my favorite types of disc golf occurs in the dark. I get my glow discs ready, gather my disc lights and flashlights, and wait for the sun to set. I’m talking about a glow round, or night round. This type of disc golf is played with lighted discs and lighted baskets, and is a blast!

Watching glowing discs fly through the air is amazing, and a lot different than watching the flight during the day. In the dark you’ll see the lighted disc bounce off invisible trees, get knocked down by unseen obstacles, and skip at seemingly random places in space. You can even see a disc that gets buried in a bush much better than during the daylight hours. If you haven’t played a night round, do yourself a favor and put in on your list for this year. And keep reading to learn about glow rounds and the best glow discs.

Glow-in-the-dark disc golf discs

It is difficult to show the actual glow of a disc in a picture. These all look like they are glowing the same brightness. They are not.


Glowing Discs

Although there are many different ways to light up a disc, which we will discuss later, having a glow in the dark disc to play with is a great way to play at night. That does not mean EVERY glow disc is good for hucking in the dark. Not all glow discs are created equal. Some are barely visible in the dark, even after charging the plastic with a bright light. Others will maintain a bright glow long after playing a hole. When it comes to glow plastic, there is a wide variety of glow brightness. Disc color, manufacturers glow formula, and plastic type can all affect how bright the disc will glow.

Let’s look at some of the best glow discs and talk about what to do if you have a disc that is supposed to glow in the dark, but isn’t very bright when you charge it. Or if you prefer to throw discs in the dark that aren’t glow plastic.

Several glow-in-the-dark discs

Best Glow In The Dark Discs

I grabbed a UV flashlight and headed to a dark room to test a bunch of glow discs. A good glow plastic will appear bright immediately after the light hits it, and stay glowing for quite a while after you shut off the light. That quality is necessary because your disc needs to stay glowing long enough to find it after your shot. Fortunately there are several brands that have amazing glow plastic. Here are the top discs that I tested:

1 – (Tie) MVP Eclipse 2.0 and Innova Proto Glow (their new glow plastic)

Innova reformulated their glow plastic and it turned out great! It’s called Proto Glow and it debuted in their 40th Anniversary DX Aviar. That plastic glow really good, and their Champion Proto Glow plastic even better. The discs lights right up when you shine a light on it. And it stays lit for quite a while. The Proto Glow that I tested were neck-and-neck with the Eclipse 2.0 plastic. You are definitely going to want to check out Innova’s Proto Glow plastic!

MVP’s Eclipse 2.0 glow plastic is bright and long lasting. It’s been one of the best glow plastics for a while. The green glow plastic is much brighter than some of their other colors, although those other colors glow brighter than many other brands’ glow plastics. You can watch your glowing green MVP disc fly into the darkness, knowing it will hold its glow.

3 – Thought Space Athletics


TSA Glow plastic is another type of plastic that is excellent for night rounds. It stays bright for a long time, and still has a good amount of glow left after you’ve thrown the disc and go to look for it. Thought Space offers many of their molds in Glow plastic.

4 – Lone Star Disc

The Bravo Glow from Lone Star Disc is a shining example (sorry, couldn’t resist) of a great glow plastic. As a nice bonus, Lone Star makes the Bravo in pretty much every mold they make. You’ll be delighted in the disc selection and the quality of the glow.

5 – Kastaplast

Although the Kastaplast Glow discs that I tested weren’t as bright as the others I listed, they are still better than other discs on the market. I’ve read and heard a lot of people say the Kastaplast Glow is their favorite glow plastic. You won’t be disappointed if you pick Kastaplast for your night rounds.

Other Ways To Light Up A Disc

If you want to skip the glow plastic altogether, there are other ways you can get in a round of disc golf at night. They involve taking your go-to discs and adding some light to them. This is accomplished with actual LED lights, or glow-in-the-dark tape or stickers.

disc golf glow tape

Glow Tape

Attaching tape or stickers that glow to your disc is a quick, easy, and relatively inexpensive way to be able to play in the dark and still see your disc. It attaches directly to the disc and gets charged up with a flashlight. After the round the stickers can be easily removed for regular play. They add a negligible weight to your disc, and shouldn’t affect the flight. They are NOT legal for use in a sanctioned tournament, but most glow rounds are casual and/or unsanctioned.

disc golf disc light

Disc Lights

You also have the option of attaching an LED light directly to your disc with tape. Clear packing tape is a great option. I’ve seen lights come off a disc before, so make sure you are generous with the tape. Mine never come off because I use 6-7” of tape.

The lights have a switch that can be turned on and off as needed. Or you can just leave it on the entire round. The batteries will last for a couple glow rounds. Turning off the multicolor lights take a bit longer because you have to scroll through the colors. However, the different colors come in handy if there are several people playing who have lights with one color and you need a different color to distinguish your discs.

Disc Light Visibility

One thing to keep in mind with the lights or the stickers is that you might place them on one side of the disc, and it will land on the other side, making the tape or light difficult to see. It isn’t as bad with translucent discs, such as Champion plastic. But with opaque discs it can be difficult to see. It’s nice to put a sticker or light on both sides, just to make sure.

Other glow round enhancers

UV Flashlight for disc golf

UV Flashlights

Most people have a flashlight or two lying around that they could use to charge their glow discs. However, they are blinding and take a bit of the fun out of a glow round. A better alternative is a UV(Ultra Violet) flashlight. The UV light charges up a disc faster and is easier on your eyes. When the light hits the glow disc, it’s still pretty bright, but overall it’s much better than a flashlight.

