Best Selling MVP, Axiom, & Streamline Discs – October 2020 Edition

Best Selling MVP, Axiom, & Streamline

It’s time again to look at the best selling disc golf discs from MVP, Axiom, and Streamline! All three of these brands are made at the same location, under the general brand of MVP. On the chart, each disc will be color coded to its brand, and each bar represents the sales of that disc.

Disclaimer: All data is from October 27, 2019 to October 27, 2020 from sales figures. Due to rules and regulations, we cannot show exact numbers, but can show the comparison in sales between all molds.

The Top Sellers

For the third year in a row (since doing these charts), the Envy takes the #1 spot! Not only did it take the cake, it sold nearly double the amount of the #2 spot, the Wave. The next couple of spots where close: the Pilot took #3, the Atom took #4, and the Proxy followed up with #5.

It is great to see that each of the top 3 spots where taken by a different sub-brand. Each sub-brand was also spread out throughout the chart, showing that each brand has some strong selling molds.

Discontinued Molds

All of these discontinued molds were announced in August of 2019, but we have been selling the remainders of them for the past year. The MVP Axis and Amp are the highest ranking discontinued molds, taking the #16 and #17 spots respectively. We have had a lot of the Axis and Amp in stock over the past year, but soon they will be gone for good.

Your Bag?

Let us know what you are throwing? Where do your discs fall in on the chart? Do you prefer the lesser-known discs or the ultra-popular ones? We’d love to hear from you!

Dylan is the marketing director at Infinite Discs.


  • I think some of the top ten discs were helped by special stamps and the newer cosmic neutron coloring, etc. Whatever discs they decide to add those crazy colors and stamps on will sell.
    Love the Relativity, Insanity, Tesla and Vanish.

  • My go to distance driver is the Axiom Insanity in Neutron plastic. I love it! It is slightly understable and I can get a nice little fade at the end.

  • Interesting data because I had thought they made an error when they discontinued some of their most useful discs. The above numbers suggests many of those discs were good sellers.

    I had put quite a few of their discs in the bag (and bought backups) but when they discontinued some key discs I had integrated into my bag (or in one case a plastic option on a disc they still make) I decided I didn’t want to develop a system based on a company that had proven they might discontinue even good selling models at any time.

    So I have replaced them with models from Innova, Prodigy, Discraft, Infinite, etc. I doubt I will purchase any of their discs again given their lack of support.

  • I was a little disappointed with cancellation of the Alias. I used it like Garrett Gurthie uses his Sonic. Great up shot – straight line – minimal fade. Couldn’t find anymore so purchased a theory – it’s under stable brother, also cancelled. I use the Fission Tesla in different weights – the Insanity, Virus, also the Wave and I’m going to purchase a Vanish. Love the Envy but switched putter to the Electron Atom and use the Envy for hyper up shots. Understanding Gyro – I want Fission plastic to get more gyro effect. Simply Amazing! #706

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