Best Throwing Putters of 2024

Whenever we post a blog about the best putters, we invariably get a few responses that point out we shouldn’t be including putters such as the Discraft Zone or the MVP Glitch on our list of putters. While these molds are considered putters because of their speed and dimensions, they are rarely used to actually putt with.  Instead, these discs and others like them are typically used to throw off the tee or as approach discs. Although we may get a few people point out that they putt with the discs we will discuss, we will still consider them throwing or driving putters. With that in mind, let’s look at the best throwing putters.

Top 10 Best Throwing Putters

Let’s look at the top 10 throwing putters and learn more about them. Then we will crown the winner. The winner will be chosen by sales numbers and reviews. The top 10 list is presented in alphabetical order by mold.

Infinite Discs Alpaca

Innova Aviar

Kastaplast Berg

Axiom Envy

MVP Glitch

Axiom Pixel

Latitude 64 Pure

Infinite Discs Tomb

Gateway Wizard

Discraft Zone

Descriptions Of The Best Throwing Putters

Infinite Discs Alpaca

The Infinite Discs Alpaca being sucked into a spaceship

The Infinite Discs Alpaca has been a hit since its release, and continues to be the top putting putter for Infinite pros. However, it is also widely used as a throwing putter, due to its ability to handle the power of a drive or approach. The Alpaca feels similar to the popular P2 putter, but is slightly faster. It is made in several plastic types, giving you the exact feel you need for your big drives!

Innova Aviar

A black Innova Aviar with a white stamp

The Innova Aviar is one of the few discs that your dad might have started with. It was one of the first discs made by Innova and has been popular ever since. In fact, it is one of the most popular putters of all time. The Aviar is beadless (although there are beaded versions) and has a stable to overstable flight. Many top pros have chosen the Aviar as their signature disc.

Kastaplast Berg

Yellow Kastaplast Berg with Black Stamp


This speed 1 mold will impress you with its consistency. And its amazing feel in your hand! Although it is widely used as putting putter, players who have discovered its great feel and performance off the tee swear by the Kastaplast Berg. You may not get your longest approach shots with a Berg, but if you want a disc for precision shots, consider this disc.

Axiom Envy

An Axiom Envy in burst colors. Yellow rim and a black stamp

Although many people were aware of how great the Axiom Envy was for driving prior to James Conrad’s famous shot at Worlds, that Holy Shot boosted its popularity to another level. Also known as a putting putter the Envy is a shapeable disc that can handle the power of a world champ. With his recent sponsor change (as of this writing), you can add Eagle McMahon to the list of pros that reach for an Envy for their drives and approaches.

MVP Glitch

When MVP released the Glitch two years ago, the throwing mold was an instant hit. It makes a great approach disc and a nice mold to use to warm up. Its low speed means the disc is good for technical shots that require precise distances. With its low fade, you know the disc will sit where it lands. Try out the Glitch and see why Simon has his name on the mold.

Axiom Pixel

Red Axiom Pixel with blue rim and black stamp


The first putter in the Simon Line of discs, the Axiom Pixel Is a straight-flying disc that has a micro-bead on its overmold rim. The Pixel is stable enough to handle a head wind, but easy to throw on specific lines. It has a deep rim and a micro bead.

Latitude 64 Pure

Peach colored Latitude 64 Pure with gold stamp

Perfect for players of all skill levels, the Pure can be used to cover a lot of ground off the tee. Many people find the Latitude 64 Pure is great for putting as well as driving. The beadless putter has a bit of turn to help you shape tight shots, and a little fade to help you flex out and fade.

Infinite Discs Tomb


Red Infinite Discs Tomb with a silver stamp

The Tomb is a popular approach disc that sports a flat top and a beaded rim. Its stability give it some beef in a wind, but not a crazy dump at the end of its flight. If you like the feel of a beaded putter you will be happy with the performance and feel of the Tomb

Gateway Wizard

Swirly purple Legacy Wizard disc with black wizard stamp

The Gateway Wizard has been around for longer than many of us have been playing disc golf. Few other molds have been available in more plastic blends. This beaded putter is as versatile as its plastic types. Not only can the Wizard be used for a variety of drives and approaches, you will feel just as comfortable finishing the hole with the same disc. The Wizard has been a best-seller for Gateway for decades.

Discraft Zone

Blue Paul McBeth 4X signature Zone with black stamp

A perennial favorite disc for driving and approaches, the Discraft Zone is well known for its ability to fight headwinds and handle powerful drives. The Zone is a beefy disc that can be used by pros and newer players. It is the disc that we get the most comments about when we list it among the best putters, because few people actually putt with them.

And the winner is…

I hate to say it, but there was a tie for the Best Throwing Putter. The top two discs, the Glitch and the Alpaca, had a sudden-death playoff. And emerging on top is the Infinite Discs Alpaca! The difference came down to headwind shots. The Alpaca can handle a headwind and still deliver a great drive or approach. The Glitch is a lighter disc and is more affected by a wind. Both are popular discs and are highly rated.


While the Alpaca and Glitch are taking first and second, nipping at their heals is the popular Axiom Envy. Many disc golfers reach for the Envy for accurate and long drives or approaches. Even top pros rely on its stable, reliable flight.

Which Putter Do You Drive And Approach With?

We’ve told you what we think are the best throwing putters, based on sales and reviews. Now we want to hear from you! What is your go-to putter for drives and approaches? If you have more than one, which one do you throw the most?

We’ll pick a few responses at random and award them a $20 Infinite Discs gift card. One response per person to be eligible. All responses must be approved, to avoid spam, so give us a couple days to approve your response.

We’ll see how YOUR favorite driving putter compares to our out list.



Ted is the Chief Writer at Infinite Discs. He is responsible for the State of Disc Golf Survey articles and most of the "best discs" posts. Ted runs all kinds of local disc golf leagues and tournaments and tournaments in Northern Utah.


  • Houston Turner

    My 3 main go to throwing putters are the Prodigy A2, Kastaplast Glow Berg and ole reliable Electron Firm Envy.

  • Hunter Paul Leger

    Three of the disc from your list are always in my bag. The Zone will forever get me through those tight and wiley approaches, and the Glitch as well as the Aviar will never leave my side. However, having an ultimate history I have gone for the Lonestar Super Dillo more often lately.

  • Neutron Soft or Prism Plasma Envy, Proton Atom, Cosmic Neutron Pilot, and Discmania Cosmic Fury are all SOLID choices off the tee or for upshots.

  • Hands down, Westside Harp.
    My top approach putters:
    Harp for overstable

    Luna for understable (flight numbers are more like 3/3/-1/0

    Pure for stable with maybe a slight fade depending on plastic.

  • In addition to the Glitch and Zone, which are so versatile, I bag the Agent, Logic, Harp and Savior.

    The Agent has a similar flight to the Alpaca and has a nice slow controlling touch to it.

    I also like the Logic. It is a very straight, beadless low profile putter that can handle a lot of torque.

    The BT soft Harp is an awesome putter to throw when you need the disc to hit and stick next to the basket or in the chains 😉

    And I love the added glide the Savior brings over my zone. Helps me reach slightly longer baskets and know I can trust on that fade at the end.

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