Light for a disc golf basket

Basket Lights

What good are amazing glow discs if you can’t see your target? Basket lights illuminate the target and give you something to aim at. They install easily and the batteries last a few rounds.  Grab a few lights and head to your local course to experience the fun of a glow round!

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Best Disc Golf Discs for 2024

Banner showing the most popular disc golf discs of 2024

Throughout this month we’ve checked out the best discs for 2024. We looked at the sales data and the customer ratings so you can have a list of discs to check out when you’re in the market for a disc. We started with the Best Distance Drivers of 2024, then looked at the Best Fairway Drivers, then the Best Putters, and finally the Best Midrange discs. Now we’re going to compile the best of those into one list. We’ll also include some lists of the highest rated discs in those same categories. Let’s go!

Highest Rated Discs: Finding Out Which Discs People LOVE The Most

Highest Rated Discs Banner

The Infinite Discs rewards program includes incentives to give reviews about discs and accessories that we offer. We show the results of those ratings on every product page. The rating system allows customers to rate a disc/product on a scale from one to five stars, as well as give brief reviews about the item. This valuable feedback gives seeking customers insights to what their fellow disc golfers think about the disc/product.

Infinite discs has pages which show the highest rated discs on a single page, to give you an overview of the top rated discs. Bookmark these pages and refer to them next time you are shopping, to help guide your purchases.

Top Selling Feature: The Discs That Are In Demand

Top Selling Discs Banner

Since we sell hundreds of thousands of discs at Infinite, we like to share with you which ones are the top sellers so you can see which discs are the most popular. We’ve compiled a list of the top-selling overall discs of 2023. Check out these molds when you are in the market for a new disc.

Best Disc Golf Discs of 2023         

Overall Best Discs

Disc Rank Manufacturer Disc Name Disc Type
1 MVP Glitch Putt & Approach
2 Discraft Buzzz Mid Range
3 Innova Wraith Distance Driver
4 Infinite Discs Alpaca Putt & Approach
5 Infinite Discs Emperor Distance Driver
6 Innova Destroyer Distance Driver
7 Axiom Hex Mid Range
8 Discraft Zone Putt & Approach
9 Axiom Envy Putt & Approach
10 Infinite Discs Tomb Putt & Approach
11 Infinite Discs Dynasty Control Driver
12 Infinite Discs Pharaoh Distance Driver
13 Innova Pig Mid Range
14 Kastaplast Berg Putt & Approach
15 Infinite Discs Maya Distance Driver
16 Gateway Wizard Putt & Approach
17 Innova Mamba Distance Driver
18 Axiom Proxy Putt & Approach
19 Infinite Discs Sphinx Control Driver
20 Infinite Discs Centurion Control Driver
21 Dynamic Discs Judge Putt & Approach
22 Discraft Luna Putt & Approach
23 Innova Firebird Control Driver
24 Axiom Crave Control Driver
25 Latitude 64 Pure Putt & Approach
26 Innova Aviar Putt & Approach
27 Innova Leopard Control Driver
28 Infinite Discs Aztec Distance Driver
29 Innova Mako3 Mid Range
30 Innova Teebird Control Driver
31 Axiom Insanity Control Driver
32 Innova Valkyrie Control Driver
33 Thought Space Athletics Construct Distance Driver
34 Discraft Athena Control Driver
35 Infinite Discs Anubis Mid Range
36 Latitude 64 River Control Driver
37 Innova Tern Distance Driver
38 Innova Rollo Mid Range
39 Innova Leopard3 Control Driver
40 Latitude 64 Diamond Control Driver
41 Discraft Heat Control Driver
42 Thought Space Athletics Mantra Control Driver
43 Innova Beast Distance Driver
44 Thought Space Athletics Votum Control Driver
45 Innova Thunderbird Control Driver
46 Innova Shryke Distance Driver
47 MVP Watt Putt & Approach
48 Infinite Discs Roman Control Driver
49 Clash Discs Wild Honey Distance Driver
50 Innova Roadrunner Control Driver

Best of the Best Discs

1. MVP Glitch – If you take a great throwing disc and mix in MVP Glitch - Top Selling Disc of 2023a pinch of endorsement by a popular pro and you have a recipe for a lot of sales. The putter is easy to throw, popular among all skill levels, and comes in some cool stamps. The Glitch had hot sales when we could keep them on the shelf. I anticipate the Glitch being a contender for the best-selling disc of 2024, too. Check it out if you haven’t had a chance and see why it is so popular!

2. Discraft Buzzz – The popularity of the Discraft Buzzz has been consistent since the mold was introduced. The midrange has a beautiful, reliable flight that can be used in a variety of scenarios. It is a disc that professionals, amateurs, and everything in between, can put in their bag and know it will be thrown a lot.

3. Innova Wraith – Another historically popular mold, the Innova Wraith is a regular top seller. With a flight similar to the amazing Destroyer, the Wraith has a slightly lower speed rating, and is a great distance driver when you are looking for maximum distance. Its slight turn can result in effective hyzer-flips, while its fade is reliable, but not overbearing. It can be purchased in most every plastic so you are sure to find it in one that suits your skill level and grip preference.

4. Infinite Discs Alpaca – Ever since its release, the Infinite Discs Alpaca Infinite Discs Alpaca Hathas been a hot-selling putter. It has the stability that makes for a great throwing disc and the controllability that makes it good for putts and approaches. It has been available in a ton of really cool stamps, adding even more character to the popular mold. The Alpaca would find a good home in any bag.

5. Infinite Discs Emperor – The Emperor has been a hot seller for Infinite since it came out half a decade ago. Like the best distance drivers, the Emperor has a precise combination of turn and fade. That combination translates to crushing drives and shapeable shots. The Emperor continues to sit on the throne of the top discs that we sell.

Top Disc Golf Brands

Nearly three-fourths of the discs in the top 50 were made by three brands: Innova, Discraft, and Infinite.

Innova started in 1983 and has 14 different molds in the top 50. They have the largest selection of discs and have sponsored many of the top world champions since they began.

Discraft had 11 molds in the top 50. They began in 1979 in Canada, before moving to Michigan to set up shop. Discraft discs are popular in Ultimate and Freestyle, as well as disc golf.

Infinite Discs tied with Discraft at 11 molds in the top 50. Infinite started in 2012 as a retailer. After several years and a lot of growth, they started selling their own molds. Some of those molds have become top selling discs.

Best Distance Drivers 2024

Putter Rank Manufacturer Disc Name
1 Innova Wraith
2 Infinite Discs Emperor
3 Innova Destroyer
4 Infinite Discs Pharaoh
5 Infinite Discs Maya
6 Innova Mamba
7 Infinite Discs Aztec
8 Thought Space Athletics Construct
9 Innova Tern
10 Innova Beast
11 Innova Shryke
12 Clash Discs Wild Honey
13 Infinite Discs Czar
14 MVP Wave
15 MVP Tesla
16 Axiom Time-Lapse
17 Discraft Hades
18 Discraft Nuke
19 Innova Charger
20 Discraft Avenger SS
21 MVP Photon
22 Thought Space Athletics Synapse
23 Innova Corvette
24 Thought Space Athletics Omen
25 Innova Boss
26 Discraft Force
27 Lone Star Disc Tumbleweed
28 Infinite Discs Slab
29 Discmania Cloud Breaker
30 Innova Katana
31 Discraft Thrasher
32 Discraft Zeus
33 Lone Star Disc Curl
34 Discraft Scorch
35 Latitude 64 Sapphire
36 Thought Space Athletics Animus
37 Innova Orc
38 Latitude 64 Grace
39 MVP Inertia
40 Discraft Nuke SS
41 Finish Line Discs Interval
42 MVP Octane
43 Dynamic Discs Trespass
44 Axiom Fireball
45 Discmania DD1
46 Discraft Venom
47 Clash Discs Vanilla
48 Dynamic Discs Sheriff
49 Lone Star Disc Warbird
50 Discmania DD3

Brands in the top 50


Lone Star Disc logo


In addition to some of the larger brands you see in the top 50, there are several smaller brands that Infinite carries that are selling enough molds to land in the top 50. A couple of them have been featured by Infinite Discs in our ‘Smaller Brands’ series.

Lone Star Discs was featured in March of 2021. That blog can be found HERE.

Clash Discs was featured in March of 2022. That blog can be found HERE.

These two brands have grown so much in the last couple of years that they may not be considered small brands any more!

Check out the Best Distance Drivers of 2024 here.

Best Fairway Drivers 2024

Rank Manufacturer Disc Name
1 Infinite Discs Dynasty
2 Infinite Discs Sphinx
3 Infinite Discs Centurion
4 Innova Firebird
5 Axiom Crave
6 Innova Leopard
7 Innova Teebird
8 Axiom Insanity
9 Innova Valkyrie
10 Discraft Athena
11 Latitude 64 River
12 Innova Leopard3
13 Latitude 64 Diamond
14 Discraft Heat
15 Thought Space Athletics Mantra
16 Thought Space Athletics Votum
17 Innova Thunderbird
18 Infinite Discs Roman
19 Innova Roadrunner
20 Infinite Discs Exodus
21 Innova Sidewinder
22 Discmania FD
23 Discraft Undertaker
24 Infinite Discs Scepter
25 Discraft Raptor
26 MVP Volt
27 Westside Underworld
28 Finish Line Discs Era
29 Innova Hawkeye
30 Innova Eagle
31 Innova TeeBird3
32 Axiom Rhythm
33 Discraft Passion
34 Kastaplast Falk
35 Discraft Anax
36 Doomsday Discs Blackout
37 Latitude 64 Saint
38 Thought Space Athletics Coalesce
39 Innova IT
40 Dino Discs Pterodactyl
41 Lone Star Disc Mockingbird
42 Discraft Cicada
43 Innova TL3
44 Dynamic Discs Escape
45 Discmania Essence
46 MVP Servo
47 MVP Terra
48 Westside Hatchet
49 Lone Star Disc Lariat
50 Axiom Trance


Picture showing Dino Discs, one of the fastest growing disc golf brands.

Dino Discs made the top 50. The brand has a variety of molds tailored to young players who might be just starting out. If you have a young disc golfer in your life, or someone who struggles with heavier discs, have them check out the discs as Dino Discs.

Check out the Best Fairway Drivers of 2024 here.

Best Midrange Discs 2024

Rank Manufacturer Disc Name
1 Discraft Buzzz
2 Axiom Hex
3 Innova Pig
4 Innova Mako3
5 Infinite Discs Anubis
6 Innova Rollo
7 Thought Space Athletics Pathfinder
8 Discraft Buzzz SS
9 Innova Roc
10 Infinite Discs Chariot
11 Innova Roc3
12 MVP Reactor
13 Discraft Buzzz OS
14 Latitude 64 Fuse
15 Innova Toro
16 Discraft Meteor
17 Kastaplast Kaxe Z
18 Finish Line Discs Supra
19 Axiom Paradox
20 MVP Uplink
21 Thought Space Athletics Mana
22 Lone Star Disc Texas Ranger
23 Dino Discs Stegosaurus
24 Innova Wombat3
25 MVP Matrix
26 Discmania MD1
27 Dynamic Discs EMac Truth
28 Streamline Echo
29 Clash Discs Berry
30 Dino Discs Brachiosaurus
31 Discraft Comet
32 Infinite Discs Kon Tiki
33 Discmania MD3
34 Doomsday Discs Frag
35 MVP Deflector
36 Discraft Sol
37 Kastaplast Svea
38 Lone Star Disc BB6
39 Latitude 64 Claymore
40 RPM Discs Piwakawaka
41 Prodigy M4
42 Kastaplast Kaxe
43 Discraft Malta
44 Axiom Pyro
45 Clash Discs Peach
46 Innova Jay
47 Discraft Archer
48 RPM Discs Kotuku
49 Dynamic Discs Justice
50 Discraft Drone

Innova Rollo Midrange - Top Selling new release of 2023

The Innova Rollo was introduced last year as a roller disc for everyone. Apparently everyone wanted a roller disc, but because their sales took off and landed them in the top 10. We’ll have to see if the disc can sustain those hot sales.

Check out the Best Midrange Discs of 2024 here.

Top Selling Disc Golf Putters 2024

1 MVP Glitch
2 MVP Watt
3 Infinite Discs Alpaca
4 MVP Glitch
5 Innova Aviar
6 Infinite Discs Alpaca
7 Discraft Luna
8 Discraft Zone OS
9 Discmania Rainmaker
10 Discraft Luna
11 Discmania P2
12 Dino Discs Triceratops
13 Kastaplast Berg
14 Innova Aero
15 Infinite Discs Alpaca
16 Innova KC Pro Aviar
17 Kastaplast Berg
18 Viking Discs Rune
19 Kastaplast Berg
20 Infinite Discs Tomb
21 Infinite Discs Alpaca
22 Thought Space Athletics Muse
23 Discraft Zone
24 Innova Alien
25 Axiom Envy
26 Discraft Zone
27 Discraft Zone
28 Gateway Wizard
29 Innova Polecat
30 Axiom Envy
31 Axiom Envy
32 Thought Space Athletics Praxis
33 Infinite Discs Tomb
34 Infinite Discs Tomb
35 Prodigy PA-3
36 Discraft Zone
37 Discraft Luna
38 Kastaplast Reko
39 Infinite Discs Alpaca
40 Discraft Zone
41 Latitude 64 Pure
42 Discmania P1
43 Infinite Discs Tomb
44 Discmania P2
45 Infinite Discs Tomb
46 Axiom Proxy
47 Kastaplast Berg
48 MVP Anode
49 Gateway Wizard
50 Latitude 64 Pure

Kastaplast Falk and Berg. Top 50 Discs.

Kastaplast is a smaller brand that has amazing plastics and popular putters, the Berg and Reko. The Berg is the disc used by Infinite’s team member, Eric Oakley. Kastaplast is a Swedish company and the names of their discs are Swedish words: Berg = mountain, Falk = falcon, Reko = good, reliable or decent.

Check out the Best Putters of 2024 here.

More Best Disc Features

This is just a sample of the many best-selling disc features we have. Bookmark these links to find the best disc golf discs for you.



Best Fairway Driver of 2022

Best Fairway Driver of 2022


To find the best Fairway Driver of 2022, we looked at the sales date and mold ratings to determine which discs you are buying the most, and which ones you rate the highest. Then we reached out to you to have you vote for the mold that you throw the most. Combining all of that data we can now announce the Best Fairway Driver of 2022! Here are the top molds:

Disc Sales Rating Fan Vote Total
1 Innova Leopard 3 4 2 9
2 Innova Firebird 1 9 3 13
3 Innova Teebird 2 14 1 17
4 Innova Thunderbird 6 11 4 21
5 Innova Leopard3 7 8 7 22

Although Innova is the consistent leader in disc golf sales, we didn’t expect a clean sweep of the top spots in the category. The fan voting really cinched it for several of the molds. The results of the fan voting is listed near the end of this blog. For now, let’s take a closer look at the top molds.

Although I would be tempted to call the top three molds, ‘old-school molds’, if I did, I would immediately get corrected by someone who has been playing disc golf from its beginning, who would remember when the Leopard, Firebird, and Teebird were the newest kid on the block. Those three molds were released in 1999, 2000, and 1999 respectively. They started selling when there were far fewer choices than we have now, at a time when ‘e-commerce’ wasn’t the popular way to shop for disc golf discs. Although that might have been a giant assist in getting the molds off the ground, they have since proven themselves as useful discs in our sport.

Innova Leopard – The flight of this popular disc is such that it can be used by a wide variety of arm speeds. The Leopard is a commonly found in starter sets because it can be thrown rather easily by someone who lacks the proper form for throwing faster molds. It is also useful for people with more experience, who will gravitate to heavier discs and more stable plastics. The Innova Leopard looks like it will be a staple in disc golf for a long time.

Innova Firebird – Even for newer disc golfers, the overstability of the Firebird can be tamed enough to use this utility disc in a variety of situations. Excellent for flick shots and headwinds, it can be flexed with full confidence that it will come out of the anhyzer and finish strong. Need to throw an must-have hyzer? Count on the Firebird to deliver. Its lower speed and variety of plastics makes it easy to see why the Firebird is consistently among the top discs.

Innova Teebird – While more overstable and a little faster than the Leopard, the Teebird can still find a home in the bag of players at a variety of skill levels. It is commonly used to shape shots in tight fairways, and is a reliable disc in medium-range shots. Like the Leopard, it can also be seen in the hands of newer players, typically in DX plastic. Even at its low speed the Teebird can be thrown into the wind with confidence.



Fairway Drivers


Moving up in speed on our list of best discs of 2022 we find the fairway driver. The fairway driver, or ‘control’ driver, fills the gap between the versatile midrange and the higher speed distance driver. Fairway drivers are easier to throw than distance drivers for a couple of reasons. First, their lower speed means that you don’t have to generate as much arm speed to be able to get the disc to fly like it should. That makes the disc more useful for newer disc golfers, as well as more experienced golfers that can shape the disc more than newer players. And second, their slightly smaller rim diameter means they are easier to throw for people with smaller hands. (The smaller rim, by definition, means that disc has a lower speed).

Using the common 4-number flight rating, the fairway drive has a speed rating that falls from speed 6 to 9. Some manufactures list speed 9 discs as distance or ‘high-speed’ drivers. But enough list speed 9 as fairway drivers, so that’s what we will go with for this blog post.

Like any other disc type, fairway drivers come in a variety of stabilities, from very overstable discs to molds with a lot of turn. Checking out the molds in the top 20, below, reveals a wide variety of flight characteristics, giving us a ton of different flights within on disc type. Here are the top 20 discs based on sales:


2022 Sales rank Disc Mold Percent of Sales
1 Innova Firebird 5.2%
2 Innova Teebird 4.7%
3 Innova Leopard 4.3%
4 Infinite Discs Exodus 3.9%
5 Innova Valkyrie 3.8%
6 Innova Thunderbird 3.5%
7 Innova Leopard3 3.4%
8 Infinite Discs Sphinx 3.1%
9 Infinite Discs Scepter 3.1%
10 Thought Space Athletics Mantra 3.1%
11 Discraft Undertaker 2.9%
12 Innova Roadrunner 2.5%
13 Discraft Heat 2.4%
14 Infinite Discs Centurion 2.2%
15 Discraft Raptor 2.1%
16 Innova Sidewinder 2.0%
17 Discraft Passion 1.9%
18 Innova TeeBird3 1.8%
19 Thought Space Athletics Votum 1.7%
20 Discraft Anax 1.7%


Best of the Best


Innova is the king of the top 20, holding nearly half of the top 20 spots, and a majority of all fairway drivers sold. That’s not surprising, given that Innova has been around for a long time and offers more fairway driver options than some smaller companies have molds in total. Discraft has a fourth of the top 20. Their chunk combined with Innova’s heaping pile doesn’t leave a lot of spots for other brands. Infinite Discs and Thought Space Athletics still managed to land in the top 20, with Infinite nearly matching Discraft with the number of molds represented. In fact, even though Infinite has one few mold, their total sales exceeds that of Discraft. Here is the percentage of sales of the top 20 molds:




Most Molds Sold


Looking at how many fairway drivers each brand offers, we see several that offer quite a few molds, but still didn’t end up in the top 20 for percentage of sales. That goes to show you how popular the top 20 brands really are. Here are the top 20 brands based on the number of different molds sold:



Best Rated Fairway Discs


Turning our focus from the sales records, we look at how our customers feel about certain molds once they try them out and review them. We’ll check out the top 20 molds in sales, and compare their customer rating. Topping the list are three molds from Infinite Discs. The Sphinx, Scepter, and Centurion hold the top three spots, and TSA’s Mantra was the fourth-highest rated mold. Rounding out the list at number 20 is the relatively new fairway driver from Discraft, the Passion. Here are the top 20 molds and their average rating:



Fan Vote

We asked you to tell us about your favorite fairway driver. Below are the top 20. Innova certainly dominated the polls! Over half of the top 20 molds belonged to them. Infinite and Latitude 64 were tied in distant second with three molds. In addition to the top molds, there were a lot of discs that didn’t make the cut, but still received some love from the fans. There were also votes for molds from Lone Star, Millennium, MVP, Gateway, Legacy, Streamline, and Axiom. Here’s are examples of feedback about some of those mentioned:

Joshua – “I’d have to say the Lone Star Disc’s Mad Cat! That thing is so reliable and glides a ton!

Adam – “I love the Axiom Clash. It’s a perfect straight flying control driver that has the stability to resist any power, but has a gentle reliable fade at the end. Great for both forehand and backhand, it is perfect for any skill level.


Here are the top 20:

1 Innova Teebird
2 Innova Leopard
3 Innova Firebird
4 Latitude 64 River
5 Innova Thunderbird
6 Infinite Discs Centurion
7 Infinite Discs Sphinx
8 Latitude 64 Explorer
9 TSA Mantra
10 Infinite Discs Exodus
11 Innova Sidewinder
12 Innova Leopard3
13 Innova TL3
14 Innova Valkyrie
15 Latitude 64 Diamond
16 Innova Roadrunner
17 Innova Teebird3
18 Discraft Undertaker
19 Discmania Essence
20 Innova Eagle

We asked you to tell us about your favorite fairway drivers and you responded! We randomly selected one commenter to win a $50 gift card. And that winner is:

Brad H.  Congrats! The card will be added to your account.

We Still Want Your Feedback!


Post below and tell us about your go-to fairway driver. Is there one that you throw every round? Tell those looking for the best fairway driver why you like YOURS!




Best Midrange Disc Golf Discs for 2022


The Best Midrange For 2022

Fan Vote Sales Rank Rating Overall
Discraft Buzzz 1 1 5 2.3
Infinite Discs Chariot 2 3 3 2.7
Axiom Hex 3 8 1 4.0
Innova Mako3 6 2 9 5.7
Infinite Discs Anubis 12 4 8 8.0
Innova Roc3 4 6 14 8.0

Taking first place in two of the three categories used to select the best midrange is the popular Discraft Buzzz! This perennial winner continues to dominate the category, and it is easy so see why. The Buzzz feels comfortable in your hand and has a nice, straight flight that can be utilized by beginners and experts alike. If you don’t have one in your bag, click the link in the chart above to see what the Buzzz is about!

Infinite Discs and Innova both had two molds represented in the top 6, with the Chariot within striking distance of Buzzz. Axiom also made waves with their new mold, the Hex. Not even a year old, the Hex took the top rated spot and with another year of sales might just make a bid for number one. Click the links above to check out the other molds on the list.

Best Disc Golf Midrange Discs

Like putters, midrange discs are known for their versatility and utility. They come in a variety of stabilities, rim sizes and shapes. They can easily be used as drivers off the tee pad, and just as readily be used to approach a basket. The ease of shaping their flight combined with their softer landing compared to a higher speed disc increases the number of shots that you might feel the need to pull out a midrange. Which midrange are we reaching for the most often?

Let’s take a look at its popularity for the past year. New molds always take a small chunk of the market share as people try some of the new molds being released. Even so, there is no other disc near the level of the Buzzz. Here are the numbers for the past year:

Top Five All-Time Sales


Not only are the Buzz sales for last year nearly double the numbers of the second most popular disc, the Mako3, the gap between first and second place for sales since Infinite began is even more pronounced. Here are the top-selling midrange molds since 2012, when Infinite began:

The Buzzz Family


As you can see, the Buzzz just dominates the competition. It has a straight flight that is easily shaped, and the Buzzz feels amazing in the hand. It comes in a variety of plastics, too, so you can choose the one with the feel and stability that is right for you. One thing to point out with those high number for the Buzzz is that the percentage does NOT include the Buzzz’s siblings, the Buzzz OS, Buzzz SS, and the Buzzz GT. If you add those molds to the numbers, the Buzzz family sales would be over 17% of all midrange discs sold at Infinite last year!



Top Rated Midrange Discs

Another factor we use in determining the best midrange disc is the customer rating found on our website in the review section of a disc. That tells us what you think about a disc once you buy and throw it. Newer molds don’t have a lot of reviews, so we only took molds that had at least 15 reviews. Here are the top rated molds:


Best Midrange Discs For Beginners


While the midrange disc is an amazing utility disc that can be shaped, floated, used for hard right or left corner shots, or accurate shorter shots, certain molds can still be bricks in the hands of newer players. Without the skill to throw overstable midrange discs, beginners will find little use for many of the discs in the previous lists. With that in mind, let’s looks at some of the discs that are manageable for those in the Recreation or Novice divisions.


Top Midrange Discs for New Disc Golfers
1  Kon Tiki
2 Pathfinder
3 Meteor
4 Sol
5 Buzzz SS

Newby versus OG


As we see more new companies and molds enter the market, we will see them chipping away at market previously held by molds we have been playing with for years. Sometimes those molds will succeed in the short term due to some great marketing. Even molds that have been around longer than some of us have been playing can receive a boost when a top-tier pro starts throwing that mold. Ultimately, the hype will fade and the cream will rise to the top, and we will see the most popular molds more often in the future. Let’s take a look at some of the previous years’ top molds to see which names are still making the list.


Top 10 Midrange Discs by Year Comparison





Discraft Buzzz

Discraft Buzzz

Discraft Buzzz

Discraft Comet Innova Mako3 Innova Mako3
Dynamic Discs Emac Truth Innova Roc Infinite Discs Chariot
Innova Gator Innova Roc3 Infinite Discs Anubis
Dynamic Discs Justice Discraft Comet Discraft Buzzz GT
Prodigy M4 Discraft Buzzz SS Innova Roc3
Innova Mako3 Discraft Malta Innova Roc
Discmania MD3 Dynamic Discs EMac Truth Axiom Hex
Hyzerbomb Mortar Discraft Buzzz OS Infinite Discs Kon Tiki
Innova Roc Discraft Meteor Elevation Disc Golf Interceptor

Fan Vote


We asked you to vote for your choice of the best midrange disc, and you responded! We’ve added up your responses and have posted them below. This year, 30 different molds were selected by you as your choice for #1. Here are the top molds and the percentage of votes:


1 Discraft Buzzz 18.5%
2 Infinite Discs Chariot 10.8%
3 Axiom Hex 10.8%
4 Innova Roc3 6.2%
5 Dynamic Discs EMac Truth 6.2%
6 Innova Mako3 4.6%
7 Discmania MD3 3.1%
8 Discmania Origin 3.1%
9 MVP Reactor 3.1%
10 Innova Roc 3.1%


Some of the comments about the Buzzz:

Kjell R – “By far the best mid I’ve ever thrown.”

Brian J – “Buzzz Buzzz Buzzz”

Kit H – “The Buzzz holds the line so reliably. I bet the Chariot will keep gaining, though! Such a nice disc.”

We also randomly selected a winner for the $50 gift card and Kit H (see the comment above) was chosen as our winner. Congrats, and thanks for commenting!

Next we will look at the best disc golf brands.


We Want Your Feedback!

Once again we’ve looked at the sales numbers and the ratings of the top midrange discs on the market, now we need to hear from you. Post below and let us know your choice for the best midrange.



Infinite Discs is happy to present another Top 20 Tuesday chart, looking back at the discs that sold the most during the last week. We break these charts down by plastics as well so you can see which plastic types are most popular for each disc. New discs will often spike in the chart as other top sellers shuffle position. It can be fun to see which discs keep up the pace.

Here we go…

Top Twenty Tuesday for February 12th, 2019

#1 – Paul McBeth Prototype Putter 
#2 – Plasma ENVY
#4 – Signature ESP BUZZZ
#5 – Neutron-soft ENVY
#7 –  D-Line P2
#8 – Star ORC
#9 – Pro AVIAR-X (JK)
#10 – DX AVIAR
#11 – P-Line P2
#12 – Classic Blend Burst JUDGE
#13 – Star TEEBIRD
#14 –  Star WRAITH
#15 – Swirly S-Line DD HYSTERIA
#16 – Super Stupid Soft WIZARD
#17 – Champion FIREBIRD
#18 – Champion MAKO3
#19 – Star SHRYKE
#20 – XT-Mix NOVA

The first thing you may notice on this week’s chart is Axiom Envy claimed the #2 and #6 spots. The Gateway Wizard was a newcomer to the Top 20 at #16. The Force ESP climbed the highest in the Top 20 from #19 to #6. Paul McBeth’s Prototype Putter held the #1 spot for the second week in a row, and his Signature ESP Buzzz disc stayed in the top 5. Innova’s Star Destroyer remained in the top 3, continuing its hold as one of the more popular discs on the market.

Innova dominated the Top 20 again with 10 discs in our Top 20. Discmania and Discraft followed next with three discs each. Gateway and Dynamic entered our Top 20 with one disc apiece.

–> Each week we’ll invite you to leave a prediction for a certain chart position on next week’s TOP TWENTY TUESDAY report. The first three people to predict that chart position correctly in the comments will win a $10 gift card for the Infinite Discs website.

WINNER – Nobody guessed the Classic Blend Burst JUDGE as the #12 disc this week. Don’t be discouraged, keep your guesses coming for this weeks gift card prediction.

GIFT CARD PREDICTION FOR NEXT WEEK:  Leave your comment below this blog to predict the #8 spot for next week’s chart.

Putter Wars 2017 Finale – The Best Selling Putters

We’ve been tracking putters sales all through the year 2017, curious to see which would rise to the top by the end of the year. The early lead by the Discmania P2 simply gained momentum as the year went on. The results are in, and these are the top 20 best-selling putt-and-approach discs at INFINITE DISCS.


#1 Discmania P2
#2 Innova AVIAR
#3 Dynamic Discs JUDGE
#4 Innova NOVA
#5 Gateway WIZARD
#6 Westside HARP
#7 Latitude 64 PURE
#8 Axiom ENVY
#9 Dynamic Discs WARDEN
#10 Innova AVIAR3
#11 Latitude 64 DAGGER
#13 Streamline PILOT
#14 Discraft ZONE
#16 Innova KC PRO AVIAR
#18 Dynamic Discs SLAMMER
#19 Dynamic Discs DEPUTY
#20 Westside SHIELD


That list of top-20 features a lot of great putters. But perhaps the most interesting statistic about that list is the huge disparity between #1 and #20 in terms of numbers sold. The #20 Shield putter sold less than one tenth the number of the #1 P2 putter!  The P2 also sold more than the #3 Judge and #4 Nova combined!


The top-selling putter, the Discsmania P2, is popular in several plastics. Here are the plastic types ranked in order by most popular in terms of sales at Infinite Discs in 2017:

#1 D Line
#2 P Line
#3 S Line
#4 D Line Glow
#5 Swirly S Line
#6 C Line Luster
#7 X Line
#8 Signature P Line (Pro Support disc)
#9 D Line X-Out (factory second or misprint)
#10 G Line

When it comes to putters, softer plastic blends still rule. They are usually preferred for actual putting, while the more durable plastics are preferred for approaches and drives.



Presenting…The 2016 INFY AWARDS – Vote Now!

INFINITE DISCS is proud to introduce the annual INFY AWARDS! This is our fun end-of-year voting for disc golf awards to recognize the discs and players that made the year better.

We’re a little late in launching the voting for the 2016 INFY AWARDS because we were running the much more extensive State of Disc Golf Survey through the month of January, but in the future, the voting will take place right at the end of the year, so you can all have the year’s highlights fresh on your mind.

So, think back to the year 2016, and let’s take a look at the nominees…

If you’d like to freshen-up on the discs that were released in 2016, you can see a helpful run-down HERE. Then when you proceed to voting, you’ll be able to vote for your favorite putter, mid-range, and driver as well as for the disc that you consider the very best new disc of 2016.

You will also be given the opportunity to vote for both the female and male Pro Player of the Year. This would be a player that you feel made the biggest impact on the game in the year 2016. The players in the voting among the top-ranked by the PDGA. You will be able to write-in any player that you feel deserves the spot, if they are not listed.

Click Here To Vote in the 2016 Infy Awards

Now, let’s look at the nominees for Most Memorable Disc Golf Moment of 2016…

Paul McBeth Gets Revenge at Memorial

video: Smashboxxtv

In 2015, Paul McBeth lost the Memorial Championship in a one hole playoff to Jeremy Koling after having his bag stolen before the final two rounds. McBeth came back in 2016 and after battling back and forth with touring partner Nate Sextion on the final few holes, he managed to pull out a one stroke victory to take back the Memorial Championship title

Ricky Wysocki Sinks Long Putt on the Final Hole of Master’s Cup to Take Down McBeth

video: thediscgolfguy

Ricky v Paul–A rivalry that has been defined over the last few years by Paul finding a way to hang onto a lead or Ricky finding a way to squander his. But this moment was where things started to shift in Ricky’s favor. Tied going into the final hole, Ricky sunk a huge putt to put pressure on McBeth to hit a long putt of his own in order to force a playoff. McBeth couldn’t answer, Ricky found a win, and we all saw the birth of Ricky’s “Raptor Legs.”


Cam Todd Wins GBO–Shows He’s Still Got It

video: Jomez Productions

Remember Cam Todd? If you didn’t before the 2016 Glass Blown Open, he made sure that you will remember him now. The 2002 World Champion showed that he still has some magic left in him. He battled at the top of leaderboard all week long, and going into the final hole he led young guns Paul McBeth and Ricky Wysocki by one and two strokes respectively. He managed to hold them off, and take home the Glass Blown Open title.

“Chipmunk-Gate”–Epic Playoff Finish Between Michael Johansen and Bradley Williams at Vibram Open

video: Another Round Productions

What would life be without a little bit of controversy? The Disc Golf Pro Tour kicked off at the Vibram Open. It went to a playoff that had an unlikely ending. In watching live, Johansen’s approach shot took a very unlikely skip up and over a rock wall and out of bounds, which left the door open for Williams to get up and down and take hope the win. But take a closer look a that approach shot…

Philo Brathwaite Cans an Unforgettable Albatross on Par 5 at Beaver State Fling

video: Central Coast Disc Golf

The disc golf shot seen around the world. This incredible shot at the Beaver State Fling was featured on ESPN and a handful of other sporting and science shows. Philo Brathwaite hit an albatross by getting the 850ft Hole 6 at Milo McIver West in just two throws. Absolutely incredible.

Majestic Playoff at the Majestic–Nate Sexton and Ricky Wysocki

video: Prodigy Disc

In one of the most exciting finishes of the 2016 season, Ricky Wysocki and Nate Sexton battled for what felt like hours in a playoff where they went back and forth between holes 1 and 22. Sexton had a chance to take the win with a short inside the circle putt, but he clanked it off the front rim. The next time around on hole 22, it looked like Sexton would have another chance as Wysocki shanked his drive wide right, but Wysocki once again showed us what his range and “Raptor Legs” were all about with another long putt that Sexton could not answer.

Paige Pierce Gets an Ace During Pro World’s Doubles Competition

video: thediscgolfguy

Another highlight that was featured on the Sports Center top 10. Paige Pierce hit a beautiful ace at Jones East in Emporia, Kansas during the World Championships mixed doubles event. She and her partner Jeremy Koling would go on to win the event.

Valerie Jenkins Wins Her Fourth World Title–First Since 2009

video: Prodigy Disc

The Women’s Open field over the last few years has been primarily dominated by Paige Pierce and Catrina Allen, but one competitor that has consistently fought to not be forgotten is Valerie Jenkins. So this year at Worlds she showed that she still has what it takes to compete at the top level by grabbing her fourth career world championship, and her first since 2009.

Ricky Wysocki Gets His First Victory at Worlds

video: Jomez Productions

A day that Ricky Wysocki had dreamed of for years finally came to a reality this summer. The World Championships had been McBeth’s event 4 years in a row, but Ricky was determined to prove that 2016 was his year. Ricky played an incredible tournament from start to finish, playing nearly mistake free golf to prevent any late round heroics from McBeth to stop him. The elusive World Title was finally Ricky’s, and the stage was set for another epic battle for 2017.

McBeth Strikes Back at Ledgestone Insurance Open

video: Prodigy Disc

Just one week after losing the World Championships for the first time since winning his first title in 2012, McBeth was determined to show he still means business. He came out hot and stayed hot throughout the weekend, culminating in a course record setting final round at the notoriously difficult (and slightly controversial) Lake Eureka disc golf course.

Jeremy Koling Wins First USDGC–Final Round Cancelled Due to Hurricane

video: The Spin TV

Jeremy Koling had a respectable 2016 season, but it ended with a bang, and lots of rain. Koling fought to get ahead of fellow competitor Eagle McMahon to finish the third round. The entire event had been in suspense waiting for Hurricane Matthew. The Hurricane held off for the first 3 rounds, but the tournament directors decided the conditions were unacceptable to continue play, and cancelled the final round, giving Koling the title of United States Disc Golf Champion.

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